The History of ROBLOX Fighting Games (2006 - 2023) -

The History of ROBLOX Fighting Games (2006 – 2023)

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Some of ROBLOX’s most popular and well-received games are its FPS games & fighting games, and today I’m going to be going over the history behind them; and how far they’ve come in the last 17 years.

I left out many games because I couldn’t talk about them all. Also, I often mixed up the terms FPS and ˢʰᵒᵒᵗᵉʳ by mistake. Sorry about that.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 2006/07: Crossroads, by Shedletsky
01:04 2006/11: Sunset Plain, by Koopa & two lost games
01:52 2006/09: Mustafar, by Stealth Pilot
02:06 2007/04: Sword Fight on the Heights, by Shedletsky
02:45 2007/06: Capture the Flag games
02:58 2007/06: Ultimate Paintball, by Miked
03:28 2007/08: Doomspire Brickbattle
04:00 2007/10: The first ROBLOX guns, basically
04:17 HM for 2007: Pirates of the Robloxian, by Stealth Pilot
04:33 Early aerial combat games from 2007
04:42 2008 was a cool year
04:49 2008/03: classic awp_map, by Clockwork
05:07 2008/04: Kiseki CTF, by Clockwork & conix
05:22 Clockwork’s audio & mesh distribution
06:04 2008/03: Heli Wars, by DrewsomeB
06:36 2008/07: Naruto: Land of the Ninja, by SnakeWorl
07:12 2008/11: Galleons, by Wingman8
07:26 2009/06: Fencing, by Stickmasterluke
07:42 2009/01: The Underground War, by Stickmasterluke
07:59 2009/07: Zeppelin Battle / Wars, by myrkrwarrior / lolkiller101
08:44 2009/11: Base Wars, by d4rk886
09:18 2009/12: Call of Robloxia 5, by litozinnamon
09:50 2009/04: Armored Patrol, by Wingman8 (and not the remake :/)
10:35 Weapons evolution recap and the state of Roblox in 2010
11:34 2010/??: Sword Fighting Tournament, by TheGamer101
11:55 Toasty talks about meshes
13:04 2011/05: Paintball, by Daxter33
13:36 2011/06: Catalog Heaven, by Seranok & Quenty
14:00 2012/02: Base Wars FPS, by Roblox Staff
14:26 2012/04: Authority, by Logitech101 & Spookyfox
14:57 2012/07: Apocalypse Rising, by Gusmanak & ZolarKeth
16:04 2012/10: Black Magic, Qaeo
16:40 2012/11: Roblox Battle, by Roblox Staff
17:06 2013 was an important year, but not enough
17:32 2014/04: Mad Murderer & Murder Mystery 2
18:18 2014/09: Strife!, by Fenrier
18:40 2014/11: Mad Paintball, by loleris
19:13 2015 was a good year for Roblox 🙂
19:36 2015/07: Arsenal, by ROLVe Community
20:22 2015/08: Phantom Forces, by StyLiS Studios
21:22 2016/17 sucked lol
21:36 2016/11: DBZ Final Stand, by SnakeWorl
22:01 2017/01: KAT, by Fierzaa
22:23 2018/02: Ragdoll Universe / Mayhem, by LSPLASH
23:21 2018/07: Neighborhood War, & gory fighting games
23:51 The filtering enabled update
24:11 Island Royale & Strucid
24:24 2018/12: A Bizarre Day
24:39 2019/01: Blox Fruits, by Gamer Robot Inc.
25:22 2019/05: Bad Business, by Team Rudimentality
25:39 2019/10: Blood Flow / Mortem Metallum, by Ender1709
26:01 2019/02: Your Bizarre Adventure
26:19 2020/01: Criminality, by RVVZ
26:48 The Streets, Da Hood, etc.
26:59 2020/05: Combat Warriors, by Swenzje
27:24 2020/10: Hellreaver Arena, by NC Software
27:41 Realistic Hood Gun Test & Games Unite Testing Place
27:57 Item Asylum, Randomizer, Infinite Welfare
28:25 2021/04: Zo, by Voldex
28:49 2021/05: Aimblox, by AimLab
29:09 2021/05: Bedwars, by / Easy Games
29:37 2021/07: BRICKBATTLER, by mayenokoo
29:52 2021/02: Slap Battles, by Tencelll
30:10 2021/12: Super Scuffle, by Studio Origami
30:31 2022’s lack of games, & the Blackout teasers
31:01 To recap… & categories
32:22 Outro
33:03 A special message from Roblox’s founder

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  1. It’s a shame that he didn’t mention phighting

  2. How are you going to leave out the trend of battlegrounds lmao

  3. when you mentioned a bizarre day i got emotional fr

  4. The "fresh meat" sound effect is from the video games series Diablo. The butcher is the one who says it whenever you encounter him

  5. My Favorites Games It's Roblox And TF2

  6. And all of that to reach the peak fighting game,the strongest battlegrounds,probably the best PvP game of all roblox

  7. Its sad toasted left out elemental battlegrounds, not revolutionary, but it had a large charm in the fighting games genre.

    But in the end, even the good games will eventurally slip away, and without knowing it, no one will remember the enjoyment.

    Its like what they say, "When you having fun, you will end up making memories."

  8. I remember Heli Wars taking several years to be dethroned from the front page. It not only was a classic, but was one of the first games to truly hog the front page for extended periods of time

  9. Where's Online fighting and Arcane Adventures by VetexGames???

  10. apocalypse rising looks like 99% unturned as unturned I think was slightly popular at that time it probably was based on unturned and day z I’m not completely sure but those models look 1 : 1 to unturned models (items in the game)

  11. you should’ve included polyguns, was a really fun game to play back in the day and i think it would still be pretty fun if more people played it

  12. frontlines is so realistic when i showed my friend they thought it was the real call of duty

  13. You forgot to mention Roblox Fortress 2 that came out in 2013. One of the rolves first games. That would go onto inspire their next game Typical Colors 2 in 2016.

  14. Im glad my favorite ariel combat game got on this list (zepplin wars), IT IS STILL BEING UPDATED TO THIS DAY!

  15. Bruh you forgot the Northern Frontier released in 2017 I think. It kickstarted the "Canadian Frontier" genre on roblox. It's about the early 18th century when europeans started invading Quebec and started fighting native americans and also among themselves. It is a brutal and harsh survival game, plus, there is a looting system. Now there are remakes of the game like Northwind (this is the official remake) and the New Frontier.

  16. RIP Galleons man. It was so cool and honestly is still fun but no one plays it

  17. Oooo i played alot catalog heaven back them

  18. anime fighting simulator which has 1-2B visits and created in 2019😢😢😢

  19. You didnt talk about Deadzone, it has evolved into unturned and has had many remakes and the most recent being DEADZONE classic. And Rise Of The Dead 2014, having nice early/late weapon systems

  20. This man did not mention Stealth Pilot's zombie house (the jaredvaldez game), Hunger Games, Pokemon Arena X or Battleship (2011-2013) or, but Black Magic was a nice touch.

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