The One True Fighting Game - Divekick -

The One True Fighting Game – Divekick

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For many gamers, fighting games are the up there in pinnacle of complexity. Precise and specific inputs. Constantly playing mindgames with your opponent. And a very steep learning curve if you’re serious about getting competitive, mean that when you’re first getting into the genre, it can be a little bit frustrating.

But what if I told you that for a time, one of the most popular fighting games in the world used only two buttons? No joystick, no d-pad, just two, giant buttons. This is the story of a game that tried to bring simplicity back to the fighting game genre. A game that parodied and mocked the very community that embraced it.

A cult classic which took the FGC by storm, and appeared at some of the biggest tournaments in the world. This, is Divekick.

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  1. man I loved this game. Is there still a scene for it? I should look into that

  2. Needs a switch port. Playing this while drunk would be hilarious. The fraud detection warning might need to be optional

  3. This game looks so much fun. I love when people don't take games too seriously, and this game seems to portray that perfectly. And yet it still has a lot of complexity.

  4. I kinda blame Divekick for my hatred of Street Fighter V but remembering as a causal how fun [SF] four is.

    It's like Capcom saw Dive and was like we can do that, hold my beer.

  5. Can you guys make a video on the game DUE PROCESS its a 5v5 comp shooter with an arcade style and it has a VERY SMALL and dedicated comp scene. Would be cool to see you guys have a look at it, the league is called the DUE PROCESS LEAGUE

  6. Dive kick is such a gem, you know their concept is good when you can have a competitive match with your Mom that barely games.

  7. Divekick snd Footsies should be part of an FGC Starter Pack bundle

    What else should be in it?

  8. I really want you to cover more obscure e-sports story like takahashi meijin, 80s japanese gaming legend and hudson caravans competition, 80s japanese e-sports tournament with bomberman, star force and many more hudson game played competitively there

  9. I remember spending hundreds of hours on this game with brother. My brother enjoys fighting games at a casual level unlike me. I’m not the best player or anything but I like learning the games. This game is the one he took to heart and beat the shit out of me lol. It was so fun learning this game and playing it with my relatives. We had like an annual tournament that we did every summer break. This game was too much fun!

  10. Only legends know this title

  11. U should make a vid on footseis rollback edition

  12. It took KOF XV (a very execution heavy game) being launched and the antecipation for the LoL fighting game (possibly another execution heavy game) to the renaissance of this game.

  13. Oh shit, i didn't know DK was Keits brain child

  14. Footsies and Amongus Arena are the True One True Fighting Games because they are perfectly balanced with all the tools. Divekick is the most accessible fighting game

  15. And I thought Tekken Advance on the GBA was simple.

  16. So this would be a good game to train newcomer's mind game skills.

  17. This game answered my prayers when it came out. My locals were all really mad at me because they couldn't deal with Amaterasu in mvc3, and the common refrain was 'If my character was as simple as the dog, I'd win every time too!' (Or you could stop playing Hsien-ko, but what do I know) Cue the simplest game ever. So simple it's actually a joke, and I'm winning there too, but now their humiliation is a funny joke. I know this is the one true fighting game, because I've seen it take a man from the cockiest thing this side of a chicken plant into a pillar of pure salt in under thirty seconds. Simplicity is also efficiency, after all, and the FGC is nothing if not an industrial salt mine.

  18. Divekick is what you’d call an “affectionate parody.” Yeah, it made fun of the FGC and fighting games, but it did so with a sense of genuine affection.

  19. That clip of Justin clapping a kid on MK is the true test. If you enjoyed that clip, you love fighting games. 😂

  20. gotta dumb down everything for zoomers. "but-but combos are too hard!" looks stupid af…..
    1 hit kills and no combos? we had that when i was a kid on the NES. it was called karate champ. so you copied the worst fighting game ever. congrats.

  21. That, "FRAUD DETECTION WARNING" never fails to not get a laugh out of me. 😂

  22. I got to beat eSam right after he won that CEO belt, good times.

  23. My scrubby ass always kinda felt that fighting games dont get much out of added complexity. That combos are boring and dont actually add any meaningful depth or spectator entertainment value to their games

    Then Divekick came out and it proved me fucking right

    Im actually mad that we dont have a billion clones or a bunch of spin offs and it hasnt become a street fighter 2 esque Definition of the Genre and fighting games have been kinda dead ever since

  24. "Divekick daily but it's a weekly event don't worry about it"
    That's probably the funniest thing in this video 😂

  25. 4:18 LMFAO I know Argenrost very well. He lives in Jacksonville, I was a nobody just entering the tournament scene for MK11 when it was still pretty new, only a few months into it's lifespan. I best his scorpion 2-0 with my Skarlet & eliminated him in stream from the tournament while his girlfriend watched behind us. He promptly left the event after that, and was extremely salty from taking the L I handed him. 😭😆

    Hey John, if you see this, would love to run more games lmfao. ~Djinn

  26. lol never heard of this game it's sad, not popular hope it comes back.

  27. Dive Kick is Too Hard I dont have tha REACTIONS to play that game lmao hahah ;D

  28. Almost forgot about this game. Such a funny concept of a game. xD

  29. Divekick is legit one of my most played Vita games.

  30. I remember playing this game on the PlayStation Vita – can't get any more niche than this!

  31. As much as I love Divekick I don't think it holds up today as the most raw and simple game that embodies fighting game fundamentals. That title definitely goes to Footies by HiFight

  32. Wait, so this game that parodies Fighting Game Competitions and everything about them… actually became a real tournement game in FGCs?

  33. Man this takes me back, seeing old players like toko, meteloaf, and argenrost, hearing of the the dailies again, and getting Frauded by Argenrost live. My hands are sorta shit at combos but I love the mindgames involved in fighting games so this game was perfect for me.

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