The Intros of Fighting Games -

The Intros of Fighting Games

Majin Obama
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that handshake changed everything

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  1. great video. here are a couple of my alltime favs:

    Tekken 2 (console opening &staff roll)
    Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
    Virtua Fighter 3tb (cgi ending)
    Killer Instinct 1
    Soul Edge / Soul Calibur II
    Tekken Tag 1 (console opening) & Tekken Tag 2 (arcade opening)
    Capcom vs SNK 1
    Samurai Shodown II
    Samurai Shodown 5 Special
    Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory

  2. Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside

  3. 2:53 This here would be the Fuksnogiven fighting style.
    Yes, the spelling is as intended.

  4. Shout out to giving love to Gundam Wing Endless Duel and my favorite Gundam Opening Rhythm Emotion. The looming techno beat followed up with Heero pointing at you was freaking exciting to 5 year old me

  5. Yo dat Sonic game got full res ray traced reflections

  6. Really that one punch was thru a brick wall. In 1987

  7. Xmen v SF had me tripping out, yes. But what blew me away was seeing MSH v SF just a month or so later at Kmart. Could not believe my eyes.

  8. i will never be able to get the KoF98 intro out of my head so I guess it wins by default in my book.

  9. If I had to pick one Fighting Game intro/attract screen/demo that really captivated me it has to be the Console Release Intro for Street Fighter 4. Indestructible by EXILE along with old characters fighting the new characters, finally seeing Gouken for the first time surged my soul. Great video Majin.

  10. We not gonna talk about the white guy knocking out a black man in the SF2 intro?

  11. Rolling Thunder. Look this up for a nostalgic overload.

  12. Really love when you make these kind of videos, they make you so nostalgic and emotional at the sane time have you thinking about the medium as a whole. That being said I'm sorry but tekken 5 will and always will be the goat lmao.

  13. Walking into a good arcade as a kid really was euphoric. The sounds, the lights. Such an experience…

    The colosus scream is literally burned into my brain for life…

  14. Base Street Fighter IV intro is the real shit. One of the best intros of all.

    Just thinking at the time, where we didn't have a new Street Fighter for so long, and then they come back with a banger game and an even banger intro to tell you "we're back, guys". Mwah, greatness.

  15. Enjoyed this vid man👌🏾💯 FGs really had heart and soul when it came to their intros if only devs now had that same passion now as back then.

    I got a number of intros thatre still bangers up to this day and ones that stand the test of time

    KOF 2001s intro the music is a just a sheer blast to listen to. And the way it transitions to K throwin his shades off then throws a punch with flames around his hand formin the logo was dope man.

    And KOF 94s intro tho the series never been that big in the US but in other regions where they were already SNK fans who played Fatal Fury and AOF. That intro sure flip their lids in hype and excitement seeing not only FF and AOF in a crossover/all star game but other characters from other SNK franchises makin it as well also including new and OG characters too.

    Then u got the Naruto games and their intros have always been near godlike with the animation and cinematics. Trust me bruh play the Clash of Ninja Ultimate Ninja UN Heroes Broken Bond and the Storm games.

  16. Then u got the MK games which mostly focus on its Narrative. And Most SNK games like u said.

    One more intro I want to mention is RBS and RB2. Those intros are bada$$. RBS intro starts with Terry just gettn smacked around and demolished by someone only to reveal its Krauser being in a dark silhouette with his eyes red and lighting flashes behind him then cuts back to Terry on one knee panting then grunting in determination then cuts to the games title.

    And RB2 showin Rick Stroud and Xangfei as the new comers its short but effective with them destroyin a brick wall cuttin to the title screen. Also mentioning the beginning with a steal background being carved out spelling "Real Bout" then cuts to either of the 2 beating up a guy.

  17. Best intros for me that get me hyped until this day:
    Tekken 2 (opening movie) (nothing since has topped this)
    Tekken 4 (opening movie)
    Street Fighter Alpha (1)
    The Last Blade 2
    Samurai Showdown V Special
    Samurai Showdown 4
    Marvel Vs Capcom 2
    Soul Calibur
    finally, .. a rare oddity.. Evil Zone.

  18. I'm really surprised I haven't heard anything about Samurai Showdowns nearly cinematic intro! Oh man, that the 2nd game and coarse MS VS SF where the announcer literally told me to look at the machine and witness its awesomeness!

