The GOTY of '99 - SOUL CALIBUR: The Fighting Games that MADE ME -

The GOTY of ’99 – SOUL CALIBUR: The Fighting Games that MADE ME

Maximilian Dood
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  1. IMO SCV is the best playing SC title, despite the lacking roster. The meter system is much better than in VI since you can choose when to use enhanced versions of your moves or save for supers as opposed to the timed power up state of VI. V also had the best combos because of this. VI is a bit like how KOF combos don't really get cool until you use max mode.

  2. I played 1 and 2 for the first time a few years ago on Xbox with the hd versions and I honestly like the first one better. Something about the controls to me feels different lol it might be those versions though

  3. My favorite character was the first guy he beat that Nunjuck guy. Plus I don't think I never played Soulcalibur 1 I started with 2 I never had a dreamcast

  4. I remember SC1 briefly on PS1, never seen it on the Dreamcast. Visuals are sumptuous.

  5. Please do the rest of characters rate the super for SCVI!

  6. Max mentions Tekken Tag on PS2

    Me: "Oooooohhhh… memories…"

  7. Soul Edge x Soul Calibur 3 has the best endings they need to go bacc to that formula in the future

  8. Siegfried made me fall in love with stance characters.

  9. They should have called the game "Soulcalibur featuring Lizardman from the Lizardman May Cry series".

  10. I remember being really young and going to a local restaurant in my city and them having the arcade version of Soul Calibur. I would play it with my dad all the time and it’s the first fighting game that I played and passed. I enjoyed Mitsurugi and Siegfried.

  11. My Dreamcast experience consisted of just Sonic Adventure, Soulcalibur, Shemmue and a small bit of Crazy Taxi because shortly after I beat Shenmue our DC stopped reading discs. I think my brother was messing with burned games or something.

    Not that it mattered much because my DC experience continued on Gamecube thanks to SA2B, Skies of Arcadia Legends and the PS2 version of CVS2.

  12. Whether it was in Soul Blade / Edge, Soul Calibur, or Soul Calibur III Hwang Sung Kyung remains my go to player. I know he's in VI but III's the last game I played in the franchise.

  13. There was a joke in a Dreamcast magazine over here sent over by a reader that probably hasn't aged well, but still made me laugh: 'Soul Calibur makes Tekken Tag look like a man in drag.' 😁

  14. idk, I really enjoyed SCIII in all regards. I think all SC games has solid gameplay.
    I think my top 3 is:
    1. SC6
    2. SCII
    3. SCIII

    imo, imo.

  15. Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords eternally retold.

  16. I really wish they brought back Seigfried's P2 costume from this. The artwork in the game shown it could be awesomely detailed.

  17. This was the game we bought with the Dreamcast, and as I was like.. 6, I remember being disappointed we didn't get Sonic Adventure, but the second I saw this game running I suddenly didn't care anymore lol. Definitely one of the best fighting games of all time.

    Got Sonic Adventure after that though and man I had fun. The Dreamcast was such a great system.

  18. I am not a pro in fighting games, never been able to break through the learning barrier of terminologies, but Soul Calibur will always have a special place in my heart. Especially 3, it was the first one I owned, and I spent endless hours playing the various challenges, single player modes and challenges. The one I played against other players was 4, with countless hours of fights with friends, until I became the basement king of the group. I picked 6 up last year, I've played a bit, but my friends have moved on from the series, and online just isn't as fun, since I can only find ranked matches in a reasonable time, which can be too stressful and sweaty.

  19. One of the most impressive launch games ever along with Mario 64.

  20. Watching this brings back many happy memories of 1999 – what a year!!

  21. I remember I was babysitting a group of kids for this one family but husband had a dream cast in which he allowed me to play and I played soul calibur it was amazing that's how I got into this series.

