The Man Who Used Fighting Games to Escape Homelessness -

The Man Who Used Fighting Games to Escape Homelessness

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These days, Ryan Hart is known as one of the greatest fighting game players to ever come out of Europe.

But his path to the top was not easy. It was paved with loneliness and adversity — as a teenager, Ryan Hart was homeless, hungry, and alone on the streets of London.

Starved for both food and human connection, Hart found that fighting games were weren’t just games, they were his deliverance from a desperate time.

Written by: Alina Sotula (@ASotula)
Edited by : Connor Dunn (ConnorDunn_)
Hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)

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Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  1. 1:03 I feel pretty similar I’m going through some shit mentally and I don’t haven’t seen anyone have to deal with the same problems I do and I was alone for a long time so I feel for him

  2. Ok so his family was put out because of a ignorant tenant, why did he and his family split and was left fending for himself, was he in school…..listen I'm glad he is doing fine but I want the whole story and not just his half like was he not able to get a job.

  3. I never heard of him but I’m happy he achieved so much success. He seems like an extremely humble and cool dude.

  4. I used to idolize Kokujin, Pyrolee, Gootecks, Mike Ross, Haitani… But Ryan Hart… man, I LOVE this guy!

  5. I know none of ya can handle the Wi-Fi being out for 5 minutes…this dude IS A FUCKING LEGEND

  6. Man, I had no idea. When I saw Ryan, I thought he came from a well off family and he himself was an honor roll student. I already liked this man since the first time I heard him speak. I am so disappointed that we live in a world where he had to endure homelessness and hunger. It's not right. I am glad he made it through. Bless the people who helped him.

  7. Thanks for the story and share. The best come from the worst to climb to success.

  8. The music at the end I need that what is it

  9. Old grey dude Beat me … he said
    OLD is Gold …… I said

  10. Definitely an inspiring story.
    Wonder what that OST is that was playing towards the end of the video? It sounds quite familiar

  11. Does anyone know the fighting game on 13:12 with the red hair guy and blue hair girl? I don’t recognize it and the art looks pretty cool.

  12. I absolutely love seeing people who overcome such adversity and rise to become one of the greatest

  13. I remember the arcades standing in line for a fight game challenging the winner that was the good days we had no consoles it was a tournament every time it felt like

  14. Played against Ryan when he went for the world record of most consecutive opponents in Street Fighter V. Of course he blew me away and seemed a nice guy.

  15. What kind of person dislikes this video? Great guy, great story.

  16. Its true… I have also seen so many legendary playrs of tekken since arcade era. They all quit, coz it doesn't pay their bills. Its very unfortunate to see talents die. I myself quit tekken in 2003. I wish we had opportunities and exposure dt todays players r getting.
    It ws a great era whn u played for hours and hours strght wth just a single coin beating the best and learning frm ur losses. 😶

  17. I had someone who can help me become strong in fighting game.
    He even offer me a home to stay just to play games.
    But Ryan doesn't have that kind of thing
    So I'm very grateful to my master just to make me strong.
    I lost many times to him almost a 100 before I win by exhaustion not technique.

  18. The presenter sounds like the type of guy who'd rat me out through a detailed narrative to whoever came looking for me.

  19. +Ryan Heart sorry to hear about your tough life; I am glad that you were able to do so well.
    One question; when you were a homeless child where were your parents?? Did they abandon you??

  20. I feel like these stories are extremely rare. It takes a genuinely strong and adaptable and resiliant person to go through all of that and result in wanting to share loving experiences and all that instead of despair and vengeance. 10/10

  21. I remember the controversy on the srk forums. Barely though. There is more to the story than told here.

  22. forsen should try street fighter and fight this guy LULW

  23. Damn, can't believe there's an Ehrgeiz tourney back then.

  24. Seen this before, but I don't mind to watch it again.

  25. Pretty cool story. Ryan Hart is a legend and deserves the best, imo

  26. Insane how when they showed everyone at the arcade, I was wondering where their masks were and why everyone was so close

  27. Look at those fucking trophies. It looks like an Olympic swimmer's shelf.

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