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It’s Panda Fighting Games’s FIRST WEEK as a channel, and what better way to start it off than with a TIER LIST? That’s right, we got together EVERY FGC GAME we could think of, and forced our Pandas to rank them. Let’s just say that their opinions were VERY different.

Panda Partners: GEICO, HyperX, Meta Threads, ZOWIE by BenQ

Panda Players, Anna Cramling, Coney, ESAM, Faye Mata, HookGangGod, iBDW, Jiyuna, KitanaPrime, Kizzie Kay, Little Z, MarlinPie, Marss, Plup, Punk, RayC, Saint Cola, Simply, SmallAnt, WaDi

Panda Games: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Guilty Gear Strive, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Street Fighter V, FGC, Anime Fighters, Chess, Speedrunning, Dragon Ball FighterZ

With top rosters in games such as Smash Brothers and Street Fighter, heavy-hitting influencers on Twitch and YouTube, and our own unique hardware offerings on our shop — Panda is just built different.

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  1. Who else got baited into clicking on this? I saw 3rd Strike and Melee in barf tier with SFV in top tier and i almost lost it. KOF13 at the top, Wzku Waku 7 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom being included will not save this list from my wrath

  2. Clickbait Thumbnail??? Dislike…and reported simple. 👌

  3. How was Melty Blood not here when JoJo's and even Sailor Moon was? 🤔

  4. Wait, is the Jojo game Heritage for the Future or Eyes of Heaven?

  5. Ult is B bc of how shit the lag is online even offline its got a good amount of lag

  6. I respect justin wong saying dbz is trash but he lost me at sfv s tier

  7. So much fucking better than Leffen's tier list goddamn.

  8. Only in the fgc will the game who had the highest view count at evo ever would be considered trash. Lmfao these tier list are shit.

  9. No Injustice 2?? Is still great in my opinion

  10. The Big Dude that said BlAHz blue

    He gotta go. 🥱

  11. That guy that put KI on C hasnt watch or played KI. Men shits hype even if you dont play it

  12. Justin really put MvCI over DBFZ? Really now?
    Edit: I also just noticed he put BOTH Smash games over FighterZ. I get this is his opinion, but come on bro.

  13. Lol they didn’t even mention the Alpha games.

  14. Thats true about mk11. It has sooo much content compared to other fighters.


    Justin, my guy, we got issues

  16. as soon as I saw justin put DBFighterz in trash I knew his list was personal and not professional. GTFO!

  17. ONLY tier lists that matter are your OWN. All other tier lists are just a bit of FUN nothing serious.

  18. Yeah, let put a party game in S tier. I hope this is a fcking joke xD

  19. The problem with SFV is exactly what I was afraid of fighting games becoming:
    $60 out the gate, plus cash or INSANE GRIND – per character. It's respectable today, but I still just pass it by to play old gems.

  20. Mortal Kombat 9 is still best game in the series

  21. The Blue Shirt short hair guy's list is based upon how people would perceive his list, the other's are based on their opinions.

  22. I play Darkstalkers 3 on and off forever. One of my favorite franchises locked in the past.

  23. if I had to put Virtue Fighter in a tier list it well be an F for F*** This game

  24. The way I got into fighting games is my cousin's PS3. Kid Pulled out the KOF XIII and the two half broken remotes and I instantly loved it.

  25. Can’t believe Jiyuna made a tier list! haha Good to see you on Panda dude. Can’t wait for some Melty coverage

  26. Justin dont even know the name of dragonball lmao

  27. Lmao Panda making Jiyuna eat his words about tier lists. Panda is ruthless.

  28. Smash bros isn't a proper fighting game imo I would have put that shit in D tier lol

  29. DragonBall Fighterz a tier above KoF XIII?
    Proof that opinions can be flat-out wrong.

  30. I see smash ultimate in S tier, i press the like button.

  31. I actually wish there was an uncut version of this vid, if love to hear they're full opinions

  32. I’ll never understand the Injustice 2 disrespect. In one thousand years, the scholars of the world will put it in S tier.

  33. I think you should have Esam wadi and Mars do this would be very interesting what other fighting games they enjoi! Imo kitana prime tier list was the best

  34. dead or alive is a good franchise these lists are dogshit

  35. Do you guys have a link to that version of the list you guys made?

  36. A tier list where 3rd Strike is not in s tier, it's not worth looking at I'm sorry lol

  37. Where the hell did they find the guy in the blue? Homeboy showing he has absolutely no idea wtf he's talking about 😂

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