The Key for Success in Fighting Games -

The Key for Success in Fighting Games

Romolla Ch.
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  1. With enough adderall you'll be very consistent. Reacting on frame 1 to a fly farting off screen too 😂

  2. This is the difference between playing to learn and playing to win.If you play to win you will always fall back on the same options that work most of the times for your character, and you will win against a good chunk of the player base.When you play to learn you have to ignore the win screen for a while, when you are trying to play safe to understand how to counter the options certain characters (or players) tend to throw in neutral, you will get hit by their "works most of the time" options in neutral and it will be frustrating, you will try to play smart and eat a nago bayblade, you will get hit by a random Ram 214HS and it will hurt mentally, it will frustrate you while the other player gets their easy, free dopamine into a combo that will melt you. But in the long run that player that falls on the options that work most of the time will hit a ceiling that you will surpas by learing the game properly.Its your decision to know which path you wanna take, if you just wanna push some buttons and have some fun a few times a week, you dont need to deal with the bullshit involved in getting better, lol.

  3. Vortex is Sol's ewgf, it's just a really hard to use but ridiculously good combo tool.

  4. Myself, been playing games since I was 4. played SF2. MK1-3, KI, FF 1-3, KoF various, GG to GGXrd. All I've learned over the decades is that I can't even consistently do basic special moves. Hell GGXXR was played for 5 years alone with thousands of hours played and I've only gotten about 90% chance of doing a 236 move and a 85% chance of a 623 move. Like the input shows up perfect in the display in training mode, but sometimes the moves just don't go off.I just have to assume it's a timing thing cause I fail rhythm games flat out. Always have. Got so salty I eventually just quit everything and played minecraft for a decade.

  5. babe wake up new romolla advice video time to become a top player

  6. Im pretty sure you already glasses over this topic on your happy chaos video

  7. ime i have found the transition from new player to mid tier player to be the roughest, i think all this stuff is very valid until you find random mid tier people who just don't care about half of this stuff and they have a rps flowchart were your always 2 mistakes away from being blown up which can be very frustrating when your trying to improve

  8. I try to play consistently, but I am also very new and bad at fighting games so I'm just consistently bad

  9. Thank you so much for this, had been struggling with changing my mindset to apply consistency. Although I do miss the cute bullet points skit from the stream.

  10. I'll be honest. I feel like the biggest thing holding me back is my lack of patience. Though, my problem lately is that I just come home tired and I don't want to spend this mental work just improving. I wanna just press buttons and play matchups I enjoy.

  11. Yeah, the grappler chars feeling a lot less fun once you dig in is something I kinda feel like the game is just not for me

  12. As a Leo main, I FEEL SOO CALLED OUT. O_o

  13. I gotta say is that going back to neutral is not necessarily a bad thing if you overwhelm them in neutral.

    My main is ramlethal and i realized, why im putting myself at risk for pressure when im much more comfortable at neutral?

    So i started focusing my practice in getting my neutral better, specially MU stuff, and commiting little as possible when i have my pressure.

    I dont engage in okis that might screw me up, i dont try to force mix ups and if they find their way out of corner i just let them.And when it goes back to neutral…
    It is in my favor again, in fact even more becouse i have a meter and a life advantage.

    And boy, dint that helped my winrate

  14. Ram players: Hmm hmm yes far slash more for better consistency

  15. Okay… but what if my first and last layers are being a memey dipshit that cares more about a laugh than winning? How do I become more consistently inconsistent?

  16. Holy it feels like i was following an online class lmao

  17. Can somebody make an animation of a Leo tweaking across the screen?

  18. What's a good controller for avoiding carpal tunnel

  19. What program are you using for the notes?

  20. imma be real, against ram i just choose to get hit instead of letting her crank my risk gauge and then open me up anyways, atleast wallbreak resets neuch.

  21. Thank you sooooo fucking much!!! Seriously changing the way I think about the game and my gameplay.

  22. can I get the full text to read it very pls ?

  23. I've picked up Strive as my first fighting game from always playing FPSs. It's been a rollercoaster of a learning experience, understanding the basics all the way to advanced tech and getting my ass handed to me along the way. Even though I've had my friend introduce me to the game and help me improve. I'm blown away with all of the resources and the information the community gives players. Your videos in particular Deb have been very helpful when approaching different aspects of the game. Looking forward to a Testament video if you choose to make one.

  24. I'm the king of consistency when it comes to fighting games because I'm terrible at all of them 🙂

  25. Day 12 of kearning Zato=1 untili become a JoJo character: Testement is a very callanging character to fight when you have to keep in mind all the ways they can delete you.
    I'll find my way around it don't you worry!

  26. Blocking? I am pretty sure the characters I pick don't have this move.

  27. Thank you funny cow lady for solid advice in your content. you are more than just a funny cow lady

  28. I really love hearing your mindset and approach. To me it sounds very solid for consistency. Coming from high end groups on ff14 with competitive requirements to get in consistency is the most important thing there. A lot of the topics mentioned in this video could be paralleled to other games as you mentioned which makes it a fun watch to see how you apply it to the fighting game genre

  29. If you want to force someone to do something, I suggest I-No
    Antidepressant Scale can be maneuvered how you want and you can follow up with an overhead if you aim it low or Stroke the Big Tree if you angle high

  30. the different layers are like rock paper scissors… balancing which options you pick depending on what your opponent has demonstrated to you in order to optimize the balance towards them is like… well rock paper scissors, or judo or really any other direct competition sport/game.

  31. Ok, but will this help me spam Potemkin Buster?

  32. I've been calling your videos basically like college lecture videos and I enjoy them so MUCH. Thanks. 🙂

  33. My understanding is, we improve by consistently playing towards scenarios that give us more options. Which allows us to find unpredictability (by choosing different options within a better context) within consistency (generating these scenarios vs, ie, just jumping in)

  34. The best FG education videos out there. Thanks Romolla! Hope to see you dominate at Evo this year.

  35. I think the biggest problem I have in fighters in consistency. But through playing more and more fighters recently and actually thinking more about what I'm doing instead of just going full ham has really lead me to some better plays. Literally just had a match yesterday where I was being super predictable against a Testament, by only air dashing to avoid the ground skull, and they would just keep 6Ping me till I lost. Next, as I noticed that, I purposefully waited for them to do a full charged skull and air dash only then, helped me win the next match against them. These video you upload have been so helpful for me, and I can imagine for everyone else as well, keep up the great work!

  36. Holding on to layers in this video. Gonna be thinking about those and how I use them over… idk how long, but they're what I'm gonna think about and how I use them.

  37. Where is layer 5, Deb??? Tell us your secrets! WHERE IS LAYER FIIIIIIVE?!!

  38. What is the difference between layer 1 and layer 3? They seem like the same thing to me.

  39. So we have to be consistent with being flexible regarding the options you need to take per situation. Great video.

  40. Yo new Sub, this was VERY helpful and I dont even play guilty gear. Thx!

  41. "Be predictably unpredictable, and unpredictably predictable." – Bruce Lee, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

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