The Greatest Walks In Fighting Games (Part 2) -

The Greatest Walks In Fighting Games (Part 2)

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  1. I love how the best walks have 3 distinct flavors:• GoofyMemeBullshit*ttery.mp3• Giga Chad Stride• Approaching with Malicious Intent

  2. I forgot that my Valkyrian waifu, Selvaria Bles, was in a fighting game.

  3. 0:27 does someone know what Game is that and what character is that? Her song is a banger

  4. Since when was Selvaria in a fighting game?

  5. Where tf is the one legged guy from SF3RD strike

  6. I vote Dizzy’s walk in GGXXR#

    The better you used her, the more bad ass it looked.

  7. B. Jenet's walk cycle be like, "You want some of this?"

  8. which game is the one at 0:27? i think i never saw that game anywhere.

  9. where is Boss Rugal menacing walk from KOF XV?

  10. Which two gamer come before and after mark of the wolf

  11. Nothing beats Menat. She's too fierce with it.

  12. Bro is that zelda skin for Cammy really official?
    And what about that Mario skin for May?

  13. Jotaro from all star battle r
    hellboy injustice 2
    sol badguy and baiken strive
    nemesis marvel vs capcom

  14. what are these games called? like i know sfV, garou, guilty gear, umvc3, fighterz, blazblue and akatsuki blitzkampf but what about the other 2 called?

  15. Wait- That's not a wal- proceeds to get run over

  16. Android walk like "I ain't playing witchu ima beat yo ass"

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