The most overly complicated mechanic in Fighting Games -

The most overly complicated mechanic in Fighting Games

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Today we’re playing some more Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax! Today we’re discussing Junpei, the character with THE MOST ridiculously complicated unique mechanic I’ve personally seen in a fighting game. His baseball gauge and it’s associated Victory Cry mode are REALLY hard to understand, especially if you don’t know the rules of baseball. We’ll be discussing how Junpei works, some of his basic combos and supers, including how to get 10 runs in one combo! And then taking him online to see how we far with Shadow Junpei! Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. I'm kind of disappointed this system was invented for this game instead of a One Punch Man fighter. It would be PERFECT for Metal Bat 😀

  2. I'm a bit curious why Shadow Junpei is considered better. I understand he stacks faster, but it feels like it should be ''easy'' for normal Junpei to give up the first round to only focus on stacking to 10 runs and after that, since it carries over, they have the same flexibility/ease for stacking more runs as shadow junpei while keeping the benefits of awakening — What am I missing?

  3. As a game designer I think the beauty of this mechanic is how elegantly it conveys this complicated system. The runs system makes sense, and by intuitively following the rules of baseball it’s able to make a complex system easy to grasp. It’s the logical conclusion of putting baseball in a fighting game, and it doesn’t need a long rules list to be understood.

  4. Dunno how this ended up in my reccs but im glad, fascinating!

  5. When people thought Phoenix Write had a weird system, then they see this.

  6. YOOOO, JM Croft is a White Sox fan!!! Lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  7. I dont even play fighting games or have understood the rules of baseball, but this was absolutely fun to watch.

  8. This seems to be the only time I like the look of Aegis, that's nice. Probably how the hair looks here.

  9. I'd say Phoenix Wright from Marvel Vs Capcom 3 has a stranger mechanic, especially since you can't just combo into it.

  10. As a baseball player, he is my boy and he speaks to me

  11. I love that of all characters, it's JUNPEI that needs the biggest brain to play.

  12. I have an inside joke where I say, "Now THIS is BASEBALL!" when I see someone do something crazy and/or stupid in a sports game, and it's like Arcsys heard me and is playing a prank on me in particular.

  13. “This fighting game is nice but I really wish there was more Wii Sports Baseball in it”

  14. I'd like someone to explain the combo system in Bloody Roar 3 for the cat girl and the other guy that have this weird infinite flo chart.

  15. Junpei looks super fun, I definitely need to try him out. In original arena I mained Yosuke and Ahkihiko, but swapped to Adachi in Ultimax. I gotta branch out and this guy seems very fun to play.

  16. Nope. Most complicated mechanic in any fighting game is Smash Bros DI

  17. It's kinda funny how this mechanic's power was demonstrated by some random whooping your ass 🤣

    Was satisfying to see you getting revenge tho

  18. Overly complicated idk but super interesting and original for sure!

  19. this isnt even complex at all. idk what’s remarkable here. it’s a system that naturally maxxes as you just play well lol

  20. So it’s xfactor if you get hits in and don’t get hit that opens combos?

    Damn my brain hurts.

  21. Sooooooooo the most complicated feature belongs to Stupei…?

  22. Glad to hear of another White Sox Enjoyer while living in a sea of Cubs Fans

  23. So only 2 players in online persona 4 arena.

  24. The first 15 seconds describes every Rivals of Aether character

  25. WOW!
    That is so complicated!
    TOO complicated!

  26. It's just a shame that he has to reach the install score just to be AS GOOD as the rest of the cast is by default. Lovely mechanic on a super fun character that just wasn't power crept properly.

    Such a shame

  27. In Junpei mirrors, the winner should just be the one with the most runs when someone runs out of health.

  28. This isn't that complex of a system to be honest. The title of the video really should be "The most creative mechanic in Fighting Games." Basically this mechanic rewards aggressive play and is very high risk-high reward when in use.

  29. spaghettipizzahæ2thefirsthescarletblur07 says:

    by the way you only get a strike if you wiff a move that used junpais bat.

  30. If someone told me that a fighting game would come out one day and that would allow me to main junpei, adachi, and kanji, I'd think they were crazy.

  31. HE WHO FREAKS is trully Jumpei impersonated.

  32. I’d think if you were hit you’d take your base

  33. One thing that I really like about Victory Cry is that Junpeis bat normals are quite a bit better than his other buttons, but you dont really want to use them outside of VC, since you can lose potential runs, but then when you get VC its like Rock Lee taking the training weights off and you get to use your good normals again without having to worry about losing runs

  34. Just came here to say that Junpei is fucking trash in P3 and he's the worst party member of all time

  35. I just found your videos, and they are amazing. Thank you man.

  36. “This is a touch case, even for Junpei Iori, Ace Detective.” -Junpei, trying to understand his own mechanic

  37. I wouldn't mind p4a content because I have been interested In it since it got rollback but unsure of getting it coming as a beginner to the game.

  38. Every time I see or hear about persona 4 arena I always feel super envious of huge persona fans cuz its like an arcsys fighting game with characters from my fav RPG series would send me over the moon

  39. The funny part is Junpei is actually a pretty easy and beginner friendly character to play lol

  40. Video title was misleading. Thought it was going to be a discussion on overly complex fighting game mechanics, rather than watching you run sets of one character.

  41. I think it would be cool if the runs did something before and after 10. Could be something really minor like 0.1% damage buff, so u are only ever going to get a 1-2 percent buff with that but it gives you some gratification for continuing to build the meter

  42. And here I was, hurting my head trying to learn Labrys’ axe meter

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