The Les Misérables Fighting Game -

The Les Misérables Fighting Game

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honh honh honh! (french)

Watch the full stream here!

Download Arm Joe here, it’s freeware but prepare for a lot of fucked up unicode and some sketchy installation software. for what it’s worth I managed to get it working without any actual sketchy shit happening to my computer.

Ending song:

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  1. There's a German satirical game called Bundes Fighter II Turbo. You guys should check it out.

  2. A skilled Enjorlas can beat any Judgement.

  3. Yeah, if anyone can see this comment, major epilepsy warning right here, holy fuck.

  4. Judgement actually was in the novel, he sacrifices France for the Soul Stone.

  5. Judgement is literally just Yujiro Hanma??? Is Les Miserabe the legit prequel to Grappler Baki?!

  6. Robo-jean and judgement kinda remind me of someone

  7. Is no one going to mention that judgement looks exactly like yujiro hanma from baki

  8. Why is Yujiro fighting all these posh lads

  9. Valjean, at last,
    We see each others mains
    'm'sieur le mayor, '

    You'll feel my combo chain

  10. I love how Judgement is literally just Yujiro Hanma from Baki.

  11. I thought this was going to be a fan animation not a real fucking game.

  12. Saturday Morning Scrublords – Arm Joe… i wish

  13. Judgement is fucking yujiro hanma from baki

  14. I'm going to mention that there's a 2D fighting game called Akatsuki Blitzkampf that is WW2 with magic nazi girls, gun nuns and playable tanks you can throw, but it's actually very good

  15. why in god's name is Yujiro Hanma in Les Miserables?

  16. I might able to watch les miserable s if yuujiro hanma is in it

  17. I am SO BUMMED this will never be a Friday Night Fisticuffs…

  18. Did somebody else noticed that judgement was Yujiro Hanma? no? nobody?

  19. I don't remember the part in the book where Enjrolas fights a cartoon rabbit.

  20. Movelist is available in the very first google entry, after typing:

    "Arm joe movelist"

    Arm joe the independent games wiki.
    scroll down to command list

  21. I found the list move, I think I'm going to try the game later

  22. I didn't know Grappler Baki and Les Misérables had a crossover

  23. BTW if it hasn't been said. The Sprite of Judgement is the character Yujiro Hanma from the Baki manga and anime series

  24. bruh you have to run 7 zip in Japanese locale to get working text

  25. Can't wait for the Rocky Horror and Mamma Mia fighting games!

  26. 90s and 2000s is probably the time that Japanese had so much spare time, that could let them made tons of small weird-ass freeware games, it's just hilarious to see such a creativity could be made by one guy with no life.

  27. I downloaded this a few years ago, I seem to remember there being a link to a website with a move list in the game folder. It's all in Japanese obviously but it least gives you an idea of what buttons to press

  28. Oh my god, Judgement is just Grappler Baki's dad, they must have ripped the sprite from something else and just shoved it in with super high stats.

  29. We need this at EVO.
    Judgement. Military Cemetery only.

  30. Just noticed that Judgement is Yujiro Hanma from Baki.

  31. What the hell is Yujiro Hanma doing in Les Misérables

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