  19. KOF 2000, while short, had me hooked with the intro. K' walking through the entire cast as he searchs for his identity as a clone, combined both narrative and char introduction. Then, as we walks across Iori who turns into Kyo, with the short introduction of Kula, that's just beautiful.

  20. Marvel 1 is my favorite arcade intro by far. As much as I enjoy cinematic/story based intros, I feel like gameplay based intros have much more rewatch-ability, and Marvel 1 imo did it the best.

  21. Punisher by Capcom. That opening was like a film teaser.

  22. Tekken 3 EMBU
    Bloody Roar 3

    I love how catchy the music is

  23. Accent Core is the best version of GGX2, don't get it twisted, but that intro in Midnight Carnival? That shit is fucking peak, and it is WAY better than AC's, I will DIE on this hill.

  24. Yoshihiro TPA Gamer productions 667 スーパーロボット大戦 says:

    SmAsH iS nOt A fIgHtInG gAmE

  25. I chosse to believe that Mario and Sora shaking hands was meant to invoke the same feeling as Ryu and Cyclops shaking hands.
    You know, the biggest crossover in gaming paying a cute nod to the first mainstream crossover in gaming.

  26. One of my favorites is actually Gran Turismo 4's intro. I was a kid at the time, and that orchestra followed by Panama made me the happiest and most excited kid in the worlf

  27. Tekken 2 intro is legendary
    Street fighter Alpha 2….when I was a kid and seen Akuma standing in the flames I was like yooooooo

  28. The King of Fighters 1999 Dreammatch on Dreamcast was an epic anime intro as well.

  29. I still remember booting up X-men Vs. Street Fighter on Playstation for the first time (an awful port, but that's another can of worms) and nearly having the TV speakers blown out by the title screen. Freaking amazing.

    But the Soul Edge opening will always be my favorite video game intro ever. The music, the characters showing off their moves, the little hints at their backstories and motivations, and then Cervantes tearing off his face at the end to reveal a laughing, flaming skull. Perfection.

  30. I have the Power Stone 1 attract screen burned into my mind

  31. Nice video but next time make sure you show the uncensored versions of the intros. Two of the ones you showed were the censored version of the intro's Soul Edge & Final Fight.

  32. Ergheiz : God Bless the Ring had a great character introduction type intro. I loved how little of the story was shared but how so much swagger and/or personality was given to each fighter instead.

    Great video! Will def look into some of those intros I dind't know of.

  33. Keep making these video essays, bro! Top notch.

  34. Arcade era > online multiplayer
    Those who were born in the 80-mid 80s know…….1986 here loved the arcade in the 90s and early 00s

  35. The arcade was my happy place as a child. The vs. series games were THE games to play if you wanted a social gaming experience – I remember waiting in line to play against local gamers who were on win streaks.

  36. Gaming was better when we were young because the only thing in our minds was posibilities, fantasy and half-truths, white lies if you will, now days everything is known and the feeling for executing the hardest combo is not acomplishment is satisfaction, and they are not only the same, the later will never let you enjoy the moment the same way.

  37. As a lifelong fan of Tae Kwon Do and Taekwon-Do, I lost my shit the first time I saw the Tekken 3 Embu attract video.
    Seeing Hwoarang perform the actual, real life Taekwon-Do form (which was inspired by the ancient Korean warrior group his character was named after) to high energy music just got my blood pumping.

  38. Yo, but how about that Bushido Blade 2 intro, though? So sick.

  39. I've probably spent more time watching the intro to Tony Hawk Underground than with my family. The music choice, the edits, the cuts to the NPC to show the progression of the storyline, the monster slide at 1:28, the graphic at 1:48 showing all the routing options, the 900. It all comes together to set the tone for me to hunker down and avoid touching grass for 2, 3, 4+ hours.

  40. That shot of ryu shaking cyclops hand is goated

  41. the rival schools anime intro on psx remains special to me after 20 years first seeing it at a friends house.
    The song still goes hard

  42. Tekken 2 pre-rendered opening remains my favorite.

  43. super street fighter 4 is the best intro ever

  44. While everyone else is repackaging stream blabbering into "content" for the algorithm, Obama out here making real productions.

    Good shit sir. All of you better be liking and subbing if you're also sick of the other discourse.

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