The Greatest Walks In Fighting Games -

The Greatest Walks In Fighting Games

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  1. Yo, Baiken walking like everyone in the room is getting a grappling hook to the arse…

  2. I'm sorry but Ash Crimson's walk away animation in KOF XIII beats any of these in fabulous factor.

  3. I'm surprised of not seeing here Mature. I think hers was one of the first and sexiest great walks when she debuted in KoF'96, thought SNK changed its animation for another less provocative in the next games (KoF'98, KoF'02…)

  4. I need to know the name of the third game its for research purposes

  5. No so much of sexy since Iam a straight shooter,but the damn stylish back walk Ive seen in a fighting game this decade has to go to my boy Slayer from Guilty Gear XRD (whos coming back in Strive shortly)

  6. My fav walk in fighting games is using Kolin in SFV and walking backwards

  7. I love Litchi’s walk animation, it’s just too good

  8. Aria of Killer Instinct walk like a real model.

  9. Every woman: Walks sassy

    Iroha: Hops On One Foot

  10. I like how many of the ladies place their hands on their hip. It helps establish them as confident beauties.

  11. These walks truly showcase what's important in the battlefield

  12. you can tell by they walk i'm a cultured man no time to talk

  13. The boobas sighted!

    Like & comment provided.

  14. Walking you said ? I only saw a lot of bOObs bouncing here and there and no, am not compling it 😍

  15. Sad no Yozuriha from under night in birth

  16. Cammy (Street fighter) have a beautiful walk… <3 <3 <3 <3

  17. No Menat or Shermie = null and void list.

  18. What, no Guile walk from SF2? (any version of SF2)

  19. I had a dream about this video concept about 6yrs ago. Never thought I would ever find it

  20. Rachel from DOA is included?! Thank you so much for including my queen 🙌

  21. No SF2 Guile?????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Always been a sucker for Litchi's walk and will always be. Just gorgeous 😍

  23. Can anyone identify for me the music tracks playing at 0:080:11 and at 0:310:34 ? Thanks in advance.

  24. A little bounce to your step doesnt hurt…

  25. I fucking love the Baiken's animation. She acts so confidence and cocky.

  26. Was gonna be sad it was all just boob walks. Saved by the last one haha

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