The OTHER Capcom Crossover fighting game -

The OTHER Capcom Crossover fighting game

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Capcom vs SNK 2 or CVS2 for short, is an all-time classic fighting game! Now with the release of Dreamcast emulators with GGPO netcode, we have a chance to revisit this amazing game! I’ll be going over the system mechanics like grooves, roll cancel, and systems, then showing you some matches with Zangief, Sakura, Blanka, Choi, Benimaru, Chun Li, and Hibiki! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. This was my favorite fighting game of all time before DBFZ.


  3. Back in the day, my friends and I played MvC2, CvS2, Tekken 4 and SF3 constantly! MvC2 and CvS2 were neck and neck for most played games. I actually think CvS2 had more gameplay legs than MvC2. MvC2 was only more popular because… well Marvel. But that's just my opinion.

  4. A fellow Sakura player rip in street fighter 5,

  5. Can't wait to get a pc to run this and mvc2 in emulator

  6. My korean room mate and i played this non stop during my early college years on Xbox. Good times! Solo Haohmaru with the samsho k groove for trolling was always fun.

  7. For me this along with guilty gear 2 reloaded are my fav fighting games of all time. Just so many awesome memories playing with friends thru the nights

  8. Would love to see a tournament where you have to use a non-meta groove

  9. this game is the main reason flycast got rollback

  10. What is it with JM crofts keep saying "forgotten games". These are some of the most popular wtf.

  11. Shame they never continued with CvS3 or SvC2

  12. Capcom vs snk 2 is amazing I have it fo ps2 and it's honestly pretty fun.

  13. My guy, the game has like 287 characters. If you're showing it off for an audience maybe pick a second roster. Take like 1 SNK character.

  14. Absolutely trash at this game but its still my top 3 favorite

  15. Everyone always clowns on how the street fighter characters look in this one but I always loved Bisons shit eating optimism

  16. I got this game recently this year for my PS2 that I bought back a year ago but sadly the disc doesnt work for some reason I looked forward to playin the damn game.

  17. Got some questions about where to get that rom, im using the arcade version and it doesnt look as nice .

  18. One of my favorite fighting games of all time

  19. Desk shows very, VERY high level Capcom vs SNK videos along with other videos on other fighting games like the fact you can… Wait for it… CANCEL SUPERS INTO SPECIALS

  20. K Groove Kyo Cammy Rock or K Hibiki Cammy Rock were my mains. My favorite fighting game ever.

  21. But yea the roll cancelling is really handy for avoiding projectiles or certain mixups idk if it can. And the groove system does offer a pretty rich variety when it comes to universal movement options and combo variety having the staple mechanics from their respected franchises from both Capcom and SNK respectively absolutely making it the greatest FG of all time. It offers a nice level of strategic measures when choosing you're teams to whom which are more suited to be point middle or anchor character in which ever order you want.

  22. Best fighting game ever created.

  23. If you want U can also play Atomiswave games on the flycast emulator. U can play KOF 11 online as well with rollback. It isnt a traditional 3v3 teambase fg with elimination rounds it actually has tag. And its basically one of greatest and the most fun unique and satysfying tag system youll ever get behind.

  24. Dang! I always wanted the mashup of these IP's
    While I heard of it's failing regarding alternative games. I think it looks awesome and has both complexity and excellent playability! Great stream bro!

  25. It's totally the adolescent anime Fanboy in me… I could watch Sakura take rounds on Yamazaki ALL DAY!! 😄

  26. Not gone lie if they make another one. It can't be like Marvel capcom 3 and here why . The 2d version just simply better. Its more fun and more in tune with its roots.

  27. Forgotten?
    Nah, this game is still good and alive, on fc2

  28. I miss sprite art like this. Would be happy to see more CVS

  29. Personally, I didn't care for roll canceling. It turned a slow paced strategic game into a more frenetic one. I do like how it made some characters significantly more powerful, though.

  30. Great series. Game mechanics, stages, character intros, story, etc., Music: Tuna with Bacon = Classic!

  31. I fell in love with this game 20 years ago and never stopped until then ❤ Best Fighting game ever.

  32. 2:20 actually her optimal A groove is confirming into her shoryuken spam lol.

  33. This game… this game was so hard to play. Growing up I loved playing cvs2, but I did not understand the groove system. I wish I was able to play with other people or had YouTube to learn… sigh this game needs to make a comeback!!!

  34. I never played this one.
    I had the first one though on my Dreamcast and played the hell out of it.
    First game I remember implementing a point system in its own roster.
    Huh…now that I think about it, I had a ton of fighting games on that system lol
    People hated on it, but I still love Plasma Sword.
    It was like a sci-fi take on a Battle Arena Toshinden game and I loved it.

  35. I really hope Capcom rereleases this game someday. I think the chances are more likely than you would think now that SNK vs Capcom:Match of the Millenium is on Switch.

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