  22. Siegfried's ending reminded me of the band of the hawk.

  23. oh man the dreamcast 🙂 Soul Calibur, Silver, Sonic The Hedgehog 1 & 2 and Power Stone :))

  24. This is the game I have the most fond memories. I played the arcade version and it made me go daily, been after high school, after homework or both! And there was a day when we were like 8 dudes playing this beauty, everyone had a different main and, as I have done since, I always main Siegfried too! 😀

  25. I remember the Lizardman intro from a while back

  26. I remember seeing this game on arcade in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I was blown away by the swordplay and animation. So back home, I found out that new console, Dreamcast, has this game, so Soul Calibur sold me entire system. Later, Dead or Alive also blew me away, and then CvS 1 and 2, MvC 1 and 2 ( yes, I had 1st MvC on Dreamcast), and then 2discs with SF3, then lightgun games – house of the dead . Console was great

  27. The should be a meme. Everytime there's a character role call, just add "and lizardman"

  28. Now I just want a Soul Calibur Spin Off where you play as Lizardman

  29. 7:40 Yup, 檜山修之 Mr. Nobuyuki Hiyama, the voice actor of Siegfried in SoulCalibur I, II, and VI, is one of super iconic voices that are immediately recognizable. In addition to other popular characters like Link, Joe Higashi, Batsu Ichimonji, BlackWarGreymon (Digimon Adventure 02), and Gai Shishioh (GaoGaiGar the King of Braves), he was also Demitri Maximoff and the game announcer in SVC CHAOS: SNK vs. Capcom!

  30. It's funny who the voice actor for Siegfried in SC still ended up voicing Link in SC2

  31. Sf 2 champion edition was my 1st ever fighting game

  32. Surprised by the lack of LizardMan. I'd have like to see more of him in the intro.

  33. dislike for not having enough lizardman

  34. Some of my fondest childhood memories lay within this game! Taking turns on clearing Arcade with all the characters with my younger brother, uncle and even dad and mom occasionally! Hahaha, I mained Hwang while lil bro mained Mitsurugi and uncle mained Maxi.

  35. Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur 2 .. These games made our shopping malls a battlefield .. Esp during conquest mode .. I miss the golden days of arcade ~ 😎😎😎

  36. Anybody remember the motion capture tekken tag game in the arcades?

  37. I've never played this game or any game on the Dreamcast as none of my friends or me had a DC. I did play a decent amount of the GC version of SC2

  38. Nobuyuki Hiyama was also the voice of Yoshimitsu in the Soul Calibur series, Demitri, Pyron and Donovan in the Darkstalkers series and Gowcaizer in Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. Plus Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho

  39. Dreamcast will forever be my favorite console. So many memories.

  40. For this game and Tekken Tag Tournament 1. I'm torn cuz these two games were so good with their console versions WAY better than their Arcade versions. However because of that it marked the beginning of the end for Arcades.

  41. ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES EVER!!! I grew up with this, Sonic Adventure, and SO many other Dreamcast games as a kid!! I think if not for Soulcalibur, I wouldn't be nearly as in to fighting games as I am nowadays ^o^

  42. This game is worth keeping a Dreamcast for. I'm in the minority but I think Soul Blade on PS1 and Soul Calibur on DC were the pinnacle of the series. The amount of unlockable content, polish, musical score, presentation, and lore seemed to just steadily go downhill after it. I liked Link in SCII and Raphael was neat before they made him a vampire for some reason but it just seemed like a step back (and I was pissed that proper Seigfried and Hwang were cut).

  43. It can't be overstated how mind-blowing the visuals for SC1 were at the time, even after the PS2 came out this title still looked beautiful. Then SC2 came out and became one of my top 10 fav games ever. Simply an incredible pair of entries in a fighting series.

    Tip: Listen to the soundtracks for both games on YT, separate from all the grunting and screaming. Quite underrated game music.

  44. I wish they still did the style exhibitions. that was so amazing when they did that!

  45. Let’s hope soulcalibur 7 happens with a new engine and an improved create a soul

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