The Greatest Walks In Fighting Games (Part 3) -

The Greatest Walks In Fighting Games (Part 3)

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  1. Gotenks walking like he's as big as Broly.

  2. Yooooo i didnt know watame was in a fighting game

  3. anji mito in accent core +r im beggign……….

  4. Mika’s walk synced up perfectly with the music.

  5. Mika y Cagliostro a que juego pertenecen?

  6. I was wondering when Gotenks would make it in here

  7. you can tell by they walk i'm a cultured man no time to talk

  8. B. B. Hood frok Darkstalkers need to be added too. Oh and Lilith

  9. What are the games in 5th and 8th ?
    1 Guilty gear strive
    2 Skull girls
    3 Granblue fantasy vs
    4 Persona 4 arena ultimax
    5 ?
    6 Street fighter v
    7 Blazblue cf
    8 ?
    9 Granblue fvs
    10 DFBZ

  10. I watched part 2 and literally thought. What?! No Hsien-Ko?!

    You're really covering your bases here haha

  11. Fun fact: if a fighting game has any sort of dash function, you'll never see the walk animations outside your very first tutorial. XD

  12. Does anyone know what the song is in the second clip

  13. Uh oh big homie gotenks coming through broly better back up

  14. Gotenks gets a 10 from the judges, so much super Swag

  15. Gotenks, hilarious. You should do one for walking back. Though I know no one topping chris.

  16. Gotenks walks like he's about to steal yo girl

  17. Was about to comment on part 2 saying where my boy Gotenks. Then I realized there's more than 1 vid 🙂

  18. Mitsuru's on her way to show you who's the true Queen of Punishment…

  19. Coloca a lista dos jogos na descrição, por favor. Valeu

  20. Jojo games have some pretty good walk cycles.

  21. Foot get Deadpool from Mugen..his walk is crazy

  22. Glad to see Zhangief is broadening his fighting style repetoire.

  23. Can someone list the title of the games in this Video? ‎ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)

    I only know Platinum www

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