The Gundam Fighting Game That Rules Japan -

The Gundam Fighting Game That Rules Japan

Hold Back to Block
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The Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. series of fighters has been around for over two decades and has dominated Japanese arcades for most of that time as well as given birth to smaller scenes in places like the United States especially after its latest console release, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM EXTREME VS. MAXIBOOST ON. I chatted with Brett Young about what makes this Gundam game stand out from the rest and why people seem to love it so much?

Additional editing by Phil Nolan


0:00 Intro
0:49 What is Gundam Extreme Vs?
5:37 It’s been popular for HOW long!?
10:08 How the US scene is growing the scene

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  1. If it's not Tequilla gundam it's not a real Gundam.

  2. Here’s hoping MBON gains more traction abroad, I really enjoy playing it!

  3. This series rules. Gotcha Force also rules, and has competitive mods.

    Those of the first-person persuasion may want to check out Gundam Evolution when it's out. It's Overwatch better than Overwatch, it's free-to-play, and I don't understand how Bandai Namco pulled it off. It's very weird to see a Japanese company make a good competitve online game, let alone an FPS.

  4. Nice video. Also I can't believe I'm in the GVS part haha

  5. Seeing the MBON community grow and connect with one another has been so heartwarming. I don't hop on as much as I used to, but every time I do it's so nice seeing familiar names in the lobbies and seeing how we've all grown since launch. Such a special game. I hope the community's dedication and love allows it to continually grow.

  6. I stay sippin that gundam content, thank you for this

  7. As someone that has personally spent nearly an entire decade of time and energy preaching the word of Gundam EXVS to anyone that understands the English language, this form of acknowledgement for the series warms my heart in ways I just cannot fully express. Thank you so much for this, Esteban. Hope to see you on Side 7.

  8. The existence of Rise of Incarnates to this day still baffles me, I doubt I'll ever understand why in the Sam Hill they thought that would be more successful than something using the Gundam IP in the States.

  9. I really liked rise of incarnates, but it was hard to convince my friends to play it. Sad that it didn't get the chance to blossom

  10. Is this game better played on stick or hitbox? I usually play fighting games on hitbox (used to use stick) and it never hit me to use it for this game

  11. the last gundom I played had all this mmo stuff going on. it made it really daunting to get into. also there wasn't any coop mode or anything that let us play as a team.

  12. I've been vaguely interested in trying the Gundam vs games so this was a great watch and I'd love to try getting into it now that I know a bit more

  13. Love this game! Hope this helps to push the game’s popularity. Bring in EW Altron!

  14. PERFECT TIMING on this video. Just participated in the Gundam Evolution beta and, while it was fun, I didn't enjoy the 6v6 overwatch/riot overwatch style of gameplay. This game looks right up my alley and I can't wait to give it a try.

  15. Gundam Versus is great and needs a PC port.
    Gundam in general deserves more respect in the west. The original, After War Gundam X, 0080 War in the Pocket, Turn A Gundam, and Unicorn are some of my favorite Gundam anime.

  16. Great vid! I've been playing competitively since Gundam vs Gundam since I was in Japan in 2008. I'm glad I was able to help introduce a little bit it to the west scene back when Gundam Extreme Vs came out on PS3. Seeing how much it's grown since then, especially compared to the first Evo Brett and the gang ran it back in like 2012, is just fantastic.

  17. Yo’ – thanks for putting this doc out – well done!

    Brett Young talking about his game and organization was great content. I dont know much about the Gundam Versus series but I could listen to this dude talk all day. Knowledgable and understanding of where the scene is as well as incredibly welcoming to a new audience, a sign of a passionate player who just wants more people to play with.

  18. This game is amazing I hope it never gets big though because DLC will ruin this game look at all the mobile suits in the game half of them would have been DLC in the states

  19. I would like to see more attempts at team-based fighting games like Anarchy Reigns, Rise of the Incarnates, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, etc.

  20. I bought maxiboost on a whim a few months ago and forgot about it. I think I'll go back and play with my brother. My dad is a Gundam fan so he'll enjoy watching

  21. I really like this Brett Young guy. He articulates his thoughts very well. Might be a really good Elden Ring player as well.

  22. This game is the only reason I still have a PlayStation

  23. Can't go wrong with this game. Definitely a unique experience you should experience once in your life if you like gundam or fighting games.

  24. Real Grade Gundam Wing EW is a sexy kit. I like it a lot.

  25. Would love for this to come to PC someday. It'd be a day one purchase.

  26. Maxi Boost On was released in arcades in 2016, and didn't come out to consoles until 4 years later.

    If Bandai Namco doesn't care about their game, why should I?

  27. This is BY FAR my favorite fighting game series. It's so fast, fun, and completely reignited my love for Gundam when I discovered it years and years ago. It immediately clicked with me. The team aspect is sick. Being able to play it WITH your friend instead of always against them is really cool. It's all about neutral and finding opportunities to attack. It's an acquired taste but super addictive once you get it. My dream is it makes its way to PC someday.

  28. Very glad to see EXVS getting this kind of attention. Here's to hoping we continue to see new iterations of the series brought to consoles worldwide!

  29. Let's go Bunny Boy Maid Cafe!
    Too bad the camera's weren't rolling the night earlier when everyone was drunk on whiskey and soju in the hotel lobby randoming teams.

  30. 'requires a degree to understand?' gunpla is designed for 8 year olds dude.

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