The Hunt For The Craziest Status Effects In Fighting Games -

The Hunt For The Craziest Status Effects In Fighting Games

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This journey takes us through many fighting games and their unique mechanics but I honestly could not believe what was waiting for me at the end in regards to the game with the craziest status effects! Fighting game is truly something so great!

Intro To Soku:

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00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Android 21
03:50 – Debuffs
07:25 – Ailments
10:20 – Touhou Hisotensoku
16:20 – Outro


  1. Please make the Soku video. I played Touhou Luna Nights a few years back and ever since I've been dreaming with having Sakuya on a fighting game 'cause I loved her mechanics. I've even looked up the Touhou fg's but didn't understand enough to realize what was going on, but with your brief explanation, I just felt really curious to try Soku myself. Graze is another bullet hell mechanic they used masterfully in Luna Nights, so to have it in a FG seems amazing.

  2. The wildest status effect I can think of on a fighting game character is probably on the modded yomi character sunshower. Sunshower uses a status effect called sinking which he can apply to himself or the opponent in a bunch of different ways, and the short explanation of how it works is it's a stackable status that accelerates the character's negative penalty gain, forcing both players to become more aggressive as their sinking builds over the course of the game. Sunshower himself also gains a crap ton of different advantages from applying sinking to himself and to the opponent, pretty much all his moves (normals, specials, supers, even movement options) gain unique buffs at certain sinking levels or on hitting an opponent with enough sinking, sinking gives him a damage multiplier which helps with his pretty low base damage, he can spend meter to convert sinking into another status called protection which gives him a defense buff, spend sinking on umbrellas which can be used as projectiles that apply sinking to either player on contact or to launch yourself off them, transfer sinking to the opponent with certain moves, and at enough sinking his guard break inflicts sinking deluge, which burns all of the opponent's sinking to completely erase their health bar. Sunshower is literally an rpg character directly ported into a fighting game and I'm all for it

    Edit: yes I know sunshower comes from limbus company, I just didn't mention it because my comment was getting super long and my project moon knowledge is pretty much nonexistent so I can't really compare it to the source material, he looks like an incredibly good adaptation of the character though

  3. 1 minute in and i know this ones gonna be a usual qmanchu banger 🐈‍⬛

  4. Next you should maje a video about enhancing effects like Bullets (Blazblue) Heat.

  5. My biggest takeaway from Part 1 and 2 out of the Fighting Games I've played is that I am…very grateful we will never see another character like Parace L'Sia ever again

    Labcoat 21 was already overtuned as a debuffer, but the elven devil of Arcana Heart truly is the ultimate antithesis of this as she had everything everywhere all at once with the overtuning and no downsides. Something I don't know if they ever toned down for her playable debut in Six Stars given she was purely a boss for so long that it felt like Arc and Team Heart were genuinely terrified of making her playable.

  6. Thank you!!! I've recently been looking for the exact thing you described, a fighting game with debuffs as a central mechanic, because of Marvel Contest of Champions. Even though it's a mobile fighting game with no real pvp, i thought the way buffs and debuffs are used was super interesting and hoped a proper fighting game existed that used a similar idea. I researched a bit but this is the first I've heard of soku. Even though it's not exactly what I was looking for, the whole weather mechanic reminds me a bit of rpgs like pokemon which could be super fun and I think that more fighting games should use rpg elements. Keep up the good content!

  7. I'm a dimple man. I see people acknowledge Hisoutensoku in a duscussion of fighting games, I click.

  8. I’m surprised you didn’t bring up any status effects from ASBR, the Jojo fighting game remake that was release a year back. Obviously there’s basic DOT effects, but there’s also things like Rohans Heavens Door and anemia from Risotto

  9. Am I blind or is the link to that touhou starter guide missing from the description?

  10. Holy shit there's an input lag status effect in Skullgirls? That's hilarious.

  11. Make a Soku video! It's pretty much an untapped market!

  12. If you want to go even further into this topic I recommend checking out Skullgirls Mobile and Duelists Of Eden, where about everything you do interacts with or inflicts statuses in some way.

