The Most REALISTIC SWORD Fighting Game Added An Awesome SABRE Character -

The Most REALISTIC SWORD Fighting Game Added An Awesome SABRE Character

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In this video we dive back into Hellish Quart, The most realistic sword fighting game, where we explore the new update that has added their newest character and protagonist Jacek. Jacek is an awesome Sabre character with lots of versatility and is pretty reliable in both Survival and Arcade mode.

Hellish Quart is an early access sword fighting game that is not very famous among players. It is a fighting game about sword dueling, in which the blades really clash using physics, and the characters use motion captured fencing techniques. Play as one of many 17th century warriors and use sabers, rapiers, broadswords, and many other blades in quick fights, survival mode, or LOCAL multiplayer with friends (you can play online too with Steam Remote Play Together). You can also casually spar with wooden weapons or train in modern HEMA gear.


  1. "See this 4 hit combo?"

    No, you put an obnoxious zoom effect I didn't see shit

    "watch this" cuts vid


  2. how have you got serve as a soldier working? How has anyone got serve as a soldier working? Does anyone know anything anymore? Im scared and confused, there is something in my wardrobe and my phone keeps going off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

  3. Do it again but if you die you have to start ALL over

  4. Wait why Jacek looks like %10000 Ottoman Janissary but his name is Jacek ?

  5. Maybe they gona make a ghost of tsudhima like game with duels

  6. Good job first trying the boss on your second try lol 😆

  7. 6:59 hot damn Samuel brought out the Korean backdash what a madlad

  8. edits video to make the screen shake around. "you see that combo" god ur an idiot

  9. Mildly-intersting fact about Yendrek: he most likely is a Rusyn (ethnicity in western Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and Serbia, maybe Romania and Hungary). By the way he is dressed, I would say he is a Lemko (sub-ethnicity of Rusyns). The axe he wields is their traditional weapon, and I own a couple. When Simo says that he is lucky only the axe head is sharp, that is a bit of foreshadowing, as after the partition of Poland the Austrian government banned those axes from being sharpened, thus the Rusyns started dulling them and using them as effective two-handed maces. So yeah, they were actually fully dull, not just the handle…

  10. It would be really cool if they added Albanians with yataghans cause they were around the same time and they would duel frequently as it was culturally significant to protect your honor in a duel so that would be really nice

  11. It is funny that Jacek in russian sounds just like how we call Yasuo in LoL

  12. Hey Simo, I just got Hellish Quart and I’m wondering if it’s better to play on keyboard and mouse or controller.

  13. Characters definitely do have differing health values, not to a HUGE extent but it's also localized to limbs.

    Some characters arms and legs have less health than their head or chest, or vice-a-versa. You can find it out if you turn on the debug UI that brings up the health and stamina bars.

    I forget which function key it is though.

  14. Damn you can't just front Koifish like that…

  15. Hope they add a sort of 2d story mode where you get to buy swords, equipment and outfits. maybe make it like those arcade 2d retro games but realistic graphics

  16. I'm gonna say it. Hellish Quart × Dune. Mod community. Make it happen. Long live the fighters!

  17. Sorry dude you cannot beat Blade and Sorcery.

  18. I enjoy watching you playing bannerlord,kenshi more than any other game❤

  19. Imagine Lord of the Rings, son of rome or mount and blade with this realistic movement and fight 😱😱😱 All day, all night! 😀

  20. Are these characters from Ognem i mecziem or something ?

  21. This reminds me of the sword duels from Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end game

  22. if i remember correctly that 4 move combo is Polish hellish quart or Polska krzyżowa in Polish

  23. Are we ever going to see a, "Samurai-style," character in this game. I'd LOVE to see what a Katana/Kendo style of swordsmanship looks like!

  24. Is this game Polish or something? All names sound Polish.

  25. They definitely need to put a Rob Roy style Scottish Highlander in there as historically there were reputedly 10,000 Scots in the Commonwealth – usually working as itinerant peddlars, traders and as much needed foot soldiers.

    The basket hilted claymore could be a powerful cleaving weapon, if a bit unwieldy in close quarters

  26. @Simo, might need the editor to Blur the up skirt moment at 5:25 my dude

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