The One True Fighting Game - Divekick -

The One True Fighting Game – Divekick

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For many gamers, fighting games are the up there in pinnacle of complexity. Precise and specific inputs. Constantly playing mindgames with your opponent. And a very steep learning curve if you’re serious about getting competitive, mean that when you’re first getting into the genre, it can be a little bit frustrating.

But what if I told you that for a time, one of the most popular fighting games in the world used only two buttons? No joystick, no d-pad, just two, giant buttons. This is the story of a game that tried to bring simplicity back to the fighting game genre. A game that parodied and mocked the very community that embraced it.

A cult classic which took the FGC by storm, and appeared at some of the biggest tournaments in the world. This, is Divekick.

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  1. "is that all you ever do in your house"
    Jeez this kid just returned a crit of emotional damage against jwong LOL

  2. What a cool little game! I like that story, and I like how it ended.

  3. Lol they tried to help casuals only for the pros to still wreak at the game.

  4. One of my favourite fighting games of all time highly engaging

  5. I love this game. The Frosty Faustings Divekick attendees got lucky that I top 8'd SFV this year or I was gonna come body everybody with my disgusting Kenny.

  6. As always ya'll are shining a spot light on underappreciated titles.

  7. For some reason the only thing I think about when I hear dive kick is door stuck

  8. This is the only Fighting Game I can play

  9. That they cancelled their Kickstarter is the real story of all this. Classy move.

  10. This game was featured in a Core-A-Gaming video called "The Simplest Fighting Games" along with a few other modest gems. Naturally now I'm wondering if Fantasy Strike will also get the Akshon treatment as well 🤔

  11. Could you possibly consider delving into OnRush at some point in the future? Hugely underrated and undersold imo as a thematic/gameplay lovechild of Overwatch and Motorstorm. Any potential updates have unfortunately yet to happen. It's a shame, y'know?

  12. This was not one of the most popular fighting games in the world at the time. I bought the game on release too. Videos like this subtly trying to rewrite history with goofy comments like that one. Next we'll talk about how Catherine Versus and Roseball were almost Evo main events. Divekick is fun as hell but calm down.

    Edit: Also play Divekick. The game is really, really fun.

  13. Good video but it was an oversight not to detail how oppressive dive kicks were in FG games of the time and how that landscape influenced Divekick, i.e. SF4 Rufus, MvC3 Wolverine, MK9 Kung Lao, etc.

    It wasn't just parodies of FGC community members and FGC memes; it was satire on several fighting game metas.

  14. Are there still weeklies that go on for this game online would love to play?

  15. you better learn .Its the real world, u learning early son 🤣🤣🤣

  16. 1:17 Mad respect to the epic collar sweat generated by the gravity of this import interview.

  17. That Jwong clip has done unfixable damage to the FGC can’t believe y’all would play it

  18. My girlfriend and i played this for an entire night and it was so fun

  19. I will never forget seeing Ed Boon losing his shit at the first time he saw Kung Pao at EVO 2012

  20. Honestly, this game really proves how good your footsies are.

    This was my high school experience 😩

  22. 4:44 ooooh its the one character that stylistically doesnt fit with the rest of the game because its a reference to another (often retro) game! I love that character that is sometimes in fighting games.

  23. I never liked the "fighting games are hard" arguement. It scares off casuals so let's stop using that.

    Competition is hard. Fighting games are easy. Anyone can beat an arcade mode of any fighting game. When your competing against a skilled human player then your is competition that players brain, skill, and reaction speed.

  24. got here before 10k views and was not subbed. Suffice to say, amazing video, youtube is pushing it. Got a new sub now

  25. We need more unique fighting games like this. BIG shout out to LETHAL LEAGUE BLAZE!

  26. Didn't finish reading the title, thought this was gonna be about Kyanta.

  27. Can you guys made a video about HoN Heroes of Newerth and how this MOBA died in part because of his toxic community

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