The Most Broken Grappler in Fighting Games! -

The Most Broken Grappler in Fighting Games!

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Playing as the Most Overpowered Grappler in Modern Fighting Games! Amazing Attacks, High Damage Throws and Crazy Corner Combos! Players are Already Begging for Nerfs! Let’s see How it Feels to Play a Top-Tier Grappler!

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  1. Hol up, Zangief's not low tier wtf?

  2. Naming off grapplers in mk11 but forgot jax! The guy with an interactive grab and the quad grab.

  3. Finally a top tier grappler in a fighting game. I thought after they murdered 16 in dbfz it was never meant to appear again. But now potemkin has stepped up to the plate…buuuut he has stepped up to the plate in the beta. Which doesn't spell well for his future awesomeness

  4. How damn this intro is godlike I love it so much

  5. To be fair, in DBFZ season 1, Android 16 was a god, and I had my time.
    King is also a solid high mid tier in Tekken 7.

  6. Shang Tsung should turn Kotal Kahn into a headless Centaur

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the new d-pad

  8. Ok i'll give you this with kollector:
    F4,BF4(the custom launcher not the default one),J1(or two if you have a good timing),443,wave dash,uppercut,13,DB3

  9. Grapplers are usually low tier for a reason. that reason boils down to them just being over baring to deal with. The essentially become gatekeepers or one trick ponies once players get enough of a handle of them or figure out the two to three flow charts in order set up a strike mix up game. The issue is that they become super minimalist characters. True the argument is "but I'm big and I get hit more," counter argument "you have more health." Characters need draw backs to balance them out. Super unsafe moves, low mobility, and easy to hit hitbox tends to general draw backs. Which is why the Chip Potemkin fight is 50/50 in the sense that chip is a fly chipping away at Potemkin's health being hard to hit but the moment his momentum is lost and Potemkin grabs him Rip President Chip. That being a universal match up just watch Strive top be Potemkin v Potemkin churning butter for the win.

  10. Finally, someone who understands the glory of grapplers Command Grabs FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tekken 7 – Armour king Smash- Incinecroar Street fighter- Zangrief or Hugo Mortal Kombat- Jason in X and Kotal Khan in 11 All hail the CMDG

  12. I love grapplers because I suck at combos, so i just wind via mind games and oki

  13. What about the terminator isn't he a proper grappler? Anti air grabs and regular command grabs but his are highs thoughs

  14. I’m new to your channel and I was wondering why you censor mk content?

  15. How you gonna talk about MK characters and grapplers and not even mention Jax? He's the closest of all characters in the game to a grappler

  16. I’d love to see games try to make theor grappling characters better for highest levels of play. I don’t think it’s impossible and would be interesting to see what a meta would look like with top tier grapplers. Who knows if this character truly is overpowered, I mean top tier grapplers are hard to come by.
    Grapplers usually look absurd early on but fall off pretty hard as time goes by. I hope the developers give the character time to settle

  17. Know it's not a traditional fighting game, but the Ice Wobblers in Melee and Brawl were ALL about the grab because they could get an infinite off just one. And I'd never thought I'd say this, but Luigi is an extremely strong grappler in Ultimate. Ranged grab, very safe, can be used in the air for a nearly lagless projectile, and a near guaranteed death combo off it.

  18. King from tekken, i think is the Best grabbler,and also from dbfz broly

  19. Can you even talk about FG grapplers without mentioning King from Tekken7? King can do ~70% dmg with one chain grab, he deserves some spotlight 🙂

  20. Give me a solid strategy on how to beat Shiva

  21. Have you considered doing newer versions of Inside the Mind since Kustoms dropped? Because I’d be down for that 😁

  22. Does someone know the name of this game?

  23. I'd say that King is pretty broken too.

  24. You know jared from subway was a pretty good grappler. Of kids, but still.

  25. I like grapplers but I think I like semi-grapplers more. It always feels cool to play with characters who have grabs as an option

  26. Actually, you CAN Airblock in Strive. Bad December's an anti-air command grab (kinda) plus you can combo into it.

    As a Ram main, trust me, air blocking has saved me in many a match

  27. Thanks for this! i only play grapplers in figting games and i miss one real grappler in mortal kombat. The closest to a grappler in my opinion in MK would be Kano and Kotal, but i would say Baraka too. When i play Baraka with Blood Lunge, i do a lot of tick throws and command grab, despite being just 12% damage i abuse on the range and the oki, funny enough i feel more grapplerish when i play Baraka than Kotal

  28. I hate all the nerfs and buffs in fighting games, get the balance right first then release the game. Why are gamers becoming running testers these days?

  29. Honestly im fine with pots grab and super damage i just hate mega fist and his jab, theyre both so insane

  30. All aboard the bane train baby!! Or commando kano from mkx

  31. For a really scary grappler you should check out Rook from Fantasy Strike. 60% damage super against the right characters, and constant mix-ups and tick throws.

  32. I've never played a guilty gear game, but Potemkin has gotten me interested

  33. I'm gonna beat the shit out of people with Jax because of this video

  34. That guy boutta be sooo mad lmao. He was way more skilled but underdawgs healthpool plus panik button and grab won in for him XDXD

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