The Greatest Runs In Fighting Games (Part 4) -

The Greatest Runs In Fighting Games (Part 4)

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  1. I think Tobi from the naruto shippuden ninja storm series is a good option, but i don't know it fits very well in this videos…

  2. A.B.A and Big Band's run are my favorites here.
    A.B.A's run is frantic with some Looney Toons feel to how it's animated and well, everything that comes from Big Band manages to put a smile to my face.

  3. thief arthur from million arthur arcana blood

  4. Leona wins this time.
    Liked Akari running like Arale too, tho.

  5. The first one got overlapped by naoto , the idea is to look at the animations, i am no expert but when they are obstructed that's kind of a problem, same thing with the end cards.

  6. if I recall, Mizoguchi from KoF: MI Regulation A also has a noteworthy run.

  7. Joseph joestar’s secret joestar technique run in All Star battle and HTTF

  8. A.B.A run is just so funny and scary to me. It's so cartoony but knowing how she is and plays, seeing her being able to lift Paracelcus like that and just book it towards you like a maniac would be scary in first person.

  9. Why are they no walks or runs from Akatsuki Blitzkampf series?

  10. ムラクモが入ってないやん!どうしてくれんのこれ(憤怒)

  11. A.B.A has the most dominant run i have ever seen….

  12. Krauser (KOF '96), NESTS team, Rugal, Iori, B. Jenet (KOF 'XI) and Gen An Shiranui.

  13. ooo red hair leona! didnt know she ran on all fours lol

  14. A.B.A showing her true dominance with that run! (Also I'm still surprised I didn't see Peacock yet!)

  15. can you stop putting video suggestions that hide the last clip

  16. The fact that leona run/leap but still has like a running sound disturbs me

  17. XD They used the wrong sound effect for KOF97 Orochi Leona's run…

  18. Peacock from Skullgirls for the next part please

  19. Everyone gangster until the chick starts running at you on all fours

  20. A.B.A has one of the most intense runs I've ever seen in FGs.

    Meanwhile Seox is just smooving!

  21. NOICE, love me some Ivy Valentine goodness right there 👀👀😉👍

  22. should show Murakumo's "run" from Akatsuki Blitzkampf

  23. I would have stood still as well if I see Ivy running towards me.

  24. Something about a child running with MUST DIE on the background sounds very funny to me

  25. At least Big Band showed here, but not Joseph 👀
    Been a while

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