The King Of “Kusoge” Fighting Games? - Fist Of The North Star -

The King Of “Kusoge” Fighting Games? – Fist Of The North Star

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If you’re a fighting game player, you might have heard the term “kusoge” thrown around every now and then. It usually refers to a fighting game that is low quality, incomplete, or completely broken, in the best way possible.

After all, not every fighting game has to be good to be played competitively. Sometimes, games with infinites, broken characters, and ridiculous combos can have just enough charm to connect with a fanbase, and propel a game to unexpected popularity. Today, we’ll be looking at a Kusoge that is one of the most popular in the FGC, and how a game based on a post-apocalyptic manga became everyone’s favorite basketball fighting game.

This, is Hokuto no Ken, aka Fist of the North Star.

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  1. would this make jojos hftf a kusoge? if so i think it’d be a really cool video to do

  2. That clip at 4:00 doesn't tell the whole story. That game (Last Blade 2) has 2 life bars, so he only did about a 5th of the opponents health. Still really good, but for a risky move like that it isn't what I would call broken or overpowered.

  3. Kusoge fighting games wouldn’t be the same without this hidden classic

  4. This is the way it should be some characters are stronger than others just like in real life… Now in days All characters are "balanced" aka the same, even DLC characters get nerfed cause snowflakes cry

  5. I wish that fighting game tournaments include one unknown fighting games in their lineups. It would be fun to have one wildcard to watch.

  6. this game is always so much fun to watch
    I love anime fighting games

  7. 2:23 Shape of a BIG DEEPER? ??!all i see is some dude trying to do some ABS workout.

  8. > DOA cameo within the first few seconds

    This is the closest I'll come to seeing my dream become a reality

  9. I have always wondered about the term, but I just love the clips of them just sitting back with the dribble combos, I played a chunk of fighters and the constant bouncing annoyed me, but I have no knowledge of the esports scene, so this was funny to see that it is a thing that many know of.

  10. I hate the way the FGC uses the term "Kusoge". They throw it around wildly without any meaning to the point where "Kusoge" just means "Non-Capcom Fighting Game I Don't Want To Admit Is Good". Considering what IS considered Kusoge is usually still more balanced than 3rd Strike or Marvel, I wonder if there's any fighting game that ISN'T a kusoge?

  11. I gotta say I really love mechanics like that in fighting games where you can win by another method than reducing a healthbar to zero.
    Things such as Soul Calibur's ring outs, or Smash bros' gimps (if you consider hitting them across the blastzone with pure knockback as the 'traditional' method of killing, then gimping is another thing you have to think about and another way of winning)…
    It's why I really like Sekiro's combat system and hope to see something similar in a fighting game sometime.

  12. This video brings a smile to my face to know someone else knows about this game

  13. Do a video on Kinnikuman Muscle Fight – a little known fan made fighting game based on the Kinnikuman series.

  14. My favorite part about this game is that when it appears on Sajam’s “Will it kill?” series the question turns from whether the combo will kill the opponent to if the combo will kill them before timing out

  15. Fightcade isn’t an emulator. Flycast is what you mean

  16. I've never played this game myself, but am highly curious what specifically makes Toki OP in this game.

  17. Toki is literally Kung Fu Jesus lol. He's supposed to be broken.

  18. I love this game man. Easily my favorite fighting game of all time. Please re-release this game.

  19. Say this a lot but Arc system works also made blazeblue

  20. This was my favorite game of anime evo the year those clips are from. So many hilarious moments while infinites were happening I couldn't stop watching.

  21. You guys should make a vid about Dissidia NT and how it failed to be an esports game

  22. Sailor Moon fighter is way more broken than this. You should look into it.

  23. Coment to say that hokuto's manga and anime are amazing

  24. 2:05 Who chose to use that awful looking footage with the wrong aspect ratio? Who is getting paid for the video editing? Dude you had one job O_o

  25. The Original voice actress of Mamiya died years ago.

  26. That clip on LB2, that's not even good damage, you can easily get 50% damage-ish with BnBs lmao

  27. Hell yeah, show some love to the more niche scenes.

  28. That dungeon fighter game will be amongst the best kusoge.

  29. I don't know why after all these years that no one has managed to make a good fighting game from this property.

  30. I guess this word is being used in English more often now.
    Kusoge is just any game that has a bad reputation because of imbalance, glitches, bad quality ect.

  31. First time I've ever seen or heard the terminology, but now I know what it is, should anyone use it. Thanks.

  32. didnt even realize what it was and i've always wanted to play it. lol

  33. did you guys really call mvc 3 and last blade a kusoge…

  34. The term "kusoge" isn't exclusively used for fighting games. It can be any genre of games.

  35. One of the few reasons I have my ps2 hooked on my tv

  36. Btw, while Toki is one of tje strongest chars in the game , the actual ultimate top tier is Rei, he smokes everyone including Toki.

  37. It should be noted that of all anime's original voice actors who reprised their roles, only one have been dead years ago, legendary Kaneto Shiozawa (Rei's original voice, also voiced Gray Fox in OG Metal Gear Solid). Jagi's died some times after the game and will be replaced by Takagi (Eikichi Onizuka and Okuyasu). As for Kenshiro's original VA: Akira Kamiya, he did not reprise, afaik, because doing those ATATATA was too much for his vocal cords. He did reprise his other legendary roles, Ryo Saeba in City Hunter movies, and Roy Focker in Macross media.

  38. I have a love hate relationship with this game. Love the accuracy to source material.. hated the infinites

  39. I mean, don’t get mad that your opponent has you in an infinite. Get mad that you got hit by the first attack that led to it. Because once that hit, you are already dead.

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