The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game -

The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game

The Cyan Man
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This is Hellish Quart, a game whose goal is to be as accurate to real life sword fighting and fencing as possible. The game is still in development but so far it’s been really great.
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  1. Oof. Some of these victories defnitley resulted in 2 deaths xD

  2. I’m less interested in the game than the Franciscan on the thumbnail

  3. If you think about it back in the medieval days there were guys that trained and became pros at sword dueling but then they run into a true prodigy of sword fighting and easily die in battle.

  4. Bushido Blade is the best sword game ever! If only it had some like counter moves and one hit counter kills it could have been epic!

  5. I honestly don’t see how most duels didn’t end up with multiple casualties! Like, if you stab someone in the stomach, there’s a chance they might stab you back, right?

  6. This game is fucking hilarious. I wanna play it so bad!

  7. So how long b4 VR tech like dat of "Sword Art Online" becomes a thing?

  8. This is one of those games that gives me that feeling in my gut. It's too realistic

  9. The gentleman run was hilarious. Make a video with him and keep making gentleman comments! 😁

  10. at the time of character selection how to be able to use the character? do you have to use a controller like an xbox 360 controller? please explain I have never played even though I bought it for more than a week.

  11. "SHE'S GOT A DRIPPY HAT" dunno why I laughed so hard, but take your sub, like and comment for that comment.

  12. Memories of Bushido Blade …

  13. Big Bushido Blade energy (oldschool game, also with no health bars)

  14. Thats cool. It kinda reminds me of Bushido Blade for the PS1.

  15. I wish there was a Star Wars lightsaber fighting game just like this.

  16. >"most realistic sword fighting game" in the title
    > some dude beheads another one with a light, one handed sword
    >top kek

  17. Theres an old game for PS1 called Bushido. Same gameplay mechanics.

  18. Wow holy shiet I did not expect this vid to blowup so much in the time I watched when this vid came out. Thank yt recommendation.

  19. Bruh the worst part is even if you survive with injuries you could bleed out or even get an infection and die

  20. "tip toe….BY the tulip!!"
    "So you have chosen death…"

  21. You have to make one of these again! It was super funny dude

  22. There should be an anime or a Netflix series about a good-natured but brash rudish peasant vagabond brawler who's self-taught in academic subjects and better than the nobles at everything traveling around some medieval continent showing everyone across all sectors of society up while looking for a worthy opponent to fight and eventually ends up sparking reforms through his reputation and beating some emperor at like chess or something at the climax of the series

  23. This is time of wars of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in XVII century.

  24. Crazy to think that realistic sword duels were fast paced and extremely dangerous. As to die with a single hit in 3 seconds of battle. Scary.

  25. I just want to put out there that I am beyond humbled at how much this video has blown up and wanted to say thank you all for stopping by. I've been making videos for about 2 years and before posting this had 3k subscribers so this has surpassed my every expectation. As much as I can express it I want to say thank you all, it means a lot 🙂

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