The future of fighting games (in my opinion) -

The future of fighting games (in my opinion)

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Let’s wrap up the year with some thoughts on fighting games in general. I have hope for the future!

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  1. That's one thing that really impresses me about UNIST, it had nothing behind it besides a good dev and picked up attention at tournaments WITHOUT good online as well.

  2. In the future all the fighting game will going to be arena fighting game

  3. Came back and realized I hadn't subscribed i had to drop a sub to much knowledge here i agree games are going to keep getting simpler due to the fact most players are casual

  4. One thing that keeps me interested in fgs is how much there is to learn, if a fg doesn't have much I can add to gameplay and it's just kinda boring to think about and discuss, I emd up dropping it (mbtl for example). I like being able to see all the things I'm missing out on being able to do because of my own lack of skill

  5. DoAX3 is totally a fighting game. I held a FG party with my friends that featured Butt Battle.

  6. i dont think most of us mind if big ip's are the future of fg's or whatever, what i do mind is that i genuinely just do not enjoy most modern fighting games as much as i do old ones and if the design of anime fighting games evolves further in the direction of strive, gbvs, dnf duel, etc there is nothing here for me. everyone can admit there is plenty to dislike about strive as a gg boomer and i wish we had at least a small minority of games still developing into more complex designs n shit

  7. No one gonna call out that DOA Extreme 3 besides LK himself… Seems sus guys, just sayin. lol

  8. LK spitting so many facts in this video, man I hope you hit 100k subscribers in 2022 fr 🙏

  9. I like how he has the only DOA that’s still poppin, and it ain’t the fighting game DoA. Degenerate

  10. Am I the only one who thinks a "Bleach FighterZ" would print a whole lot of money? I mean I want a 2d bleach fighting game BAD man. I just think some other big shonen needs something, that being bleach, ESPECIALLY since the Bleach anime is returning in 2022. Just saying that if ArcSys wants to make some dough, they should allow us to perform a Getsugatensho. (See what I did there?)

  11. "In SF the ifrst lesson you learn is DON'T FUCKING JUMP"
    Melty Blood: Hehehehehehehehe . . .

  12. I gotta question when is the doa extreme 3 stream

  13. Im mostly watching on the sidelines nowadays. Used to be I could pick up a fighter and have fun playing casually or even competitively with friends but nowadays I cant just take a game round a friends house because of constant patching and DLC so that killed that. There is also the production quality. Used to be games like racers and fighters would have some of the best graphics but while some still look good its more down to an artistic style rather than anything graphically mind blowing so they are also no longer impressive on that front.

    Lastly the width of content on them has gotten pretty poor like almost back to barebones arcade port poor except back then close to arcade perfect was something to strive for and not a given. A few of my friends got good at SC for instance not because they wanted to compete at first but simply because they loved playing the single player stuff and were able to develop their skills organically without it feeling like work.

    There will always be indie fighters and sadly I doubt many will become big even if they are good simply because of how entrenched the mainstays of the genre are. Sadly this lack of threat will be eventually what destroys it as big companies like Capcom and Namco just put less and less effort into the titles. In short the future looks pretty bleak from a consumer perspective imo.

  14. I grew up with legacy titles, but honestly as I've gotten older I think I've lost the mindset of "my games need to be hardcore". I have little issue with FGs becoming simpler.

    There are broader things I'd prefer they keep (lower damage, longer combos), but I don't care about simple inputs and I could do without systems on top of systems to the point where a game is just a minefield of mechanics and variables that are a chore to wholly account for (without hundreds of training hours). These days I'm a believer in "easy to learn, hard to master".

    Streamlining does not erase depth, and it comes with huge upsides like popularity and (IMO) shorter time to enjoyment. A noob is very unlikely to beat someone who knows the game inside-out regardless. I'm sure indie games will fill the hardcore space as they do with basically any genre, but generally speaking I think it's healthy for FGs to shed some of the convoluted fat.

  15. "A lot of the vocal minority of players aren't good at fighting games."

    It's about time someone said it. EVERY fucking game that comes out these scrubs come out with the same talking points, "you're afraid we'll catch up!" Y'all been ass in every fighting game up until now, I'm suppose to believe these ppl are magically going to lab and level up? These dudes ALWAYS disappear less than a month.

    Motion inputs or not, easy mode execution, pay to win DLC and these dudes never stick around. These games aren't hard, these jerkoffs just can't handle losing and aren't motivated enough to improve.

