The Most Bizarre Fighting Game Franchise Of All Time -

The Most Bizarre Fighting Game Franchise Of All Time

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Dead or Alive is a fighting game franchise that many see as a gimmick. In a landscape of series like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, Dead or Alive should have been Dead on Arrival. But 20 years later, the franchise that gave us “Jiggle Physics” is still one of the most popular fighting games out there. Dead or Alive and it’s spin offs may not be for everyone, but their fan base is beyond dedicated. Get ready to rev your engines and smash your rivals in smash karts unblocked games – the premier destination for adrenaline-fueled multiplayer kart racing excitement!

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Written by Dave Baker
Edited by David Sadvari


  1. The Most Based Fighting Game Franchise Of All Time

  2. I loved DOA till the DOA5. Then they started to squeeze the players like lemons and I stepped out. No, thanks.

  3. DOA is an amazing series that has been exploited too much with their microtransactions.

    DOA Xtreme games are still fun fan service.

  4. The DOA system is pretty good but IMO it relies too much on the parry and counterattack methods, to the point that in some versions of the game (3 was especially bad at this) it became the best strategy to not ever initiate an attack. It's a hella fun game to play though and some of the moves are just amazing. And the destructible environments are likewise amazing

  5. DOA should have been left to what made it special, juggle and all.

  6. doa looks kinda awesome but it is also dead if steam stats are to be believed

  7. So basically Americans get upset with hot women, but they're completely fine with someone being shot in the face.

  8. You can always tell when someone hasn't done their research when they lump the DOA volleyball games together, instead of recognising the first one as actually being good for its time and the other two as trash.

  9. I've been tired of fat tit hatred for a long time and for people to butch about the titties bouncing is a prime example. The beach games should have been more of a side mode included in the main games, as supposed of stand alone games, but other than that, let them titties bounce. Also, the movie. Which I don't remember seeing, looked like trash so there's no way it could help boost the appeal of the franchise.

  10. Bizarre? Tekken has kangaroo, raptor, bears, robots, Androids, demons, angels, etc. MK is way bizarre. DoA just had TnA to nobody's complain, but women and soyboy.

  11. DOA was alaways a Trash Franchise in comparison to Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters. Just to prove just that all that potential for an actual AAA game to keep up with the times and yet stayed with the same formula but no matter it funny that this game is Dead in the water alright. Fuck this shitty ass titty game!!!

  12. Literally my favorite fighting game because its fighting is like hella smooth like what

  13. Doa 6 did not stepped into the right direction in 3 ways: style, atmosphere, censorship. The former games were animeish, non-violant and more eye candy.

  14. Women having breast is not a gimmick not a feature. You want gimmicks go play Mortal Kombat that makes pointless gorey fatalities which only exists to obstruct gameplay. Im glad DoA didn't sold like Mortal Kombat and turned into Edgelords in Power Ranger gear. Dead Or Alive is great as it own thing and if it were for Far Left extremists it would have been doing just fine.

  15. DOA3, one of the bestest fighting game ever. I used to play it non stop on Xbox. 😁👌

  16. Damn. I really like the way these fights look. Can’t lie, my first exposure to this series was those volleyball games so imagine my surprise when I found out it’s actually a fighting game franchise. I kinda wish Tekken borrowed some elements from this series.

  17. Women having breast is not a gimmick not a feature. You want gimmicks go play Mortal Kombat that makes pointless gorey fatalities which only exists to obstruct gameplay. Im glad DoA didn't sold like Mortal Kombat and turned into Edgelords in Power Ranger gear. Dead Or Alive is great as it own thing and if it were for Far Left extremists it would have been doing just fine.

  18. the franchise is nothing but garbage the creators always sell out for the fans for sex appeal and look what it ends up!! This is why I'm trying to speak out any perverted stuff to street fighter developers and udon writers of the swimsuit issues they need to stop listening to fans! cuz I remember that the games has a little edge to that and they need to be like mortal kombat!!

