The Most Crazy Concepts in Fighting Game History! -

The Most Crazy Concepts in Fighting Game History!

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Top 10 Most Crazy Tropes in Fighting Games! Endless Weapon Tosses, Invisible Walls, Impossible Physics and More! Here are the Craziest Fighting Game Tropes that We Take for Granted! Which Fighting Game Trope do You Think is the Craziest? Post in the Comments!

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  1. Trope number 10: Characters fully crouching in a fight as that was useful in a real fight.

  2. Trope Number 10: The Round system. How do you get beaten to the point of unconsciousness in Round 1, but in Round 2, not only can you get back up, but you're back in perfect condition?

  3. It wouldn't be fun to get 1 shotted in a game.

    Paul: No, it will be.

  4. I think the biggest trope is COMBO SCALING. That’s why I respect power rangers battle for the grid and Tekken so much. If you have the skill you get that 70% combo. In mk you could do a combo that does every krushing blow into fatal blow and it’ll do 50% at max.

  5. In game world they don't follow the physics of the Earth. the game physics is defined in a physics engine, not by Newton's book..

  6. Damage fall off. I get that it’s for balancing, but for example if you get stabbed then punched then stabbed again, how on earth do you mean to tell me that does less damage than just a stab and a punch?

  7. When you lose because Time runs out and your character just falls or does some random loser pose

  8. Something about the stance change when someone is on the right side of the screen. I get that it's to save time and money for 2d animated games, but look at Baiken from Guilty Gear. In her story, she lost her right arm; she regains her right arm and loses her left arm when on the right side. It doesn't make sense unless there's some piece of lore that I missed. Doesn't apply to games like Tekken since both characters maintain an orthodox stance regardless of which part of the screen they are in.

  9. How some moves aren't visually indicating of their hitbox especially overhead ones you can easily see some as mids

  10. This trope only really applies to Netherrealm games but in the story modes, whichever character you're playing as will always walk into position to be on the left side of the map when the fight starts. This was pointed out to me and I can't unsee it

  11. About oro so he actually want is for people to get stronger if he came and kept nuking bison then Ryu or Ken or chun would not go against him and get stronger, oro is literly just vibing and be "like yeah ill fight you, so you can get stronger"

  12. Trope 10: Whiffing an attack yet still hitting them or hitting the tip of their finger and doing huge damage (EX: THAT SINDEL SCREAM KB WHEN YOU'RE NOWHERE NEAR HER YET IT STILL BREAKS YOUR FACE AND RESTANDS)

  13. In games like injustice 2, characters can simply teleport to do their special move(like joker,captain cold).

  14. Nah the Kano one is normal in Australia 🇦🇺

  15. How about when Lori Yagami does is special move to you or especially Vice has a secret special move eating her opponents cause she's a cannibal or Rugal attacks that Team Japan managed to survive second times

  16. Biggest troupe is that fighters don't do there combos in cutscenes

  17. My favorite trope that makes no sense is juggle physics. Like how almost every hit, including gun fire, has enough Force to juggle characters. It makes no sense but is a core part of fighting games and it looks and feel pretty cool.

  18. All conflicts being resolved with violence. Your teammate is being annoying? Kick his ass. Not only is it violence, but it's always a fist fight. Rarely is someone shot or poisoned, you have to kill them with your bare hands.

  19. Crazy alternate costumes. I'm talking over the top stuff that there's no way the character would canonically wear.

  20. Idk if this applies but Simon and Richter in smash have unlimited axes to throw but characters like Bowser if you use his fire for a good while you run out and have to wait a couple of seconds to use it again or how some characters can get hit mid teleport

  21. In every fighting game universe, pro wrestling is a real martial art.

  22. I hate the trope that all The DLC or crossover characters are always broken or looked at as broken, or have some game breaking mechanic

  23. Fighting game martial artists can jump twice their height, block bullets with their hands, survive massive impacts, and throw fireballs.
    Only forty people in the world bother learning to do this.

  24. Injustice characters actually bounce of the ground if you double check

  25. xrays and inj supers not killing. superman sends you to space with no space helmet and slams you back to earth and you just get up

  26. Trueunderdawg: it would't be fun to get killed by a single move
    Me: thinking about SNK bosses
    Yeah i know they don't one shot you but they can take you out in less then 10 seconds

  27. That Beerus example you used for story related tropes, that actually fits with his character. He's the God Of Destruction. He doesn't save or help people. So why would he care if Android 21 was threatening Earth? It's because he wouldn't. He didn't even try to stop Goku and Frieza from fighting in the Dragon Ball movie Resurrection F. Same with DBS: Broly. I understand what you're saying, trust me, but I wanted to clear that up at least. Still a great video regardless.

  28. Trope number 10: sometimes characters will practically kill each other, then act like they totally didn't stab each other and break each other's bones

  29. When characters can be hurt when only their clothes/weapons are hit. For instance, Guilty Gear's sickle has a hurtbox on it, so if you hit it, it takes damage. Of course this is a good thing for gameplay, as it leaves him more vulnerable, but logically it makes no sense at all.

  30. I love how in grapples, or stuns like scorpion spear, the person getting hit just casually takes it without really doing anything. Like in earlier mk games your character is like, ouch a spear, that made me dizzy

  31. In 2d fighting games they have to block or dodge a move, like in street fight they can just take to steps sideways from a fireball. And general guns in gameplay are week but in the story guns are sometimes one hit kills.

  32. The thing that bothered me the most in mk11 is how Skorpion takes a flamethrower in the story without being fazed but when u actually play as him flames hurt him just like any character

  33. My favourite trope is extending hurtboxes. Like, I get being able to smack Dhalsim whenever he extends his arms, but why can you hit Axl's kusarigama? What, does he care for his weapon so much that he feels physical pain whenever he sees it's getting damaged?

  34. My trope 10 has to be certain types of grabs. Like when a character has a grab that’s like a pinning move, why would u NOT stay on top of them and just beat the hell out of them? 😂 Obviously for balance reasons this can’t happen, but it always gets me lol

  35. Number 9 Shows he obviously has never took time to actually understand fighting or follow boxing, MMA, sumo, fencing, really any competitive identity. This is something that's happened many times throughout history. Hell by his logic if two fighters have multiple matches the same person must ALWAYS win. They can never tie ever.

  36. More often than not a character practices a martial art that originated from their home country. Tae Kwon Doe is almost exclusively used by Koreans, etx.

  37. Fighting in places that are impractical for a fight yet there are no obstacles. You can fight in the street but never get hit by a car. Fight in a restaurant and there's no furniture, etc.

  38. Trope # 10 has to be round 2 in any fighting game. So you’re telling me that Spawn can throw this onslaught of KBs on me and kills me in the first round and then my guy just gets up like “well he doesn’t have KBs now hehe” excuse me 😂

  39. Martial Arts tournaments that include demons, robots, animals etc.

  40. is it weird that i was intrested in the sponsor more than the video?

  41. Playable Bosses are NEVER as strong as you fight them in story mode.

  42. Trope 10 infinite energy never get tired and move at impossible speed as a normal human

  43. Trope number ten: scars and mutilated limbs change position when the character changes position in the screen.

  44. Hello baby, did you miss me??
    The good old days

  45. Are roman cancels a canon technique in guilty gear? Does everyone who uses magic know them? Does that mean regular humans can roman cancel stuff?

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