The Greatest Runs In Fighting Games (Part 8) -

The Greatest Runs In Fighting Games (Part 8)

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  1. Image Chang charging at you like that in an alleyway

  2. Funny how pouchy dashing for a human in a dog costume

  3. Zeppeli and Bonus Kun are the winner, the rest is just cringe

  4. 0:21 chin is so lucky
    Edit: my bad with getting his name wrong sometimes I get mixed with there names.

  5. didnt know shovel knight was in a fighting game now lolol

  6. I've looked into Blade Strangers before but not sure whether to get it or not. Anyone recommend it?

  7. What game was shovel knight supposed to be in

  8. No much to say with these ones. They are cool, tho. Gonna pick Chang.

    I love Shermie, BTW.

  9. 0:16 I'll never be able to get over the fact that Anji looks like he's gonna say "Ara Ara" at any given moment

  10. Can we get Peacock from Skullgirls in the next one?

  11. What's the fighting game name where Shovel Knight is in it?

  12. Still waiting for Young Joseph Joestar’s “Run” in HFTF/ASB/EOH

  13. lol that zeppeli run is nice, still waiting for Joseph Joestar

  14. Guy in the magician hat sharingan'd Luffy's run, and I'm not cool with that. Please keep doing these.

  15. Okay now you're really milking this series… A very small amount of these are even good while the rest doesn't seem any significant than the other…

  16. I love how Shermie runs here, like she's gonna trip up n over at any time but just doesn't.

    Also this is kinda my first look at Yuel since a brief fanart picture, she is way shorter than I thought she was.

  17. with 5, that's over half of the casr of thewaku waku 7 game

  18. Bridget from +r plz. No joke literally went to comment section to ask for Bridget. Then watch the video to get bridget

  19. Joseph joestar’s secret joestar technique run

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