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It’s Panda Fighting Games’s FIRST WEEK as a channel, and what better way to start it off than with a TIER LIST? That’s right, we got together EVERY FGC GAME we could think of, and forced our Pandas to rank them. Let’s just say that their opinions were VERY different.

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With top rosters in games such as Smash Brothers and Street Fighter, heavy-hitting influencers on Twitch and YouTube, and our own unique hardware offerings on our shop — Panda is just built different.

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  1. Where the hell did they find the guy in the blue? Homeboy showing he has absolutely no idea wtf he's talking about 😂

  2. WHAT MELEE IN D well soz I should not talk about peoples opinions

  3. I play MK and DOA so I feel attacked by this video lol

  4. I need a video of Jiyuna playing Smash against a very toxic Marss.

  5. i actually wanted to see what their honest opinions were on smash bros. it seems though this video was slightly sarcastic on it, they put both versions above every one of their actual played and enjoyed games.

    im surprised mortal kombat has such a split in views overall, either people dislike it or very much like it. im glad mk9 was mentioned quite highly, im surprised mk10 was highly rated and 11 was despised. i thought people felt quite the opposite on those 2.

    im happy injustice was low rated, it ruined what came from mk vs dcu and mk9. and having the next mk games released instead of just having injustice 1 and 2 was such a reliever.

    i think its awesome mvc2 is rated so often now, i thought people hated it but apparently not. its fun casually and awesome competitively.

  6. Yes bring back dark stalkers use nice ass 2d sprites hell let the skullgurls guys do it.

  7. ngl I ain't even watched but the thumbnail already has me pressed putting mk11 over third strike, dbfz, and marvel 3

  8. Man put SF4 and SF5 on the same tier. Nah you done out here cuz

  9. Damn, the universal DOA slander 😔

    Just wanna say, pretty much everything Kitana said about Pokken could easily be applied to DOA as well.

  10. that one guy doesn't like Mortal Kombat either. Yay.

  11. Why y’all hating on Dead or Alive 😂 that’s a 3D classic

  12. The only game that matters is MvC 3 (Marvel vs capcom 3) literally like why play anything else what other game can be that fun. jk

  13. I think Justin hates Fighterz because people bother him and tell him to play it. 🤣🤣

  14. Justin was right ngl. The best NRS game is MKX no CAP. MK9 isn't too bad either.

  15. Why you don't play DBFZ? Because is not Marvel… Justin as much as you hate to admit it, it is Marvel, you just don't want to play it because it's not Marvel 2, that's it.

  16. Justin's superman and Jiyuna's the Joker.

  17. my problem with marvel vs capcom 3 is they had 10 years to make the game. They released the most broken game ever scrapped it after 6 months, announcing Ultimate mvc3 and recharging for the entire game instead of releasing a patch or dlc to fix the already made and purchased game. They essentially made anyone who played it buy it twice and the whole purpose was to rebalance the game, so they add in dark phoenix and virgil who killed the drive for half the community both casuals and pros. It was the biggest lack of concern for a community id ever witness. It was worse than EA or Bethesda combined. The same exact thing actually happened for street fighter 4. The game was out for 8 months and they released super as a brand new game full price instead of just making it dlc again. Then a couple months later dlc comes out for super. Out of all the companies that get slammed for being shills to their customers, Capcom is the only company that gets a complete pass.

    It's a shame that the finished product of Capcoms game are absolutely amazing. But their business model pushes me to other fighting games.

    I can already tell sf6 will come out for 6 months, it will get a release, then immediate dlc. It's hook line and sinker with this company and I wish more people would call out capcom instead of blinding slobbing on their knob.

  18. Literally here to see these guys ride melees dick, was not disappointed.

  19. Killer Instinct is a great game that unfortunately didn't get much exposure compared to the big boys like street fighter and Tekken I hope for KI to have a revival

  20. Smash enjoyable to watch? Shit i must be a hater because i can't stand watching it 😵‍💫

  21. Not gonna tell you what to put where, but if you have more games in S tier than any other tier then you're doing it wrong lmao.

  22. Who the fuck is the tight assed Intel hating on MK?

  23. Ofcorse another list and missing ARİKA GAMES exept Fighting ex layer.
    Street fighter ex2 plus still my favourite(not nostalgic i can defend ). Street Fighter ex3 also good but people dont understood that game i recommend them to watch MAX falls in video.

  24. This is my tier list of my fighting games

    1.S Tier ❤️ Street Fighter 5 Champion edition, Tekken 7, Samurai Showdown, Fantasy Strike. Love to death
    2. A Tier 🙂 Pokken Tournament Dx, DOA 6. Sometimes
    3. Skip all the way to Trash tier or Toilet bowl tier, Jump Force, Fighting Ex layer another dash, Super Smash bros Ultimate my opinion

  25. I put my street fighter 5 Champion edition on S fucking tier

  26. Best fightting game ever… Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown… nothing come close to this level of PERFECTION…

  27. I know it's a minority opinion, but I'd put SFV in trash tier. Even now, with a complete roster and a bunch of balancing. Fuck SFV. Not the SF we asked for.

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