The Greatest Moment In Fighting Game History -

The Greatest Moment In Fighting Game History

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“For the people in the American fighting game community that were there to witness it, it was the most significant day of our lives. For Daigo, it was Sunday.”

That is Patrick Miller’s description of the subject of today’s video. Arguably one of the most famous moments in competitive gaming history, in this video, we’re going to explore the legendary meeting between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong, and how it would change fighting games forever.

This, is Evo moment 37, the most iconic moment in fighting game history.

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  1. normal people moment 37 wowwwwww …daigo …it was sunday!!!!

  2. Why is it called “Daigo Parry” if it’s something built in the tutorial.

  3. As a guy that used to fight this is way more impressive than rope a dope lol

  4. The funniest part is the "LET'S GO JUSTIN!" then he proceeds to get countered

  5. I haven’t been into Fighting Games since the 90s but every time I see this clip, it makes me want to change all that.

  6. Lmfao at you comparing them to Jordan, Ali and the Babe BAHAHAHA BAHAHAHA

  7. Daigo might be the beast but wong is a goat

  8. This is impressive but not nearly as impressive as DSP's EVO win.

  9. I love how it was referenced in Ken's Smash Ultimate trailer.

  10. Ummm they are not gods! Dafuq is wrong is wrong with you!

  11. You do realise the quote is from the Street Fighter Movie… right?

  12. No one remembers a brilliant game 6 performance if they lose in game 7… 😂

  13. This fight was the first footage I had ever seen of competitive esports. I became a fan immediately.

  14. One of the best videos on this legendary event. Thank you!

  15. …Did Patrick Miller seriously go full Street Fighter The Movie…

  16. JWong is not whiffing moves "into the void" he does it to safely build special meter. In 3.3, Chun-Li is only scary when she has a full meter bar, so she can go low MK into super art. That's why he only does it with safe moves like MP, back MP, low MK and Back HP (which isn't as safe as the others but has an absurd hitbox that can be anti-air because it's so huge).

  17. I always respected the hell out of the daigo parry but never realized how insane it is to parry before the animation comes out. Super sick video

  18. I'm sitting here watching this video and right as they show for the first time this great moment and Evo history an ad plays right in the middle of it. Disgusting

  19. wait, this happened in POMONA???? lmao what

  20. You're maybe the best at it online. Once you're on the stage everything's just different.

  21. Very well made video, I still get chills watching the legendary clip

  22. If I could Daigo Justin Wong, I would be so happy…

  23. Patrick: He's just standing there, menacingly!!

  24. bruh my 54 year old mother who doesnt have the slightest clue about video games knows what evo moment 37 maybe not by name but if i show her it she can recognize it

  25. We’re just about a year shy of 2 decades. It’s surreal that this is still talked about!

  26. Just sits there …menacingly 😂 that got me

  27. It takes even more skill to stretch a 30 second moment into 12 fken minutes 😂

  28. Stop calling them gods. That's annoying.

  29. The 37 label ended up making this clip even more iconic. If you go on an Internet forum and even just say the numbers 37 there will be people who know what you’re talking about. “Moment 1” or “Moment #1” would just never catch on in the same way.

  30. I was just a child at that time but I don't know why, everytime I see this clip it invokes such strong emotions in me. I guess any gamer would relate 😊

  31. I never realised that throughout the parries, he was actually building up his super thingymajigy, only to then unleash it after a mid-air block. Ledge.

  32. I know nothing about fighting games beyond the super basics, but I love that moment.

  33. The way Daigo is just calmly tapping his joystick and Justin is going wild panicking is my favourite thing about it 😂😂

  34. It's the Citizen Kane of eSports and it brings a tear to my eye

  35. "Official" name: EVO Moment 37
    Western name: The Daigo's parry
    JP Name: Let's go Justin

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