The Man Who Used Fighting Games to Escape Homelessness -

The Man Who Used Fighting Games to Escape Homelessness

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These days, Ryan Hart is known as one of the greatest fighting game players to ever come out of Europe.

But his path to the top was not easy. It was paved with loneliness and adversity — as a teenager, Ryan Hart was homeless, hungry, and alone on the streets of London.

Starved for both food and human connection, Hart found that fighting games were weren’t just games, they were his deliverance from a desperate time.

Written by: Alina Sotula (@ASotula)
Edited by : Connor Dunn (ConnorDunn_)
Hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)

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  1. damm i relate to this hella bein homeless and growin up playin mainly tekken and today visited one of my friends and hes like damn are fightin games in your blood why you so good 😂

  2. yep, FGC is a world that only your skill matters. mostly a good places(just don't talk shit yet can't back it up.) respect.

  3. The guy who sneaks him food is a real superhero.

  4. Just because you are surrounded by people, friends / family and loved ones, you can still be alone

  5. Met Ryan at a Tekken 5 tournament in the UK. Thoroughly whooped my ass with Heihachi, but was one of the nicest people I met on the scene.

  6. Just discovered the channel and I find it inspiring to be able to hear the stories of all those streamers who make our characters look like combo gods.

  7. Now this guy's a real life Ryu.
    Blessings to you, sir.

  8. I can honestly feel him on the lonely feeling like I hate it so fucking much and I try to make friends but no one wants to talk to me so I just let them be them. Once again I hate it but I have no choice but to be

  9. Ryan Hart? Nah, this man is Lion Heart. He faced true adversity and Won.

  10. Can we make an anime about this dude life man, so inspiring

  11. Respect to Ryan Hart! I enjoy these videos hearing the stories of these players. 👍👍

  12. Kings are not born kings, they are forged in struggles and finished with perseverance! Mad respect to Ryan

  13. I wouldn't want to be homeless, but his is an exciting life for sure

  14. the algorithm in fighting games are top tier over all games not sorry it's example not opinion shits fucked

  15. “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle. ”

    ― Phillips Brooks

  16. "felt like a guest character in other people's lives."

    oof. felt that.

  17. I knew this african british was something up with him

  18. Just started watching this channel. Never heard of this guy but he seems so genuine. You can definitely tell he has lived the life he described. The world needs more people like him.

  19. Even if this is 1 year old and I do not know anything about Ryan hart I can relate to his situation by the tiniest piece in terms of personal problems.

    With all this corona happening I lost my job and I went total lonely and my „friends“ seemed to loose respect on me more and more 2020 past.
    I fell into a deep mental hole and locked myself in my room for days, weeks, months. It was very hard getting out of it and I still do have problems with it now after even getting a job etc. My friends didn‘t help me or try anything to cheer me up or get a job.
    I got humbled in the probably hardest way I ever was in my life. But it got me into a very humble and fighting games loving person because I’ve met many new people and friend groups.
    You’re very motivating Ryan. Even now and will ever be 🙂

  20. I didn't know… This YouTube channel has shown me that there is a good number of black players who've made strides in this kind of gaming community.. Wow

  21. There is. 2 sides to every story, his side, and the secret side that I think could quite possibly paint him as an asshole & piece of shit type human‼️‼️‼️💯💯👹

  22. I absolutely love this man, big up to Ryan Hart

  23. I played him at that Namco arcade in London (assuming he's talking about the one across from Big Ben). We played VF3 and people were lining up to play him. I won one round and in that round he completely downloaded my style and then destroyed me. Nice guy in person.

  24. "I've won more tournaments than you'll ever enter." – Ryan Hart to RIP. This will forever be the most ALPHA gamer quote ever.

  25. ryan wasnt homeless he lived in his parents house in london

  26. Rather than be moved by this story. we should be angry at the system for allowing homelessness in the first place.

  27. To the host of the show – bro, with peace and love , we dont need to see you talking….you got no charisma, your hair is a total mess, you cant even iron that shirt you`re wearing properly…stay behind the camera and talk as much as you want…every time i see your face and hand gestures i cringe

  28. Hey, theScore esports, why not do a video on BlindWarriorSven, the Dutch SF player/streamer who plays at a competitive level despite being blind. Or BrolyLegs, he's also got an amazing story.

  29. Ryan Hart is a story of perseverance and triumph. Ive seen Ryan's Kazuya body some of the biggest names in Tekken… His last name says it all.😎

  30. This dude said, "after all, he can't beat a real fighter." The worst line I have ever heard and he made it his closing line. Seriously hope you change it cause damn that is not how you should end this video.

  31. Yet fortnite players make millions. I guess it comes down to having more people look at it but fighting games have always been the hypest shit I've watched.

  32. This guy is a complete legend. Not alot of people know about the mass psychological health issues the homeless face and the fact this guy went through it and still kicked everyone's ass is amazing!!!!!!

  33. That old shopkeeper was sharking Ryan. Wanted his coins.

  34. tfw Hart lost to Miyagi hit diff'rently, still.

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