  16. My prediction I'd add too is: fighting games are going to be free to play.

    I'm worried about the lack of orignal IPs coming out. Particularly 3d fighters. Anime fighters are popping up left and right but 3d fighters haven't had a new IP in years.

  17. I mean type Lumina is technically I but IP because the Natsuverse is huge

  18. Honestly, my prediction is, fighting games will reinvent themselves in the next few years, with f2p models and games as service, aince the issue is, compared to the arcade days, the barrier for entry is too high, no one wants to pay 60 bucks for fighting games unless its based on something, or is the cutting edge, this has always been the case

  19. whats interesting to me is that some legacy games seem to have grown post-release (Tekken 7 on PC today is averaging more than 2x the average daily players of the months after release) this could be due to covid in general but most of the legacy games typically stick to what they have been doing for a long time. Sure there are new mechanics or small alterations but generally the core seems to stick the same, but we can still see evidence that despite being a 'legacy game' and therefore essentially existing within a fairly rigid box of 'This is what a Tekken/Street Fighter/Guilty Gear/etc. game is' they can flourish and grow without having to dumb themselves down too much or make fundamental changes to the core of their gameplay. SF5 sold more than 5 and a half million units + whatever else was spent on DLC, I feel like these games are still profitable and will continue to be.

    you're probably right about a lack of new IP though, its unlikely that a new game will come along that is a complete new invention and actually compel people into playing and being a financial success. one of the perks of being a 'dead' or 'niche' genre though is that the people who do actually participate are usually pretty enthusiastic about it so you never know, maybe someone could come along and sweep fans off their feet with a new game

  20. I clicked cause I saw deku in the thumbnail lol I want a MHA fighting game so bad. Kinda glad it hasn't come yet tho cause they just started putting in good online. Now it'll have good online and possibly crossplay if it's made today. As for the topic I don't listen to anything those folks say ever because in the same breath they say KI (the game I started competing in) was 2 easy and hard at the same time, shit still baffles me to this day.

  21. The future of ASW is that theyll be pushing IP fighters with the GBVS/DNF formula to fund new Blazblue games and other actual unique products. Im betting now

  22. Thank you LK. For exposing all the naysayers of fighting games are getting to simple.

  23. Lord knight's weeb fantasy of anime ruling the fgc may come to fruition. However. I will do all i can to stop this future from coming out

  24. when you have to add (in my opinion) just so people dont mob hate on someone's opinion

  25. What is the music that we can hear in the background?

  26. If Tekken 8 gets functional rollback it won't be anime dominating.

  27. "lots of figthing games fans are bad and dont really know why they dislike a game" so true and its the same for movies, most people feel that a movie is good or bad but dont really know why. Actually theres only a few people who truely have true understanding of most stuff.

  28. It's pretty funny to know that LK's first lesson in sf4 was "don't jump", because that was exactly the first thing i taught my non fgc friends when they agreed to play sf4 with me.
    To add a little bit more to the conversation, one of the most frustrating things I hear about dbfz is how super dash "ruins" the game. Interestingly enough, this opinion is held almost exclusively by people who DON'T play the game, because if they did, they'd know that super dash is literally te jump equivalent. People complain about it being a "skip neutral" button, but motherfuckers forget that that is literally what a jump is. There are spaces where it's easy to respond, and there's others where it's very very tricky. Just like super dash. Jumps are also the universal response against projectiles. Just like super dash.
    Modern fighting games are doing okay.

  29. Honestly I completely agree on the fact that I do feel like we are going to get more anime fighting games on the level of dragon Ball fighter Z

    Hopefully it doesn't have super dashing 🤣

  30. To be honest, the IPs Prediction, I'm down for it, if it means more anime with potential for that can get a DBFZ treatment. Basically more IPs getting a solid FG.

  31. Reminder that the top selling comics in the west are all actually manga despite Marvel raking it in at the cinemas.

    Soon, brothers.

  32. in my opinion another way of hurting the competitive viability of a game is making the more interesting character low tier

    like frieza, nappa, ginyu being left out of the dbfz metagame just so scrubs dont have to learn how they work

  33. 100% hard agree
    I hope that the next big license that comes out is a JoJo game, since Jojo exploded in the west in the last 5 years, with Hftf (or even skullgirls, by that I mean teams of up to 3 chars, would love to see more games work with that idea) mechanics and Strive accessibility
    That would be the shit tbh

  34. Can you make a video on why your unwilling to play fighterz anymore? I know you already said your problems with the game but you were willing to play back then despite those problems now your not. Why is that? Is the game just less relevant now?

