The future of fighting games (in my opinion) -

The future of fighting games (in my opinion)

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Let’s wrap up the year with some thoughts on fighting games in general. I have hope for the future!

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  1. I think the reason jumping seems stronger and anti-air rewards seem weaker as time goes on is because jump-ins are THE easiest way to start a combo for new players, it's a very defined Combo Start Now thing and you want new players to see and do the combos. just my stupid goddamn theory

  2. Im just hoping when Naruto gets its turn that its not a garbage can game.

  3. Me personally when I first started learning/playing fighting games when quarantine started one of my own personal issues this could be different from others, is that this feels like a genre where there should be a lot of hand holding for new players but most times the tutorials were trash or online was garbage so I didn’t want to waste my time learning a game where the only experience I can get is bad online and it would feel like all the labbing I did is for nothing if I can’t have a fun match to play so now I just play games with good online now. But to my other point for me if I’m getting into a new fighting game with like completely new mechanics YES I want the game to hold my hand until I can say alright I think I’m ready to give this a go on my own, because personally I did not even know how to properly use training modes or understand some slang because they just don’t have tutorials or things for that for new players but that’s just my own personal gripe I have when getting into a new fighting game, is that there really isn’t enough hand holding for actual new players if that makes sense yeah I get it’s all about doing it on your own and looking up this stuff but I feel like things like that should be in the base game instead of me having to go out of my way to look it up on the internet, I don’t want to the games to be easier but I want it so that the game itself will try its absolute best to teach me a completely new player the ropes as if I’m a new born.

  4. I think GGXrd’s visuals also played a major role in its success
    The genuine 2D appearance using 3D models was revolutionary and had massive casual appeal
    I remember watching Maximillian videos with my casual friends who thought the game was badass just because of visual appeal and surrounding hype

  5. Totally agree about the main beginner-friendly mechanic in modern day fighting games being high damage. I've been saying this forever. I would also add in weaker neutral play. So that makes the access to the higher damage even easier.
    But I do disagree about there only being legacy and IP related FG's from now on. Look at Brawlhalla. It has the biggest player base of any FG/platformer and it's a completely original IP. It's obviously a safer bet making a FG from something established but we can't say originality is just doomed forever. Just my thoughts…..
    Good topic friend.

  6. Don't put your camera on buttom right
    Your subscribe logo covers your face

  7. The art style plays a huge part in why people want more licensed games take guilty gear for example when xrd came out looking like an anime people's thoughts were wow they should make ___(insert ip). If you don't play fighters but watch anime then characters like sol badguy come off as knock offs. Nrs doesn't have this problem no one really looks at them and says they should make __ now if they were using a graphic style that looked like say Disney people might want them to make Aladdin.

    As long as fighting games use an anime aesthetic this will be a problem. No matter how good of a game blazblue is non fgc people will have more hype for say persona ultimax. In the past like with sf2-3 it wasn't a problem since all games were 2d but now even if kof looked better since it's anime stylized the non fgc people would care more for the next naruto game than it. Project L at least visually has its own identity you don't look at it and subconsciously think about other media characters.

  8. I want Star Wars fighting games in Arcsys style that would be badass af or Mortal Kombat style would be cool too.

  9. As long as you give power to the people, as in decent ports of games with good netcode and no strings attached, I don't mind the direction FGs take

    If a new BlazBlue comes out and it is doodoo, people will just go back to playing Centralfiction, because they can

  10. As always, i love your perspective, and how you explain the train of through, thx for the insights and hope 2022 is a better year for all of us, o/

  11. Tekken 8 is all I care about nothing else matters to me.

  12. For some reason most licensed fighters are anime fighters but they keep putting them in the hands of unqualified dev teams. Wish more licensed games would get the DBFZ treatment

  13. The minus frames thing is something I'm personally fine with since I'm fine with people having to think harder when running offense. What I think is even better for fighting games to have though is system mechanics that give options to both sides of offense and defense, which so far modern games do decently well

  14. Shonen anime and fighting games have inherent synergy. There's a reason tournament arcs exist.

  15. I don't know what it is, but I really don't enjoy Xrd, I love Strive and +R, But I no longer enjoy Xrd. Xrd was what got me into fighting games too. Suppose it could be because all the big body characters in Xrd arent very appealing to me. I think You'd be able to dissect what makes each game a unique experience though and woul love to see a video on it.