    Skullgirls Mobile has got some real crazy stuff like Thorns damage, Auto-Block with a chance to block automatically, an inverse poison called Miasma that drains health & meter from nearby enemies, Deadeye which lets you IGNORE BLOCKS, and Doom which just straight up kills you when it expires. Also pretty much every character can get buffs by Taunting which I think is pretty funny.

    Duelists isn't nearly as wacko with its statuses but I bring it up due to how it manages damaging effects, most notably Poison and Mark. Poison is damage over time as usual but you can cure yourself of it early by moving to the frontmost column towards your opponent, which may not always be the best idea as it makes you more vulnerable to close-range spells and makes your movement more predictable in general. Mark is also pretty cool because its damage doesn't occur until after a couple seconds from application, but you can also block or dodge it. There also used to be a Hack status effect that stored up all its damage until you shuffled your deck but it could be applied so easily you could get one/two-tapped by it and so it got removed.

    Anyways enough of my rambling I recommend giving 'em a look

  13. another qmanchu video… (lee voice) excellent… lol

    heres some ideas off the cuff

    what about a video on how weapons (sword, guns, a knife on the floor) are like designed. or whos got the best weapon in all of fighting game (best as in broken)

    also a video about "freaks/monsters" in FGs could be cool but i would wait for halloween lol

  14. Gen's countdown status effect is one of my favourites!

  15. I don't know if you're considering platform fighters as eligible for discussion (not that the genre matters that much for the game I'm bring up) but Rivals of Aether is a great example of statuses and meters being a core component of the game. While not containing universal statuses like Soku, a good portion of the Rivals cast operate around some kind of buff/debuff application. Thought it'd be interesting to bring up because it's rare to see a game give so many characters their own individual micro-goals

  16. This video is crazy because I was just talking to my friend about how status effect nowadays are not as good now, and the characters that use them are much worse.

  17. Figured this was going to be about characters that can affect stats given LC21 in the community post tease. Great job as always!

  18. I’d love a video on Hisotensoku, that’d be really cool to watch. Nice vid.

  19. Jojo ASBR has some cool effects, for example snail.

  20. yoooo finally soku's appeared on the list. the only one i've seen FGC content creator discuss this underated game. the mechanic is fun and has a lot of depth. hoping for you one day talks about the jishin reset on Soku.

  21. soku will always have a special place in my heart, even if I don't really play it any more, because its the only fighting game that has sanae (but then when I lose with her I feel extra bad…)

  22. Talk about Soku! is a really fun/wild game with a very active community.

    The fact that everyone was surprised with Asuka's gameplay in Strive when customization of moveset on cards and resource management is part of every character in Soku hahaha

  23. Very small almost meaningless correction:

    Calm gives you the spotlight on HIT, not on knockdown. It also trades back and forth if a player is hit again during that Calm. In the case of a trade that knocks down, the player who wakes up first gets the spotlight (as is in the video).

    Thanks for making this, it's well researched and a good acknowledgement of a big part of what makes soku a fun system to play around with.

  24. only played it casually and mostly a decade+ ago, but it feels like i see people asking for a game like soku all the time – short combos to spend more time interacting, customization in the form of decks, unique interactions and strategies all over. the cards that completely change a special move for the rest of the round (or just level it up) are such a cool concept, like the opposite of that deranged lab coat debuff. it also has a great community rollback patch w/quickplay (it's a discord game for the most part, but its not impossible to find ppl ingame at peak hrs – hopefully even easier after getting the exposure!)

    also, and i cannot stress this enough: patchy best 2hu

  25. Yooooo using "today is special yesterday was not" for this video, based man

  26. Even though they're not featured in this video, you surely did mention Arcana Heart and Under Night In Birth. Speaking of anime fighters, why don't you talk about a mechanic prominently featured in anime fighters that enables fighters to "fly" via holding down a certain button? The most well known example I could think of that feature a "flying" mechanic is Arcana Heart.

  27. This was really interesting! I remember first seeing Persona 4 Arena back in the day and being blown away they had "RPG mechanics" in a fighting game, and now it's interesting to see how this has evolved over time.