  35. I honestly can't wait for the next anime FG that's based on a big manga/anime

    my hero, Naruto, One Piece doesnt matter I just want a new game

  36. Cant wait to play Luffy in a fighting game where I can stand anywhere on the screen and put you in a blockstring/blender

  37. "People playing league don't give a fuck about this game" While here I am, 11 years league of legends literal veteran, waiting for Project L to hit the ground so I can get my hands on it and actually play a fighting game day 1. Still waiting on Fighterz to get rollback netcode … Isn't it sad that it's still stuck no frame delay? That's my fear when it comes to fighting games, that they don't adapt and will still pump out "decent games with garbage netcode". Either that or hitboxes will suck hard, just like Fighterz and Strive. I mean, let's be real, in Strive, Nagoriyuki's sword is also part of his hitbox, for example, if you hit it, Nago himself takes damage, which makes absolutely no sense. Imagine hitting a bullet from a sniper rifle then the shooter takes the damage, basically same thing. And then there's Vegito and other characters in Fighterz, don't even get me started on that hitbox and frame data rant… Biggest fears of mine when it comes to the future of fighting games, they don't know how to make hitboxes, they refuse to provide good netcode most of the time and they refuse to make content and they make unfair characters like UI Goku which are extremely plus on almost every move they make. The only content they provide is overpriced DLC characters, which is not content in my book even though the name is "downloadable content". What I view as content is story, a different game mode, you can probably see where I'm going with this. I'm still waiting on a good Bleach PC fighting game, whish it would actually happen.

  38. DFO is definitely one of the biggest MMOs ever made as a billion dollar franchise, it's insanely huge in Korea and China. And from the Korean streamers I watch, people are way more hyped for DNF than even Project L, which is unexpected considering Koreans are the gods of League.
    The most viewed DNF video on youtube outside of official trailers is also a Korean streamer, this extreme popularity from its already huge fanbase almost guarantees that DNF is going to be greatly successful. With great gameplay, netcode, it just needs continued support and the game will be dominating for years.

  39. Fighting games are dead. Just play what you like, stop consuming/enabling mediocrity from these half assed devs.

  40. I love watching your stuff but this video made me insta sub. You make too much sense dude, and even tho I am a "casual scrub" you treat me like an intelligent human and I appreciate that.

    Just because I cant push the stupid buttons in the right order doesn't mean I cant understand high level concepts, and I enjoy listening to your explanations.

    I 100% agree with what you said about the future and cant wait to see what happens. Thanks for all the content this year and I wish you all the best next year!

  41. Most of the conversation in the video is in future tense, but come to think of it, the "Big IP's only" future is now. The major players in FG's are Capcom, Namco, NRS, and now ArcSys, and none of them have made an original fighting game IP in ages. I still think we can expect the indie community to hold it down though. The bigger a mainstream audience gets, the more space opens up for niche stuff to happen on the lower end of the pyramid.

  42. I'm glad the devs as a whole have decided to just keep on trucking and break new ground. It's all a matter of perspective. Of course the "boomers" who grew up in love with the super complex older games are going to view changes to that negatively. But then there are gamers like me coming from other genres who are finally viewing fighting games as something we can get into. The older games to me were almost overly complex and required so much initial committment it turned me away again and again. Of course this transition from old to modern design isn't going to always be a success, but overall I'm happy they're going in this direction

  43. Brawlhalla came out in 2014 and became basically the biggest fighting game, but I get where you're coming from for sure, cause I definitely think Skullgirls should be bigger than it is, even though it's definitely survived through the times. I don't think new IPs are going to be non-existent, but I do think they're going to have to GRAB the players y'know.

  44. I have the theory that it does not matter, sure they need to be accessible enough but other than that noobs will always complain. Look at tactical shooters the majority of people on lower levels complain about things they do not understand XD

    I think fighting games just have to embrace a f2p model and good ranking system so bad people get match together and do not feel so much frustration. Look at brawhalla it has the bigger player base.

  45. I think the reason jumping seems stronger and anti-air rewards seem weaker as time goes on is because jump-ins are THE easiest way to start a combo for new players, it's a very defined Combo Start Now thing and you want new players to see and do the combos. just my stupid goddamn theory

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