The King Of “Kusoge” Fighting Games? - Fist Of The North Star -

The King Of “Kusoge” Fighting Games? – Fist Of The North Star

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If you’re a fighting game player, you might have heard the term “kusoge” thrown around every now and then. It usually refers to a fighting game that is low quality, incomplete, or completely broken, in the best way possible.

After all, not every fighting game has to be good to be played competitively. Sometimes, games with infinites, broken characters, and ridiculous combos can have just enough charm to connect with a fanbase, and propel a game to unexpected popularity. Today, we’ll be looking at a Kusoge that is one of the most popular in the FGC, and how a game based on a post-apocalyptic manga became everyone’s favorite basketball fighting game.

This, is Hokuto no Ken, aka Fist of the North Star.

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  1. Get to 87 combo
    The fighting game becomes Basketball

  2. Bribing someone to drop a combo is Based.

  3. The King of Shitgame Fighting Game in english

  4. I can watch the whole video before i finished getting slamdunked

  5. That clip from Last blade 2 at 4:01 is decieving.

    You have two health bars per round, the orange one and the red one, so what they show isnt 40% total damage but half of that.

  6. So happy you guys made this video, ironically I just recently got into it. Thank sweet baby Jesus for the Atomiswave/Dreamcast port that was released last year, it’s arcade perfect.

  7. If you wanna start a mass argument just ask whether MVC2 is a kusoge

  8. Please talk about absolver
    It's a very unique fighting game

    Developer sloclap just released their New game and many people are asking themselves why they never heard of absolver before

  9. ArcSys was really on the highest quality crack before the first Guilty Gear huh

  10. I blame Sajam's Will it Kill series. Also a very good way of showcasing some of the dumb shenanigans that can happen in Kusoges.

  11. It always baffles me how you continue to put out these videos about unique topics that I didnt even know existed. Great work and thanks for each and every video <3

  12. Good to see "ArcSys of the North Star" (what I call it) is getting a little more exposure!

  13. kusoge games are arcsys games.(fist of the north star, BBTAG) Lol.

    Kusoge enjoyer: Infinites are love, Infinites are life

  15. This game is awesome! But PLEASE don't stretch 4:3 gameplay to 16:9, it totally destroys the look of the footage.

  16. 00:30 crazy bluebeat infinite, sure hope nobody presses a button at any point during hits 40 on.

  17. To call it “the king of all kusoge” is significantly a bit of a stretch considering everyone has at least one kusoge that tops their lists

  18. Wait, the arcade version actually got released in America?

  19. didn't mention Dora vs Amiba, one of the best fighting game matches out there

  20. I immediately thought castlevania when I saw that opening lmao

  21. Did my homie just try and bribe him mid combo? beutiful

  22. I died when that guy offered money to stop the combo.

  23. Fate/Unlimited Code When? You've done the other big kuso, do itt

  24. Imagine if Shaq Fu was a kusoge… being able to basketball your opponent AS SHAQ… that would’ve been sick

  25. Fist of the northstar is my fav anime/manga ever and the fact that toki my fav character in fiction is so amazing i love this game and manga if you haven’t watched/read it you need too

  26. I'd love to see your take on the Tougeki – Super Battle Opera series or another one of these traditional japanese tournaments

  27. THIS GAME IS INSANE!! need remake 4k version with same mecanic and infinite

  28. I feel like this video should have mentioned that infinites in this game are so long and time-consuming that sometimes you can land the infinite and still lose because the timer ran out before you got the opponent's health bar down far enough

  29. Have they ever made a Yu Yu Hakusho fighting game?

  30. Ahhh so this is where those mugen characters be coming from!

  31. a laundrymat near me in miami had this cabinet. i cant belive i got to play this

  32. Completely bonkers infinites and and other bullshit? That just sounds lore-accurate tbh.

  33. Hokuto no Ken player: "Omae wa mou shindeiru."
    Average player: "NOT AGAIN."

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