    While I have issue with how the games beta was handled and it's business model, Multiversus is also pretty interesting in this regard. They take a lot of inspiration from MOBAs when designing characters, so a good chunk of the cast have buffs and debuffs. You have self-explanatory ones like Slow or Weaken but then there's things like Steven Universe's Bubbled status or Taz's Tasty status. Both require hitting the opponent with specific moves to inflict and then building up stacks of the debuff before it finally procs and the effect kicks in. Steven puts his enemies in a bubble, where they cannot move or attack (or BE attacked) for several seconds, basically turning things into a 2v1 in team matches, while Taz's Tasty debuff turns enemies into roasted chickens which can't attack but only flee from the hungry Tasmanian Devil who can either KO them or use his other special move to eat them and restore even more of his health than normal.

    If that game manages to stick it's relaunch (which I'm….kinda doubtful it will), they're bound to have more interesting characters and statuses too.

  28. oh! i'm so sad. i have a whole suite of status ailments in the fighting game i'm developing. if only i started a year or two prior!

  29. Always love to see your videos show up on my feed, even with the homepage being like shit and the bell not doing a thing apparently. Looking forward to ur next one!

    Did not even realize that Touhou game was this wild

  30. hisoutensoku mentioned!
    thanks for bringing soku up. a full video would be cool, but as with most fighting games, explaining where the depth comes from can't fully express the depth itself. unlike other fighters, though, knowing about other fighting games won't help you understand soku much. normal concepts like whiffpunishes and mixups exist and are easy to spot in soku, but the decision-making around them is usually completely different. all this is to say, it's a unique enough game that the only way to know the experience is to play it.

  31. One I was hoping to see was Modok in MvC3 where he can reverse the other player's buttons. That was a fun one.

  32. Would love to see a video similar to your NE move or stance character video on Kara characters. Think you’d be able to give a super nuanced explanation of the archetype. Great video as always 👍

  33. Fun Fact: Chizuru has ALWAYS had her debuff super, ever since her debut in kof 96, actually!

  34. I really, really, really like how p4a did the status effects. They translated so many things from the rpgs its actually nuts

  35. I can probably think of a couple unique status effects.

    Like Rohan and Pucci in JoJo's Bizarre adventure have moves that'll restrict you from pushing a certain button or prevent you from using specials

    Injustice 2 has a character that'll cause you the opponent to damage themselves if they push up or down

    There's probably some indie games that I'm forgetting.

  36. Status effects are so cool to me, its like an additional timer or a new win condition. Like with the chizuru example sealing ya opponent. You go from ok, i got my fireballs and DP, to oh no I DONT HAVE ANY OF THOSE NOW. Damn Im realizing just how much I deal with status effects and debuffs in the fighters I play lmao i never paid it any mind. Great vid as always

  37. Soku definitely deserves it's own video. The game's so unique, full of interesting mechanics, and most of those mechanics aren't Typhoon or River Mist.

  38. I would mention a few more from classic style games (sorta)

    Sai from Akatsuki blitzkampf, his debuffing is hellishly slow but in exchange it leads to really interesting effects. Usual problems with framedata or walk… or banning jumping altogether. (And his super debuff applies all three at same time). I mention him specifically because of how they tried to implement it. Sai taunts and poses for a bit starting at opponent.
    Doctor K from Ultra fight de kyanta 2 because it actually was even more hectic. His debuff is a projectile being pill
    He can decide which pill he is using but the idea is same. When enemy is debuffed, they forcefully jump on hit/block/parry from a certain type of attack. What might be most intersting way to implement a debuff. Only way to avoid its downsides is good movement and not getting hit but even if you do, its just a jump and you can work around that too. It quite literally feels like how debuff hsould work. Making player themselves a bit confused. (not forced state of doing nothing or taking damage)

  39. A full Hisotensoku video would be great 🎉

  40. A dedicated Soku video would be really cool!

  41. I think a video topic which would be cool to talk about is how tournament culture is part of the FGC, it's definitley not the only genre to have tournaments but it is certainly unique compared to other competitive events

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