The Masters Fighter - The Worst Fighting Game -

The Masters Fighter – The Worst Fighting Game

Matt McMuscles
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Street Fighter 6 Jamie’s Theme – Mr. Top Player
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Gen Theme
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Guy Theme
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Ryu Theme
Resident Evil Director’s Cut DualShock OST – Mansion Basement
Fatal Fury Special – Soy Sauce for Geese
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (3DO) – Guile Theme
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Rolento Theme
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Sodom Theme
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Charlie Theme
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Chun-Li Theme
Violent Storm – Who’ll Be The Hero


  1. I still love Time Killers (it was in the montage at the beginning). The game was actually fun. The follow up Bloodstorm was so bad it was nearly unplayable.

  2. You should try Body Blows on the Amiga. It has two sequels. Body Blows Galactic and finally Ultimate Bidy Blows. All are equally as bad.

    They were developed by Team 17 which still make some amazing games, shockingly all games reviewed amazingly well, it might have been the first time i realized just how biased the Amiga magazines were.

  3. PSx can handle MvC… I mean- it's trying… Definitely trying

  4. This game doesn't look as bad as some I've seen here so far

  5. Do Zero Divide. Its perfect for this series.

  6. J actually reminds me of Juri from Galaxy fight.

  7. Master's Fury is actually going to be on one of the new Evercade carts coming out this year. Now I can't wait to get that cart even more 😛

  8. Next for Worst Fighting Game i propose:
    Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft

  9. You two probably spent more time playing and discussing the game than the actual developers did.

  10. Super Bikkuriman for Super Famicom could be a good contender? Only a few moves per character, only 2 playable characters in 'story' mode. Only ONE ending. It was referred to as an anime version of RISE OF THE ROBOTS and I can get behind that as the scope is about the same.

  11. A friend pointed me in this direction. Nice to see some footage of Dragon Master and Master's Fury here as I had fun getting those emulated for MAME, only discovering this Playstation port later.

    If you're taking recommendations, then may I suggest League of Legends: The Ultimate Fight (aka Yīngxióng liánméng-zhōngjí gédòu< / 英雄联盟 ) for the Monon Color handheld. Unfortunately the emulation still lacks music (it's all self-contained in a dedicated music playback chip on the game cartridge) so you'll probably want to source real hardware for it (but they're still dirt cheap to import from China) I found it to be exceptionally bad. It's also from 2015, and was fully licensed.

  12. Hey Matt you should look at Evil Zone for the PS1. Sure it isnt as offensive and bad as Criticom or Expect No Mercy, but lets be honest, it is a one-button fighting game that has more style than substance. Most people like it more for its designs that its actual gameplay.

  13. I still don't get it why that blonde female character's sprites are yellow tho. Bad sprite palette I guess?

  14. i’ll give em this, i’ve never seen a fighting game pull off the obligatory polnareff ripoff (paul, guile, benimaru) with a chick before lol.

  15. Shadow for the 3do is probably worse

  16. Masters Fighter rips off Geese Howard with their character Kain. Flash forward a few years and Garou:MOTW has a final boss named Kain. COINCIDENCE!?………..yeah it probably is.

  17. This was my favorite game back then at the local arcade

  18. Will we be getting a Worst Fighting Game: Guilty Gear The Missing Link?

  19. Any chance of looking at D-Xhird for the Sega Saturn on this series?

  20. The arcade version will be re-released in Evercade soon.

  21. I have SEEEN THE AMATEUR and it is YOU.

  22. Ah yes, the RE1 Basement Theme, absolute clownshoes

  23. J looks like a weird combination between Benimaru and King (I bet that the character's stage is the hotel lobby… If this game even considered the concept of "character's stage").

  24. More terrible than ..terrible?..I feel sorry for the dudes who bought this…state of shitty pixels art 😎

  25. You need to try Psychic Force 1 and 2, absolutely terrible. Definitely one of the worst games I´ve ever played.

  26. When i saw the chick with the Guile hair i just had to click

  27. Why is Bart Simpson doing the hurricane kick?? 🤣🤣

  28. Cant wait til he gets to martial champion

  29. Is it just me or does jedi rian from dragon master look just like r.e Brad vickers

  30. 9:27 Azarl for some reason uses KOF '96 Wolfgang Krauser's sprites painted over, while having Eiji Kisaragi (KOF '95 version or KOF '98 UM version) moves

  31. How ironic that "Unico" means "Unique" in spanish 🤣

  32. I love fighting games. But this seems interesting for an obscure fighting game like this.

  33. where do the back grounds come from? I mean the game is a Taiwan Style affair but was it ever in taiwan? did it actually play like uhh any of these?

  34. @Matt McMuscles I'm guessing you gave the game such a low position on tierlist just to show mercy, am I right? Rise of the Robots and Criticom are more original than this pathetic copy of Street Fighter that has been heavily modified.

  35. J looks like some enemy from Street of Rage. Forgot her name or which Street of Rage series.

  36. I enjoy this journey to discover the worst fighting game haha

  37. Is it wrong that I read that one character ending in the Ultimate Warrior's voice? The Engrish somehow fit perfectly for it.

  38. Why's there a Rule 63 Bart Simpson as one of the fighters?

  39. Now I've just noticed Gamp's idle pose is ripped off from AoF1 John's idle pose

  40. Nobody ever talks about the truly awful ps1 fighting game based on dungeons and dragons, iron and blood legdd red nes of ravenkroft. It’s got a wear wolf called Sasha

  41. Wow, these people have no shame. Besides ripping off street fighter, they also copied thing's from the terminator franchise among other series. Again, absolutely no shame 😅😂

  42. When guilewinquote thinks your fighting game is ass, that's dire…

  43. Icon of Gamp (I think) looks like Freddy Mercury on steroids

  44. Masters Fury is now on the Evercade with a home physical release (with Dragon Master on the same cart).

    Legend of Silkroad is on it too, you can experience the entire range of Unico’s best to worst lol

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