The Greatest Moment In Fighting Game History -

The Greatest Moment In Fighting Game History

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“For the people in the American fighting game community that were there to witness it, it was the most significant day of our lives. For Daigo, it was Sunday.”

That is Patrick Miller’s description of the subject of today’s video. Arguably one of the most famous moments in competitive gaming history, in this video, we’re going to explore the legendary meeting between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong, and how it would change fighting games forever.

This, is Evo moment 37, the most iconic moment in fighting game history.

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  1. People who haven’t spent hours upon hours sweating in the SF3 training room trying to master the parry, just the basic mechanic of parrying, won’t fully understand how monumentally difficult that moment was. And that’s ok! We welcome you to find out more about this underrated masterpiece.

  2. Ngl it's cringe describing a good video game player as a "god."

  3. Awesome.. let's see them fight in a real ring

  4. I used to like Mk more, I've never been a fan of Street Fighter until I saw this clip.
    Now I play SF 3 3rd Strike daily.


  6. What's there to even criticise about this? It simply legendary

  7. The Daigo Parry is the greatest moment in video gaming history.

  8. Back in the day, there used to be a dude in my local arcade that would intentionally let his health meter run down to (near) zero in SF2, then unleash a badass combo to defeat the other player.

  9. I've been playing fighting games since their creation and this still blows me away every single time

  10. 9:03 I'll add another comparison..

    Julio Cesar Chavez KO'd Meldrick Taylor in the last 10 seconds of the 12th and Final Round.

  11. as a player he wont distance himself if he didnt practice that special move by chun lee to parry all the way he even jump to block the final kick and then attack with a finnishing combo. so i wont be shock. well that was his ace.

  12. man did something legendary that echoed for almost 2 decades, capcom releasing sf6 made new players like me and veterans alike looking at clips like these again. I didn't know 3rd strike and what the inputs are but learning from the Video that you have to input forward to parry all those hits with a tight i frame window makes it even more epic, also hearing a home crowd cheer against you in a Tournament while parrying the super, Godlike.

  13. It was EPIC. It was legendary what he did. The computer couldn't even pulled that off. One hair of hp left for him to survive. Everything had to be perfect. Justin thought his Critical Art would end the match with 1 single leg contact. Didn't happen.

  14. When Daigo enters a room, you get out of his way. Roll out a red carpet and get him a chair. You bow to him. God like.

  15. The hand eye coordination and timing involved here is crazy

  16. fck evo 2014, evo 37 MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This is the moment when I first saw my jaw literally dropped on the floor.
    How is this even possible!
    This is something u I’ll never see happen ever again

  18. I've seen this matchup before at a Con in person as an exhibition match forgot who the players were same situation except the Ken player lost after the parrying not as epic as 37 but still impressive none the less

  19. "OHHH MY GOD" is still ringing in my ear to this day.

  20. Daigo is the Federer in street fighter, the goat

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