The Most Crazy Concepts in Fighting Game History! -

The Most Crazy Concepts in Fighting Game History!

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Top 10 Most Crazy Tropes in Fighting Games! Endless Weapon Tosses, Invisible Walls, Impossible Physics and More! Here are the Craziest Fighting Game Tropes that We Take for Granted! Which Fighting Game Trope do You Think is the Craziest? Post in the Comments!

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  1. When you play mk11 and do a fatal blow and people's masks are just gone until the fb is done, then it's magically back 😂

  2. Trope 10: no one gets broken bones even from moves that would at least break an arm. This might tie to the "you should have died" trope, but considering that Mortal Kombat at least has your character look like they've taken some damage, it would be cool to have a "you now have a broken bone" handicap (with maybe a regeneration bar or something to keep it fun)

  3. Here’s a trope, characters fighting each other for little to no reason for the sake of adding more fights to the story

  4. Biggest one. Boss character is unbeatable until they become playable. The nerf hammer comes swinging hard

  5. Boss characters that are only weaker when they're selectable.

  6. Definitely gravity. The fact characters can throw a 100kg dude to the air with a hit and keep them on the air by punching him like it was a balloon. That's epic xd

  7. I like that characters with a huge difference in weight are juggled the same height by the same move

  8. All this trope talk, and nothing about the biggest trope of all: juggle combos.

  9. god, thank you so much for talking about this; please do more. Btw I think I got one: How come regardless of environment or conflict no authorities show to quell the fight or evacuate any potentially remaining civilians? Or environmental damage doesn't stick? It'd be cool if in a story multiple fights took place over different environments during the story which there would be news about potentially restricting the area or at least showing the results of the most recent tussle possibly giving insight into the abilities or style of who may potentially have to be fought next especially as each transition to another location gives either different interact-ables OR methods of interacting with the reshaped landscapes from throwing stop-signs discs left on the ground or singing around an uprooted sewing-line to kick your foe in the face.

  10. This one's an obvious one, which I have no problem with whatsoever: how combos work. In several games, but especially Mortal Kombat, every character is extremely bouncy just for the sake of making combos possible. It's kinda funny, but I definitely don't question it.

  11. trope number 10: characters in injustice and mortal kombat stand up after they are beaten just to fall down again. Is it just me???

  12. Trope number (can't think of a number): Why doesn't everybody gang up on 1 character if you have a whole squad to fight that person, why is it 1 by 1?

  13. What about characters getting juggled in the air which pretty much breaks physics

  14. i think in injustice they are bouncing off the ground and not the wall

  15. This trope is specific to Guilty Gear alone, but I think it still applies. How on Earth does Potemkin pull off the heavenly Potemkin buster? The man is in part defined by the fact that he's so big that he can't even double jump. How does he just suddenly gave the ability to defy gravity mid-match to perform that move?

  16. the physics in fighting games, you can literally float an opponent in the air with a single jab for example the dash jabs in the tekken series, always beem a pet peeve of mine

  17. Trope #10 definitely has to be juggle combos, how the hell can you tell me that a simple human, powerful or not, can simply punch you so hard that you get launched into the air like if you just jumped off a trampoline, and keep hitting you in the air and you magically start floating with every attack and can't do anything about it, it's so dumb xD

  18. I would say copy and paste stages for example in mk9 there was 3 rooftop stages, 2 courtyard stages, 2 garden stages and 3 pit stages and in tekken tag 2 jun and unknowns stage like all of them are same stage but something is slightly different them about if that makes sense

  19. Combos are basically impossible in real life

  20. AKUMAS Low health is Similar to ORO fighting with 1 arm, Lore wise AKUMA is Holding back.

  21. Trop Number…. something.
    This is a recent one that has been on my brain thanks to A.B.i
    THE LOW KICK. affective and impressive
    Despite how…. weird they can look.

  22. Trope #10- How travel is achieved in story modes. Usually they walk….across the globe! Or they take a public plane with weapons equipped. They will even wear their outlandish gear in public when not doing things fighting related. Street fighter 4 Dudley drinks his coffee/tea with his boxing gloves on.

    Interesting note on Dhalsim: In Street Fighter 4 when fighting the Turkish oil wrestler, Hakan he warns him not to fear his Yoga Flame. It is an illusion of fire, not the real thing so he's not trying to truly harm his opponents. Because of this, I am unclear what percentage of Dhalsim's stretching, levitation, and fire moves are his and what he is making his opponents see via hallucination/illusion. Similar to Scarecrow in Injustice who sets down a tank of gasses with no weapons and emerges as a chain hook wielding nightmare.

  23. Having a sliver of health and any tiny hit or chip damage knocks a character out to end the round. Think a requirement to land a meaty final hit could make for some exciting matches.

    Also, timers for rounds. I know we’re in a fight to the death but since we hid in our respective corners throwing fireballs at one another for 99 seconds that’s good enough. 🤷‍♂️ 🙃

  24. To be fair, I like Stryker for his regular guy being extraordinary in extreme circumstances shtick.

  25. I love how as the years progressed, it seems Trueunderdawggaming is putting more and more and more effort

  26. “When are you gonna run out of knives?!”
    “Never, I work at a knife factory”

    Anyone get the reference?

  27. Counters. I’m sorry, did you just try to slash my arms? Maybe hit me with a flaming sword? Too bad, I did a counter, let me introduce you to the dirt.

  28. You could double down on the physical abilities such as throwing knives and shooting infinite ammo and state how meter, for some reason, let's the character squeeze the trigger just one more time. Why not unload the clip like Spawn does? Even though Spawn is an offender of this too.

  29. Trope 10 why when you lose in story mode you keep restarting like you did not just lose to the person they should make it where if you lose the story continues but you lost so different result

  30. The trope about attacks not killing is my favorite trope 😂😂

  31. I also love how certain krushing blow animations in MK11 literally don’t make any sense, like Terminators uppercut kb. Instead of the shotgun blasting your jaw to Jerusalem, its just cracks a few teeth and launches u 7 feet in the air.

  32. I honestly really dislike the logic of "Character A beats Character B, who beat Character C, therefore Character A will beat Character C." People can be quickly handicapped with emotional triggers, physical impediments and other things. Power is not set in stone and there is not always a solid power scaling for a franchise's characters.

  33. Master level editor creates fire introduction 👍 👌 🙆‍♂️

  34. I used to wonder where Kitana got endless Fans.

  35. Fine, I'll be the one to say it, but non-super powered women knocking out dudes

  36. The weirdest trope in fighting games


    Thank you for joining my ted talk

  37. The weirdest trope in fighting games


    Thank you for joining my ted talk

  38. If Goro had 4 machine guns in his hands with infinite ammo

  39. Characters having weaknesses that don’t apply like superman with kryptonite or how females ALWAYS have ponytails or other some other hair style that characters can’t grab onto like in a real fight

  40. How does Johnny Cage keep his sunglasses on while fighting

  41. Trope number 10; Everything must be solved by one on one fights, even when characters could simply talk to avoid the conflict and/or outnumber their opponent.

  42. Number 10 when characters have a indestructible move or high low move that can be spammed that never got fixed

  43. the fact that you can acctually jugle with your enemy to extand your combo

  44. 10: Some characters have their torso completely turned to the "camera", they are looking at the opponent but their torso is always facing us. Those are nice looking but AWFUL realistic fighting stances.
    Examples: Sub Zero in MK11, Ryu in every SF….

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