The HYPEST Fighting Game you've probably never played -

The HYPEST Fighting Game you’ve probably never played

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We had a tournament in a fighting game you may not have played: Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness! This is the origin of Jin Saotome from Marvel vs Capcom, and it’s a really amazing game in its own right! Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. I'd love to see you throw brawl city into a tourney and watch the madness

  2. So this is where sentinel gameplay came from

  3. I played the hell out of that game and Jin is awesome

  4. Tyvm for calling me "No One" i spent contless hours on Cyberbots on Sega Saturn back in the days, and i still own it; it's a great fighting game with unique mechanics, you should play it on arcade mode, test all mechas, and try to beat the game, and view a few ending, there's also a hidden boss, it really is a great game.

  5. Can you do a One must fall tournament? It's an amazing game.

  6. Jin, Tech Romancer, Sega Dreamcast…. duh 😛

  7. Loved this game as a kid
    It introduced me to anime mecha (power rangers doesn't cou t)

  8. I actually downloaded this game on my PS3 because I love Jin and wanted to try it. I actually played it yesterday with my boys (9 and 7). They really enjoyed it.

  9. I played this in mystery game at DTN and lost to one Lincoln Morris in the 1st round

  10. The charm in this game is fantastic, you can tell they loved making this. Play the rim from time to time.

  11. Dude mic so close to his face it’s smushing his lips

  12. It is insane how many fighting games Capcom pumped out in the 90s

  13. They had this at Capcom Nickle City in San Jose CA

  14. Yooo I actually played this I forgot this game existed

  15. I ordered it as soon as it released on the Japanese Saturn.

  16. Did anyone know Gouki is in the game as well

  17. I all ways wonder where he came from

  18. These need to happen more and how do we watch this live!?

  19. I've played that game years ago in the arcade, was great

  20. Did you just really edit eating a chocolate strawberry?🤔🤦

  21. Back in the early 2000's I occasionally had to provide equipment maintenance service in a steel mill located in another town. There was a small arcade with this game near that town's bus station, it's where I first learned of it. Whenever I went there I always made a point of stopping there for a few minutes and play a few rounds. Good memories. 🙂

  22. Wow, you just answered a question I've had for 20 years. I remember back in the day seeing that character and having no idea where's from. Now I know.

  23. Hope one day I can see a battle assault 2 tourney

  24. Huitzel would've fit perfectly in this game!!!

  25. Isn’t Jin from power stone? I was wrong 😂

  26. I played a sidescroll beat em up with Jin and Blodia but could never remember what its called

  27. Ohhh.. Thanks for the quick faq sir! I never knew who this character actyally is! Been playing marvel vs capcom since i was a kid. Lol

  28. Tech Romancer was the spiritual sequel. Jin and his Father are in it.

  29. I played the game in the arcades in my city, but that was about it.

  30. I don't remember jin, I remember the MECHA.

    Played it when high school, very hard 😂😂😂

  31. Maybe we didnt know about the character because the game was so hard to find in arcades and it was never release in home consoles outside Japan -_-

  32. Where is Zero Akuma?
    Thats is the best part of the game.

  33. My old arcade had Cyberbots right beside the KOF 98 and Tekken 3 cabinets. I play it while waiting for my turn for KOF.

  34. I used to play this with my nephew back in the day on the mugen emulator soooo dope

  35. This game and Rival Schools needs a comeback 👊🏼

  36. Beat CYBERBOTS years ago….named my motorcycle after Blodia….but if your a true fan of the game you would know jins robot wasn’t originally his it was Jeff Perkins ( Rash) from armored warriors

  37. Jin was my favorite character because that level 3 fire tornado came in clutch

  38. Another fighting game that Dale Wilson aka LTG to get bodied in and rage quit.

  39. I played cyberbots in the arcade and saturn now im plying it on the latest capcom collection on xbox

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