The Les Misérables Fighting Game -

The Les Misérables Fighting Game

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honh honh honh! (french)

Watch the full stream here!

Download Arm Joe here, it’s freeware but prepare for a lot of fucked up unicode and some sketchy installation software. for what it’s worth I managed to get it working without any actual sketchy shit happening to my computer.

Ending song:

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  1. Wow, they really captured how much Javier sucks

  2. You should review "Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2" next

  3. My phsycotic French teacher made us watch the movie today.

  4. Judgement is literally Yujiro Hanma frome Baki. It is literally Baki's father

  5. Why the fuck is Judgment just Yujiro Hanma from Baki?

  6. Enjorlas also has a move to just… Drop the barricade on ya

  7. I love how judgment is just Baki's dad, no wonder he's so overpowered

  8. judgement's last name is Joestar.
    He is his own stand.

  9. Finally someone adapted Victor Hugo's novel just as it iwas written.

  10. This is going to give me a fucking stroke


    PonPon immediately bursts in and smashes the wall down

  12. NowwoN. NoN.
    NOW prisoner 24602060451, you're no one. Lol!
    Your time is up and your time is up and your time is up!
    And I'm Javert. You know what that means?
    (Means I'm freeeeeee)no(eeeeeeeeee)no.(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)NO!
    Sauce sauce sauce.
    Your gun.
    (Yes!) No! (Yes!) No! (YES!) NO!
    To the left to the right to the left to the right.
    Eeririe. It warns you're a man.
    (I stolealoleoleloaf of breeeeeeead)
    And I'm Javert.
    (My sister's child was cloaked. Wewewew.)
    Now six up role's that let tin shame 'til dain five what trying six and Jav get get.
    (My sister's child was the child of death. We were starving.)
    You will starve again. Lol. (Lol.)
    And I'm Javert.
    Unless you learn the meaning of laruziouschnoosh.
    (Or the meaning of ischnowzooice. OHHHHHHHHH.)
    What? You're a dangerous nun. Yes, 666.
    (My name is JoJ Valjeaj.)
    And I'm Jajvert. Do not forget my name.
    Do not forget my name. Do not forget my mom. 2fort.
    Get me a sandwich. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Woah.
    (I stole the bread.)

    I'm Javert I'm I'm Javert. I'm Jave-e-e-e-Javert.
    Now prisoner 11111,
    Your time is up and your parole's begun.
    You know what that means?
    (Yes, it means I'm breeeeeeead.)

    Get me a sandwich. NO! (lol)

  13. Ironically, still better than Ultimate Battle 22

  14. fuck judgement is literally just yujiro from baki the grappler

  15. Grayfruit out here sayin’ it’s “The boys are back in town OR spooky music,” as if The boys are back in town (to kill you) doesn’t exist

  16. How did you get this running, are you using a VM?

  17. i hope to see a shakespeare racing game.
    each racer has a quote
    “peace? i hate the word like i hate hell”
    and then you go through a candy themed level

  18. It's funny that there are 2 different fighting games that have yujiro in them for no reason.

  19. Actually Gray, (sorry if this seems full of myself, I'm just a massive fighting game nerd, I don't mean this in a rude way) the super Judgement did is a Raging Demon, a super where the opponent is hit with a bunch of moves before the attacking character strikes a pose. It's an Akuma thing.

  20. Waitaminute. Judgement looks like fuking Yuujiro Hanma

  21. lol i have nostalgia for this game. It was one of the few fighting games on PC during the 2000s, so I have fond memories of this game along with other 2d fighter maker and MUGEN games

  22. This type of game looks more like King of French

  23. i loved it when yujiro hanma beat the shit out of the french
    my favorite baki arc by far

  24. 2:53 the game actually does come with a HTML movelist in the help folder, its just in Japanwse

  25. this feels like it was made by a monkey randomly hitting keys on a keyboard

  26. Seeing yujiro in games where he doesn't belong is a lot funnier now that I've actually read baki.

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