The King of Fighters XV: 15 Minutes of Gameplay | TGS 2021 -

The King of Fighters XV: 15 Minutes of Gameplay | TGS 2021

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Check out 15 minutes of action-packed gameplay from The King of Fighters 15. The King of Fighters XV launches on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, on February 17, 2022.


  1. never been really into kof bc of this 3v3 system but let's see how it goes this one

  2. Hopefully they fix the game movement it looks really stiff to me and kinda delayed

  3. まだなんかぎこちない動きですね。

  4. Like 14 but with a really, well needed and appreciated, coat of paint.

  5. this game looks lame af because guilty gear strive exists

  6. wished the characters next up had a flashier entrance with less waiting… like DBZ… make it dramatic

  7. Demasiado otakunisado para mi gusto me quedo con el KOF 94,95,97,98 y el 2002

  8. This game looks absolutely fantastic. <3

  9. the graphic style is unfortunately really not that nice.
    It would be best if it had a graphic style like Guilty Gear or DB Fighters. If pure 3d then only like doa6.

  10. 13:19 Can you just imagine hitting something like this and it wins you the game, cause the force the move gives off is crazy.

  11. These graphics and animations are giving me SFV vibes and I’m not mad about it. This game looks great and looks very enjoyable too play!

  12. Do you think I'm going to be baited by the thumbnail?

  13. if this is an official showcase why would they use this footage? not a single max mode confirm, no target combos into juggle specials into supers, no run stop pressure, just absolute mediocre bland gameplay. And if this is IGN's people playing, why would anyone ever listen to their opinion on a fighting game, they don't even know how to play them beyond the absolute bare minimum basics.

  14. Leona is looks daring, Athena dress looks charming and Binjomaru's looks like a real model. My team is bloody ready!

  15. Never played or watched any KOF games, but I'm pretty sure this is less then mid level play.

  16. Why does KOF dedicate itself to producing animations that last no longer than 3 frames?

  17. game needs a lot of animations tweak – meh tekken is cooler , kof 13 was the last one

  18. Why does the player 2 winner words has to get in the way lol.

  19. tinha de ser em anime, mas tá bonito…

  20. everyone's watching the mai's fight at 0.25x
    no? just me? okay then, I'll see myself out.

  21. get a 240hz 1ms Monitor/Display then play this game

  22. This game represents childhood memories to countless people. Also for those that were introduced to this franchise through Fatal Fury anime motion picture trilogies, and Mai Shiranui.

  23. The King of fighter da geração Nutella 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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