  16. We need a Hunter X Hunter fighting game! Also, love the content LK you're a big reason why I started picking up Fg's a few years back!

  17. Im happy that since the past games are getting some love via rollback netcode (BlazBlue, GG ACR, MBAAC, etc), I feel like its a nice effort to preserve these games for those who love how those games functioned vs fighting games now. As a new player who wasn't in these communities having the option to go in now and have more people to fight with in these ip's is great. With the pace Im going im practically gonna be marrying BlazBlue though!

  18. "A kid with a hat and a robot fucks you; it's not fun when it's not Batman doing it. Real talk."

  19. The main question should be… who do you main in DOAX3 LK? I saw it at the end of your dashboard 👀

  20. So you're never coming back to DBFZ ?

  21. i’m worried about you lordknight, you went to a party. Omarion is out there bro be safe ✊🏽

  22. Hard facts. It's no wonder why people (including me) would be okay with a TOD game where the other player would just watch their team get infinited by Zero or chipped away by Morrigan for 5+ straight years. New IPs are a struggle, but BB is great for what it's worth and it's a shame people don't give them more of a chance.

  23. The second ArcSys drops a Chainsaw Man 2D airdasher, it's over.

  24. I play chipp in strive so i absolutely explode everytime 😀

  25. What a sad reality.. MHA or Naruto FG may never be a thing. Rip truly

  26. All I'm saying is, if you can get ArcSys to create a Final Fantasy IP, I will preorder as soon as it's available.

    Lightning/Sephiroth Main. No shame.

  27. To add to that guest character will be more common. And not like normal character more like the crazy character in tekken and mortal kombat.
    These character being so many people in the idea you can play a character you like and by the time the buy it the character is cheap and the game has gone down in price.

  28. I come from league of legends iv been playing it for 7 years. Project L is gunna have the most toxic community of any fighting game just wait xD

  29. I would also say that something to add to Xrd is that in just a visual style it completely surpasses almost every other fighting game at the time and still to this day you have almost every other fighting game not even coming close to the detail.
    (Poor Blazblue. One of those "never update the sprites" games and it hurts.)

  30. I feel like if you go to a party you're lucky if they say street fighter or Tekken. It's always mk or smash. And it's fucking NEVER soulcal, or gg, or anything you actually play 😂😂

  31. I like that DNF Duel ignores the dumb parts of modern fighting games, like air blocking for free, autocombos, all that, yet makes things easier for newcomers without sapping away depth, but making the input stuff easier. Looking to have it as my main game alongside XX.

  32. Could you do a (short?) series on DBFZ characters that evolved from low tier to high tier over time, discussing what made them bad/unpopular on release and which character-specific and universal game mechanic changes made them better/more attractive? It would be a helpful frame to view the game from. I'm thinking of characters like Zamasu, Z Broly, Base Goku, Blue Vegeta, Teen Gohan, and Blue Gogeta among others.

  33. This is probably a dumb question, but is it a good time to get into DBFZ at this point? I heard the online is kinda bad with no netcode, and the game has some time but I could get one of the editions pretty cheap.

  34. When you say anime games, do you mean in aesthetic or are you talking gameplay too? SF is my favorite series and losing that style of gameplay in the FG scene would suck imo. Praying that you're wrong and the future isn't all anime. Or at least SF6 is good and has good online so I can just stick to that til the end of time.

  35. Good points. Even outside of fighting games, it's rare that a big studio or publisher branches out with new IP, and rarer still that it succeeds. On the upsid I think fighting games are a great fit for licensed games, and if that's what it takes for more casual players to fund our hobby then I'd say we got off quite easy.

  36. I think Arcsys has been quite aggressive on limiting movement options on newer entries. I'm seeing the trend with GBVS, Strive, and DNF. They don't implement air dash (or heavily tone it down in Strive's case), and make movements slower. I'm content with changes like lowered execution barrier and the likes (fuck BBCF's microdash), but the lowered mobility really prevents me from enjoying newer Arcsys entries and I'm worried that trend will continue.

  37. Honestly… it wouldn't suprice me if some Indie fighting game broke through aswell, anything can happen if it gets enough light

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