The Greatest Fighting Game Mechanic -

The Greatest Fighting Game Mechanic

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A bait title but I fully believe it – at all levels.

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  1. What about combo breakers in Killer Instinct

  2. Nah, parry is still the best mechanic ever.

  3. I guess Capcom also learns from this and they add invincible backdash (V Shift) to SFV

  4. Lol before Burst, there was Guard Cancel Blowback for "get off me" and Guard Cancel Emergency Escape for, well, escaping.

  5. Best fighting game mechanic ever? The Combo

  6. Nah, the greatest fighting game mechanic is the ability to hit your opponent. Without that it's just two people standing there.

  7. Worst fighting game mechanic.
    You got hit, you lost. Why must I deal with a 50/50 for beating your ass.
    I win you lose

  8. I just wanted to say that around 3:40 the autocaption thinks you said "gooey gear" and Im now satisfied

  9. every fighting game needs an attack, duh

  10. that's funny. Killer Instinct 1 basically had this. it was called "combo breaker" and i think that game also introduced overhead attacks not to mention sporting the best arcade graphics at the time & for years after its release. in all aspects, KI 1 is the superior game.

  11. Have you played 'samurai showdown 4'?
    Its an older game, but I have a feeling you might have enjoyed the a+b+c 'rage explosion' mechanic.

    Especially since it was a game that allowed a great deal of otherwise 'taboo' mechanics, like infinite combos, full-health combos, and comeback mechanics.

  12. imo, Parry is the best mechanic to ever happen to me

  13. I more or less agree, and I've always felt that the Marvel vs Capcom series should introduce some type of burst mechanic. Would go a long way in not feeling cheesed because you got tagged with some random hit that led to an infinite or some such nonsense.

  14. i dont agree at all but you gave a good case

  15. Really good explainer over the literal worst butt metal of all time holy shit

  16. I really like hold in DOA. Except against AI opponents, cause they cheat.

  17. If Guilty Gear goes back to the 4-button scheme, I can picture the Psych-Burst command being mapped all four attack buttons pressed simultaneously.

  18. Personally I perfer smash's DI instead of burst. Sure burst is big and flashy but the only consideration is a simple yes or no if your opponent gonna do it. with DI you need to consider at least 4 directions (up, down, reduced LSI, increased LSI), how hard they are holding the stick, whether or not they were holding a direction previously (such as hitting someone when fastfalling), and what move you should use to punish it. Its much better imo than haha look I T posed and now we're in neutral

  19. So, basically, it's like the defensive move in Streets of Rage 3

  20. I’m gonna be honest, not the biggest fan of burst in strive. I play Faust so it’s real hard to get in, and it’s just demoralizing to finally get in and just get bursted. You make a lot of interesting points, I really wish I could like the system.

  21. i think my favorite form of “burst” in other games would be Killer Instincts combo breaker mechanic. if you can recognize what buttons your opponent is pressing you can burst out of the damage and the potential damage. but on the attackers perspective he can perform a counter breaker by doing it before the combo breaker comes out, the risk being dropping the combo and typically being minus but the reward is a restand and full combo. it makes for these insane mind games of does a person combo break knowing the opponent could be expecting it, or does the attacker try to mind read his opponent by counter breaking but at risk of dropping the combo? KI has been my favorite fighting game even after branching out because of these constant mind games that have no cool down compared to GG burst or even MK breaker. that high octane ever present ability to get out of the combo or having been read by the opponent and losing half or more of your health bar is so exhilarating

  22. One year old already. Oh how they grow up so fast.

  23. that's the same i feel about counters in doa2 ultimate. parry, whatever they're called. when you catch their punch/kick/low and instead of taking damage, you dead some counter damage and break their flow. loved that game because of the infinite mind games around that one mechanic.

    i'm not a fan of these unstoppable combo fighters, never been :

  24. can you please make a video talking about wavedashing, animation cancelling movement in general, and all games with them (tekken, melee, mvc3, xenoverse 2, etc.)? 🙏🏼

  25. for me anyway it's gotten to such a point that any fighting game without burst seems more punishing, tried playing UNIST with some friends and it just felt even worse to get hit by any combo

  26. I agree, and I absolutely love the moments of successfull burstbaits, and even more – burstbaits with juicy punishes. This is definitely one of those things that makes the late rounds as intense and breathtaking as they are. Will they burst or will they delay the burst? Or will they risk the little health they have left to make this burst less predictable? Or will the opponent give up the initiative by trying to bait the burst? So many opportunities.

  27. I would humbly argue that the most interesting fighting game mechanic is Super Smash Bros Melee’s DI system. Which has extremely similar results TBH. Branching path of potential combos and creating chases off of them without breaking the fundamental combo system.

  28. This burst is something like dragon ball fighterz but with better since you get to use it more than once

  29. Throwing someone's burst is such a good feeling

  30. Parry are way better then burst in my opinion.

  31. when you said "if you've seen someone do it in a match" the next clips you showed were of people blocking and then doing some sort of "slash" thing. what does this have to do with burst?

  32. Man i wish there was a burst in smash ultimate — cough cough luigi cough cough

  33. Never played the game, totally unfamiliar with the mechanic. Sold, sounds awesome.

  34. This is actually the mechanic I hate most in any game.

  35. One of my favorite mechanics in any game is the gravity cancel from brawlhalla. For those who don't know what it is, if you press the dash button whilst being in the air and not doing a directional input, you will freeze in place and do a spot dodge while at the same time making where you are function as if you were on the ground, and can perform grounded moves while in the air. For example, you could grounded side light attack jump in the air, do a gravity cancel and perform another grounded side light to catch an opponent jumping. This feature is an absolutely amazing thing and I wish more games had it.

  36. i dont use the burst at all and its barely effective against me. i play nagoriyuki and more often than not the opponent bursting gives me time to breathe

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