The King of Fighters XV: 15 Minutes of Gameplay | TGS 2021 -

The King of Fighters XV: 15 Minutes of Gameplay | TGS 2021

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Check out 15 minutes of action-packed gameplay from The King of Fighters 15. The King of Fighters XV launches on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, on February 17, 2022.


  1. Any chance for crossplay between pc and ps??

  2. Terry don't remember how to fight after Smash Bros

  3. Wish they had stuck with sprites. Somehow Terry looks better on the Switch.

  4. 110% fighting goodness here. havent spent much time with this franchise. see ya'll in the ring!

  5. The new 3d look of KOF still unsettles me.. maybe I'm too used to KOF XIII

  6. KOF格ゲー話【餃子舗 FENG MIN】 says:


  7. gameplay looks fun but why do the graphics look like something from the xbox 360 lmaoooo

  8. Wow they gave that smash character his own video game ?!

  9. Looks phenomenal! Time should freeze, during cinematics… hmmm.

  10. What happened to anti-airs, KOF has no concept of proper anti-airs, everyone jumps all the time.

  11. Damn he just used Iori as a worm, such a strong and incredible character.

  12. Some games look better in 2D and this is one of them

  13. Another Lame 3D fighting game was a big fan with their Awesome 2D before.

  14. SNK one more time F*&@#% up !!!! This should be a GUILTY GEAR REV2 Graphics !!!!

  15. Los personajes son como muy grandes pero bueno…

  16. Is Almost like street fighter 5. lets just hope capcom and snk makes capcom vs snk 3 with the Same Graphics of the gameplay 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  17. terr shun'ei y lori contra isla athena y mai

  18. These look like PS3 graphics. They should REALLY considering using unreal engine… Or go Arc Systems look. This just looks a little bit better than SF4…

  19. One of the most favorite the best fighting game ever since play it KOF 98 & 99 on PlayStation 1 anyway.. KOF 15 is my dream to play once again on PlayStation 5 someday.. Thanks for PlayStation & SNK for this game..

  20. Amazing how 25 yr old KOF97 on NeoGeo is way more beautiful..

  21. This gonna be the successor of kof98, balancing that many charechter is going to be difficult though.

  22. 2022 will be unleashing a tidal wave of games!

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