The HYPEST Fighting Game you've probably never played -

The HYPEST Fighting Game you’ve probably never played

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We had a tournament in a fighting game you may not have played: Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness! This is the origin of Jin Saotome from Marvel vs Capcom, and it’s a really amazing game in its own right! Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. They have a akuma robot that could be unlocked don’t know if it was mentioned I didn’t watch the whole video lol

  2. There's spiritual successor called Tech Romancer, for arcade and Dreamcast. THIS is the game that nobody played, not Cyberbots lol Jin is a secret character on that game.

  3. That stage that gradually falls apart as you enter the Earth's atmosphere is so sick.

  4. Cyber Bots and Night Stalkers need a remake.

  5. Its on PS3 store for 7 bucks. Awesome 90s capcom goodness

  6. I was so hyped when I unlocked Jin and Blodia in Tech Romancer.

  7. I played Jin just to troll opponents with with shower towel taunt.

  8. Back in the day people played this I remember playing it.

  9. Capcom brining back literally ANY fighting IP would be fantastic instead of making Street Fighter only cause they other departments are doing fantastic the fighting devison needs to step up .

  10. Ironically, I used to play with Jin & Blodia solely because he reminded me of Rash who piloted Blodia in Armored Warriors. This was years before MvC. . .🤩😎✌

  11. if it wasnt form MVSC i probably would known who jin is lol

  12. Remember playing dis shi- in nickle city back in the day good stuff

  13. Holy crap that meta vs pikabu was hype as fuck.

  14. Jmcrofts how do I get into the discord

  15. Jin was always my favorite player him and ryu

  16. he has the very dangerous move though….🤣

  17. If I play this will I understand why Jin randomly takes off all his clothes in combat? xD

  18. I have this on my acarde. Guess I was just lucky to own the game and Super Baseball Batman, that is a great beat um up

  19. It's more of a generational thing. These days most of those in the FGC didn't grow up in Arcades at their height, but most know where Jin COMES from, fewer played Cyberbots, or the beat em up spin off (which you can now get through Capcom beat em up collection)

  20. One of the things that makes MvC2 so legendary is the unforseen like roster. Jin (who came from a game that's not popular yet favored), Hayato (who came from a 3D Capcom fighting game), Ruby Heart & Amingo (from cancelled/scrapped Capcom games) Son-Son (descendant of a character from an old school Capcom adventure game) Jill (from RE – another 3D Capcom game), not to mention characters like Servbot & Roll (MegaMan), characters w/ 1st appearances (Cable & Marrow) 2 Wolverines (adamantium claw & bone claw) and almost every character from the previous Capcom Vs series. We'll never see a roster like that every again.

  21. You got it backwards – tanks are just paraplegic robots

  22. Oh wow, the flight sounds in Jin's game sound just like Sent's flight in MVC2!

  23. I player Cyberbot a lot, so I can tell:

    The pilot have two purposes, both affecting only the single player campain:
    1) Determ the character's story who will be narrated in the Arcade Mode;
    2) Determ which opponents the player will face.

    The only purpose of the pilot into a 2 Players VS game is to determ the victory line.

  24. He's playable in Tech Romancer as well, dope mech fighting game.

  25. Played this Rom after seeing him in MVC. Loved it

  26. I would love to see you hit them upside the head with Hajime No Ippo on GBA or Power Rangers on Game Gear. Games from a simpler time, but both did stuff so deliciously well for what they were going for.

  27. Wow. I have that game. I thought Jin was related to Stryder

  28. This and Tech Romancer was my shit during my MAME days…the ppl need a current gen mech game to play again 🙏🏿

  29. There's also armored warriors which included Blodia with another pilot as well as Tech Romancer where Jin and Blodia are unlockables.

  30. Love this game, it's rad and gorgeous. I actually have a model kit of Blodia preordered and I'm stoked for it!

  31. If they ever decide to make a part 2, I hope it’s the same concept gameplay but with a small change.

    Each pilot adds 1-2 new special attack to the mech and maybe change/add 1-2 attacks from the basic attack. And signature robot adds unique some unique super. This way there’s a ample amount to mix and match pilot/mech.

  32. Reminds me a lot of Gundam battle assault 2 on the PlayStation

  33. Thing is..most games from 90's onwards were awesome gameplay

  34. He was so cool looking in MVC. I always picked him!! Years after my big bro and I downloaded a emulator and it was amazing !

  35. He's also in Tech Romancer, and HOLY CRAP IS THAT GAME FUN

  36. Robots with legs have the ability to jump and have much faster lateral movement. This guess the the advantage when it comes to mobility, you can trip them but they can dodge the attempt and move to a position your threads would take longer to reach

  37. Jin was a guest character in Techromancer as well, which was also a very hype fighting game.

  38. If you used to play mvc2 on ps3 for years. I'm the guy who always uses Jin. 👋

  39. Bro this shit looks hype af, gonna try this with my friends

  40. As a kid.. i enjoyed Armored Warriors a little bit more.. its like a coOp Beat emUp version of cyberbots. but Jin Saotome is absent on this one if i remember correctly…

  41. I LOVE street fighter and never knew were Jin came frome, thanks for the info bro!

  42. I'd love to see you throw brawl city into a tourney and watch the madness

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