The Music Inspired Fighting Game - Slap Happy Rhythm Busters -

The Music Inspired Fighting Game – Slap Happy Rhythm Busters

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  1. Combos are basically forcing your opponent sit there and watch you play a rhythm game anyway

  2. Shaolin I haven't heard of, I might have to see if I can look into it, versus however is one of my favorite fighting games, it was so much fun and when I realized that this was made by the same people the character mia made sense on how she looks…..this looks really awesome though

  3. I'm above average at rhythm games and fighters… I was made for this game!

  4. Mia kinda has a similar design to Jolyne from Jojo but I also think the game looks alot like Megaman Legends

  5. Looks like soul eater got inspiration for its art style from here

  6. I like how cartoony the art style, characters and mechanics are. It’s out there and doesn’t take itself very seriously. Thanks for exposing this game to others.

  7. Two of my favourite genres mashed into one? Count me the heck in!

  8. This is amazing. It's like fighting with the background characters from DDR.

  9. I miss Rhythm of Fighters. Favorite mobile game ever

  10. the art style gives me leahtal league vibes. Probably from the same inspiration source!

  11. 3:40 THIS GAME HAS A DOGGO CHARACTER? I LOVE IT. Man I really gotta get a PS2 someday. Figure out how to remove region lock and hack in roms into it and such.

  12. The irony that's never lost on me is the fact that games like this due to their art style /aesthetic were hated at the time (mostly in the US) and are now loved and prized because of the stylized graphics holding up so much better than games that tried to go for realism. It's a lot like that time between people hating 2D and Loving it again. Attitudes shift so quickly, what once was considered awful and old is now beloved and considered ahead of it's time.

  13. Well this would absolutely have obsessed my teenage self, who sat awake multiple school nights grinding away to unlock new Jet Set Radio characters on my Xbox. Considering my other most played game by far was Street Fighter Alpha 3 on PSX, it's a no brainer!

  14. Have you ever heard of Draglade? It's a RPG fighting game for the Nintendo DS with rhythm game elements.

  15. Hey Netherrealm!?! Can you answer why this PS1 game has FRICKING FERRA/TOR in it?

  16. Man, I can imagine this game remade to modern standards in the same graphical style as games like lethal league blazing & bomb rush cyberfunk… some of those designs would really shine

  17. If i knew about this game as a kid, i would of played the SHIT out of it

  18. The fighting mechanics in the first Batman Arkham game were originally planned to be rhythm based but they changed their mind.

  19. I played the hell out of this game when I was in high school. I even contributed to GameFAQs back then when I discovered Rude Boy's "hidden" super. Thanks for explaining that red bar and yellow glow mechanic, I never really did understand what it did.

  20. This game looks rad! I wonder if Rise's super in P4Arena is based of the rhythm supers from this game

  21. I just discovered this game today and now I want a remake TODAY!

  22. Never heard of this game! Gonna check it out!

  23. This is a PlayStation 2 game stop lying to me.

  24. I actually played this game a while back with a friend 10/10 best time we had with a PS1 fighter since Waku Waku 7 and JoJo:HFTF

  25. Played this with my little brother the other day. It was quite the experience.

    That said, I think Shaolin might deserve a look from anyone just over the story. Just pick Hung Gar and be amazed.

  26. Imagine playing it with the DDR dancing pad.

  27. Too bad this game never came to the states and expensive 😓

  28. I want a remake/sequel with a mix of low poly models, and high budget DBFZ or GG STRIVE animation.

  29. I feel like this game needs a western release on current consoles.

  30. Great review! There's some original characters there. Cowboy girl terrible but try to use her anyway? Kind of like Rogue in X-Men vs. What's that monster character in the deli stage?

  31. I'm more surprised this doesn't have a Wikipedia page.

  32. great review. As i noticed as i'm avid fan of the other Virtual Polygon game the more US orientated game Versus, Ramos, Mia and Oleg both appear in that game with drastically different designs. I do like this game, although i still haven't beaten the whole combo mode as the timing is really hard to match. love the character designs and the music, but part of me wishes it had a more hip hop aesthetic.

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