The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game of 2020! -

The Most Realistic Sword Fighting Game of 2020!

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It’s still early in its development, but the demo shows very solid gameplay already, and highly effective mechanics. Who says realism and fun can’t go together at all? There is nothing wrong with over the top action in games, but this is refreshingly different.

Hellish Quart is inspired by Bushido Blade, with its lack of health bars and potential for one-hit fight stoppers. The developers clearly did a lot of work to understand historical martial arts, and it’s impressively well represented here.

This is not sponsored by the way, it’s just my personal impression of the game so far. And based on that I can definitely recommend checking it out.

If you want to learn more about Polish saber fencing, I highly recommend Richard Marsden’s book about it (affiliate links):

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  1. What's your thoughts on Ghost of Tsushima That would be a good video

  2. I do hope they add the Black Knight from Holy Grail as a Easter egg character

  3. Touch nothing to block is one of the worst game mechaniks ever made

  4. Reminds me of mordhau. an amazing game if you hadnt checked it out yet

  5. I feel like what would be far more benefitial than knowing how to actually sword fight is to know the AI and to know the animations like when is that sweet spot in between animations where the other player can't do anything but to wait for the animation to play out

  6. The most realistic thing in this game is the hair. The man looks like he got a poop stuck on his blad head.

  7. I loved Bushido blade. I'll have to look into this.

  8. Imagine ghost of Tsushima with a duel mode

  9. Getting really strong Fire and Sword vibes here.

  10. حامد گندم کار Hamed Gandomkar says:

    8:00 the most realistic moments :)))

  11. The trouble with these types of game is, yeah, you can try real techniques that would be realistic, but some kid is going to figure out a way break the mechanics so that he always wins. Like people in Chivalry who run around bent backwards at a 50 degree angle.

  12. I can already imagine the korean backdash in this game

  13. the most realistic sword fighting is in kingdom come deliverance

  14. I wish bushido blades will have a remake too or maybe a sequel

  15. Not only is it a very good game but it also is at a respectable price.

  16. 4 buttons means 104 combinations within max. 4 steps. I'd say that's more than enough for a game 🙂

  17. Big guy with elbow out begs for it to be hit.

  18. It would be great to see a smooth adaptation of this game if it gets big enough for VR.

  19. Those background music, is that actually a traditional style ? It's so witcher like.

  20. Dammit man, why are all the Badass games only available on Steam?? I want to OWN this!

  21. Sweet, I can finally move on from nidhogg for my swordplay.

  22. You could have play with different characters and swords to keep it interesting

  23. A fighting game with no health bars? Count me in

  24. Remember that sword duel from ,,The Deluge"? It was a polish film and it's a polish game as far as i know

  25. Go check out kingdoms come deliverance, that is the best sword fighting game in a long time

  26. What I can't wait to see in this game as it 1 vs 2, or maybe more. I hope they make it possible in the future as the player gets good to try and experience what it's like to fight more than 1 person at once.

  27. ehhh I feel like mount and blade is more realistic tho right? You pick how you attack by mouse direction and same with blocking
    If you don't block the right direction you won't block the hit

  28. I really hope this comes to consoles one day when it’s fully released

  29. this looks great would love an open world game with this combat with branching side quests, random encounters and interesting things to find.

  30. This kind of sword fighting would be the 16th century gentleman's fighting that was in respect of the old way of warfare.

  31. it would be cool if they add a shields mechanics.

  32. Hellish Quart dev here. Thank you so much for trying out our game, it's so awesome you liked it, it means the world to us, as we are your fans and subscribers for years now!

    The demo will be out for everyone on October 5th and through whole Steam Game Festival!

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