The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game of 2020! -

The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game of 2020!

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It’s still early in its development, but the demo shows very solid gameplay already, and highly effective mechanics. Who says realism and fun can’t go together at all? There is nothing wrong with over the top action in games, but this is refreshingly different.

Hellish Quart is inspired by Bushido Blade, with its lack of health bars and potential for one-hit fight stoppers. The developers clearly did a lot of work to understand historical martial arts, and it’s impressively well represented here.

This is not sponsored by the way, it’s just my personal impression of the game so far. And based on that I can definitely recommend checking it out.

If you want to learn more about Polish saber fencing, I highly recommend Richard Marsden’s book about it (affiliate links):

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  1. not really ragdoll physics skall, that refers to a procedural animation style that applies realistic physics to a body when forces are exerted on it. it's not required when dealing with "conscious" bodies because the person has control over their movements

  2. What is the name of this fucking game nigga

  3. bruh, what if they decided to add in like a medieval flail?!

  4. If this game get a multiplayer, i can guarantee that the toxic guys is going to join it, cuz every game that requires ability and Qi gets toxic people, just like For Honor, League of Legends, Rainbow six and etc…

  5. Don't challenge them to the death…


  6. There was a game for PS2 not many know it, but it was a really good game ''sword of the samurai'' i think you should try out that game

  7. Just hope that AAA level doesn't ruin yet another brilliant game/company. DON'T SELL YOURSELF TO EA.

  8. 13:27 You know what's not good? A cut to the johnny is ending them wrongly. Helish Quart? That was just, TOO far.

  9. I hope this game succeeds because it looks amazing, so tactical and complex yet simple as hell, this could dominate esports and would be so entertaining

  10. It's crazy what a man can do with pure passion

  11. I'm gunna be the first to say it – TASers are gunna make some BEAUTIFUL shit in this game.

  12. Arabian and Turkish Swords at their FINEST!!!!

  13. Ehh is think I’ll still stay with For Honor

  14. I love Bushido Blade, so I am definitely going to check this out.

  15. Check out Exanima again, they updated it and made it really good

  16. its cool they made a sequel to the good old prince of persia game. The original one.

  17. The backgroundmusic sounds like the Witcher 3.

  18. not like mortal kombat on my friends psp, i remember winning by spamming all buttons

  19. So I actually managed to pull off a match wherein I got like 20 kills for 1 death in an epic sword fighting game.

    Game name: "For Honor"
    Genre: Epic Sword Fighting, PVP
    do check it out and leme know what u guys think


  20. realistic xd is he joking. this is how people in 21 century swordfight not how they did.


  22. Alternative title: Prince Oleg vs Olgierd's Crew

  23. that is Persian sword, all blades and military weapons were founded by ancient Iranian!

  24. In what way would it affect the fight if you as a swortsman or saberman(idk?) were to fight against a spear or a very much longer ranged Weapon,because i think that is very interresting to see how someone would defend or attack with a shorter weapon.Just wanna know

  25. Козаки, ми маємо перемагати у цій грі, та захищати нашу Батькивщіну!

  26. is not only 4 buttons, u talked about b+ down being attack to the legg so from that there is at least 16 different attacks using a,b,x,y

  27. those clothes and weapons are hella underrated and need more recognition in western media.

  28. is there a poke?..or its just hack and slash?

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