  19. Was my favorite 3D fighter up till DoA 4. Then they got greedy with the overpriced DLC.

  20. Jann lee and Ryu Hayabusa are the coolest doa characters

  21. The thing that DoA has always stood out for me is the fluidity of the combat, the counter/hold system and the interaction with the stages.

    Having pretty babes ( who are only 50% of the cast) is just the cheery on top.

  22. DOA did the same thing that Budweiser did, they $hit on their loyal customers.

  23. Setting aside the sexuality, what makes DOA shine is that they enhanced the gameplay of Virtua Fighter with fast & fluid combat system. You can perform devastating combos with basic buttons & the stage environments makes the combat even more intense & exciting.

  24. if we can enjoy violence and its more extreme depictions like in mk, i see nothing wrong with sexiness and its more extreme depictions in doa being enjoyed in equal measure. my personal issue is hiding the sex to appeal to evo during mk6, chucking the preferences of older fans, and subsequently locking it behind really high paywalls thinking it'll bring them back. i'm on pc so i can just mod things to my preference, but console players don't have that option.

  25. You're telling me rhe sabotage of DO2 was so vast that despite it being the best fighting game of its time it could have been massively better on top of that had they not interfered. Flipping corporations ruin everything.

  26. I'm going to be honest, I don't see Dead or Alive using sex appeal to sell its games as any different from Mortal Kombat using blood and gore to sell its. The average joe can't differentiate between the technical elements of fighting games so each one needs a way to stand out.

  27. I can tell you're not a certain fan of somebody, based off they way you were creeping into Zero Punctuation territory

  28. It's time that Japanese decelopers grew up and stopped the sexualisation of its characters.

    DOA6 is a step in the right direction, but Soulcalibur is even worse than DOA and Street Fighter isn't much better.

    Mortal Kombat is the best at this

  29. Ninja gaiden’s weird pervy brother

  30. DOA is the best fighting franchise of all time, especially back in its day. And its spinoff (DOAX) is the best of any series.

  31. The booba are part battle strategies. Distraction

  32. I’ve known about Ninja Gaiden for about a little over half a decade now (maybe more), and finally got into it after playing the NES original on NSO in late 2020. I loved the game, and acknowledged how incredible it was for its time. After some searching around, I not only discovered the modern games, but also the DOA series.

  33. Somehow this series has become more controversial then Mortal Kombat used to be. Because why? It has beautiful women in it basically.

  34. I love DOA. I think DLC became the real issue, I used to love unlocking all the costumes and dressing the characters up but to charge for hair styles? What the heck?

  35. I like DOA2 and 4 the most it's light hearted doesn't get too weird like the rest of the games and it's fun

  36. doa2 and 3 were absolutely amazing. heard 4 was top tier, too, but i never played it. dimensions on the DS was a surprisingly great rendition.

    to be honest, it's weird seeing people look on DOA like it's the most pervy game there is, because tbh a lot of the popular anime fighters — and even some of the 3D ones — are also pretty damn pervy with the female characters.

    yeah, at the time it was shocking that the boobs were rendered with so much detail and care, and that there was a volleyball spinoff game… but the fighting entries themselves are just so good, and they're surprisingly grounded compared to most other fighting games.

  37. Dead or Alive 2 is legit one of the greatest fighting games of all time; jiggle physics and all.

  38. it doesn't help when the 1st four games feature characters that are under 18. They even go out of their way to NOT list their ages here in NA until DoA5, when Tecmo finally aged them up.

  39. The jiggle physics supports link chains and limits/collisions and runs everything in DOA2 including hair, breasts and costumes. It doesn't really have a separate breast physics engine. And you know what the jiggle looks good, you can see it but it's very quick and damped, more on the realistic side of tuning. I think it's the best the series has ever had.

    The premise of the video is stupid, there are many much more absurd fighting game series, they are just much more forgotten and not getting modern releases.

  40. doa isnt weird its one of the better franchises. All the random hate is completely cringe and undeserved. The game has really good gameplay and the men are badass while the girls are waifu, as it should be.

  41. Despite the series being very jiggly, the gameplay is so good

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