The Gundam Fighting Game That Rules Japan -

The Gundam Fighting Game That Rules Japan

Hold Back to Block
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The Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. series of fighters has been around for over two decades and has dominated Japanese arcades for most of that time as well as given birth to smaller scenes in places like the United States especially after its latest console release, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM EXTREME VS. MAXIBOOST ON. I chatted with Brett Young about what makes this Gundam game stand out from the rest and why people seem to love it so much?

Additional editing by Phil Nolan


0:00 Intro
0:49 What is Gundam Extreme Vs?
5:37 It’s been popular for HOW long!?
10:08 How the US scene is growing the scene

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Gundam Extreme Vs resources (Learn how to play):

Gundam Guide


EXVS MBON Beginner’s Guide

You Should Be Playing Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxiboost ON

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  1. Fun series and I really hope it grows in the west.

  2. GNR server banned me for accidently misgendering someone, community def not welcoming at all

  3. "model kits that require a degree to understand" bro they're literally legos but they can only go together one way

  4. I remember RoI. Not the name, just playing it and being kind of nice at it. I really liked it back then. But guess I've got to save up money for a playstation now… Because I did like Gundam vs in an arcade where I'm from. And that arcade is in Europe.

    EDIT: GUNPLA is Lego for adults. I can see even kids being able to make that.

  5. Was watching XQC play gundam evolution lol what timing

  6. Battle operations 2 has a learning curve but well worth it once you have a functional team

  7. From the fact that Gundam is still up until this point horribly misunderstood in the West, by being perceived as a mindless action show with no purpose than to sell model kits, I doubt the franchise will ever find success and thrive in the West.

  8. I don't understand how a franchise like this has failed so hard in the West. It's serious tones are phenomenal and the stories are well told.

  9. Crazy because dissdia nt has way better movement and controls then this

  10. The Holy Grail of arcade games, it's pretty much the missing link between fighting games and more modern team based competitive games, and the best part is that it's actually an amazing game instead of just a gimmicky experiment.
    It's good to see that Namco isn't screwing up every single chance for this game to become a thing in the west. I still remember back when one of my friends imported Full Boost from Japan.
    I really hope one day this game gets a PC port with good netcode, even if it's not the most recent version.

    Dissidia would be the closest thing to this game but that always struck me as a bit of a visual mess compared to EVS. Gunslinger Stratos or something is also supposedly another great competitive arcade game but don't know a lot about that one other than how it is controlled by using two handgun shaped controllers.

  11. Everytime I came across these cabinets in Japan they'd either be completely full, or surrounded by groups of players ready to duke it out. The community is so interesting for EXVS, and I had alot of fun teaming up with random people in the arcades. I just wish the series would come to pc one day.

  12. looks alot like the dbz budokai tenkaichi games

  13. Gotcha Force, same exact engine as Gotcha Force!! Lol.

  14. Now that GBO2 is coming to PC my hopes are restored for EXVS possibly coming too

  15. shoutouts to MBON. My friends and I didn't make it out to our locals as much as we wanted to, but I still love logging on from time to time.

  16. looks mad interesting. is there a discord server? how is the netcode?

  17. Love these games, they're so unique and feel they have a high skill ceiling. I wish we could get a Gundam action rpg that incorporated some of the Gundam VS/EXVS movement/mechanics.

  18. Excellent video. I can’t wait for Gundam Vs. to get the respect it deserves, and then set off another wave of arena fighters.

    But this time around, there’ll be more than 3 good games.

  19. Imagine this same style of gameplay but dbz… we need more 2v2 team based arena fighters

  20. I bought 4 copies of Gundam Versus to get my friends to play it and we loved it.
    I hate that English MBON is digital only. I couldn't hand out copies to my friends to play. Thats my scenes biggest hurdle. :S

  21. Didn't realize I was missing out until I watched this video. Hope this game makes its way to PC someday.

  22. It's pretty sweet that Ueda Kana kept coming back to EVO for Gundam after her autograph session in '14.

  23. There’s been a couple of recent Gundam PC ports, and I’m hoping one day Vs will be one of them 🙏. Great video!

  24. Bought this on PS4 and got destroyed each and every match,Japan really knows how to make games that should come with depression medication.

  25. Please gib PC port, I'm not buying a PS but I really wanna play it as I had tons of fun whenever I played it

  26. Rise of Incarnates was what got me into these kind of games and goddamn do I miss that game even though it was all kinds of jank.

  27. I bought this game a a few months back, I still play it from time to time. Been wanting to put it on my channel , It's hard to get a actual match tho, So I just play all the mobile suits in 1 player mode..wish people still played it in the west.

  28. I've been playing since the original EXVS on PS3 seeing community actually grow bigger give a feeling we have come a long way thx to PS4 port of MBON
    Hope they will port another version soon since it's already almost two years for Xboost ,arcade will have newer version take its place , then global will finally update the game to true next-gen VS. at last

  29. New vicious guy looks epic, look forward to trying this out on next console instance

  30. This is pretty sick. I’ve always been a fighting game fan since as a kid, and I was always an anime fan, and I’d always see and hear about Gundam and always thought it was pretty sick. Did they say any of these games are on the ps4?

  31. Loved this! Thank you!!! Me and my bro love playing Maxiboost on, and we get irritated every time we wanna learn how each mobile suit works but we have to just keep playing blind till we figure out their moves. This video and the links really help!

  32. I bought this game 3 days ago..but i cannot find any players online..any tips i can change to find players?..i 'm from malaysia,i dunno if regions got something to do in finding matches,but please help me


  34. It'd be nice if they brought these games (along with Gundam Breaker 3) to PC. I can't help but feel like it'd open up a lot more people to the series and not having to need a subscription for online is always nice.

  35. bandai is stepping in the right direction for gaming, elden ring, tales of arise , scarlet nexus (amazing gameplay but niche story), upcoming SD gundam alliance, LIKE WOW!

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