The Fundamentals Of Fighting Games - Guilty Gear -Strive- Complete Beginner Tips & Tricks -

The Fundamentals Of Fighting Games – Guilty Gear -Strive- Complete Beginner Tips & Tricks

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  1. Well, hearing that combos are not really that important (i'm not saying that it's useless to learn combos) while playing a Fighting Game opened my mind. I always thought that landing that 50 hit combo was NECESSARY in every match and wondered HOW pro players or just good players can memorize like 10 combos for almost every character, that felt inhuman to me to learn lots of combos. Anyway, thanks for the video and making everything clear to me and possibly everyone else watching this!

  2. Oh god thanks this is specifically the kind of video I wanted to see!

  3. Why would you make a "how to play fighting games" video for those wanting to learn the very basics of the genre and use numpad notation to describe certain moves without even explaining what numpad notation is? How are beginners supposed to know what 6P or 5S or 2K mean? If you're making a video intended for absolute beginners you need to think about what they would and would not have prior knowledge of.

  4. saw this video maybe 4 times and I'm still trash at fighting games 🙂

  5. I know you said complete beginner, which is what I am, never touched a fighting game in my life, but this video made me feel like I should already know about fighting game basics, or the guilty gear franchise, with all the unfamiliar terms flying around without a sentence of an explanation. Maybe next time try to articulate those jargons so that people who are looking to play fighting games for the first time do not get left behind confused.

  6. Im a sf guy but i want to give ggstrive a try. Is this game meant to be played with a pad? I use a fight stick for sf but don't kind using a pad for this game. I just want to know what's the easier control.

  7. Shoutouts to infilament's glossary. What a legend.

  8. This is cool. Would you do a video on how to apply these fundamentals on an easy character in a fight? With a game plan or something?

  9. This is the best guide I’ve ever seen for fighting games. You managed to expertly simplify your explanations that will also be useful for essentially any fighting game out there. Definitely subbing just cuz of this video man

  10. Bruuuuuh, that jojo scene was the perfect clip to along with ur explanation of advantage.

  11. yo calli played strive?

    back to the archives…

  12. just got strive. thanks i'm rewatching this now that the game is in my hands!!

  13. I realise this comment is over a year late but I just wanted to say that I found this video as someone brand new to both FGs in general but also to Strive and your video is one of the only ones that actually helped me understand what the fundamentals actually are and making them easy to understand for a newbie, other videos just throw out terminology expecting you just know and understand it but you broke things down so coherently. Thank you so much again for this video! 😀

  14. def gonna come back to this video regularly while i learn how 2 play strive <3 ty for this fundamental video, i hope i go far with its help!

  15. 7:50 There is a dojo mission where you have to block and I was getting slightly frustrated that the low attack was so fast that I couldn't react fast enough with deciding that it's not a high attack and then also go for a low block. Hearing that low attacks are supposed to be that fast explains that whole thing. Thank you!

  16. Mind if I ask what music you used for 3:25 throughout the Offense part of the video

  17. I just bought it yesterday so I’m really new lol

  18. Thank you so much for this video. I've been wanting to get into fighting games but other videos just give the same bs advice of learn your character's love list and keep practicing but they didn't teach me how to fight.

  19. Very very nicely explained.
    This was so important for me as a newbie interested in getting better in Strive and Fighting games at all.

  20. I think the neutral section is a huge oversimplification. Poking is a big part of footsies, but space control in general wasn't really touched on. It addressed very small decisions within neutral, but I think there will be other things making it difficult for new players to do well in neutral that aren't just "If they do this attack, you do this attack". Also while I strongly disagree about combos being the least important, I do appreciate the clarification that a good offense doesn't just mean big numbers. New players definitely need that, and honestly I need it too whenever I try a new game. And aside from just being happy to see jojo anywhere I can get it, I actually think that clip was a perfect way to describe what's happening without going through all the technicalities of frame data.

  21. This is a great video. Wonder how much of this logic would apply to wrestling and mma. Gonna start that next week and find out

  22. The only fighting game I have played is smash bros., but with me having recently fallen down the Guilty Gear rabbithole (first the music, then the lore, etc.), now I am wanting to get into it. I will probably referring to this video and many others quite often, I imagine.

  23. so i just got guilty, Potemkin and gold d got me interested, and i have only played 1hr of mortal k x, i play mmos and survival games and this is a big jump but i want to learn it but it is incredibly frustrating to play and just be unable to play due to things like pokes, i was just playing and had a match where it was me (gold d) vs brig and for the life of me i couldn't figure out how to close, now when i did and got a hit i could string a few in to do dmg but it was getting to the brig in the first place that killed it. the whole d pad thing messes me up so bad along with not being able to internalize what the buttons do and when to do them it just feels confusing. just alot of personal stuff that makes this hard to learn.

  24. The hard part about combos is recognizing that you successfully hit them and if it was or was not a counter hit at a glance. I'm finding I'm at a point now where I can go toe to toe with a lot of opponents but combos are kind of killing me since I'm finding I now need more interactions with the opponent than they do for me since their combos can wall break, put them at a meter advantage, etc. I try to practice my combos off of my hits a lot but it's way different in training mode where I can land combos 100% of the time vs in a real match with an opponent that is blocking me lol. Any advice?

  25. I know the video is older but as someone who hadn't been into a fighter since soul cali 2, the fundamental videos have been insanely helpful.

  26. While I'm going to stick to competitive pokemon for any serious gaming, this is very usefull for when I play Smash or other fighting games with friends as it means I won't get shredded everytime now

  27. Is it better to play it with a control or with a keyboard ?

  28. I’m case I need to play it with a keyboard how do I do the high jump with the two arrows ?

  29. Literally every fighting game player ever when trying to explain "simple" stuff to us: "Wait so you're telling me you're like 'New' type of new? Like completely new? Like never played fighting games before type of newly new…? Oh I thought everyone started fighting games at 5 years old like me 👁👄👁"

    Thanks for being the first ever fighting game person to actually try to empathize with us 😭😭

  30. Great video. I come from Tekken and I had no idea how to approach 2D fighters.

  31. Actually a BANGER video. Keep up the good work man 👍👍👍

  32. I just got Guilty Gear on sale and it lead me here. I'm a fighting game casual with a capital C. I usually play the story and against the CPU as real players wipe the floor with me. Thank you for this, but even with this fundamental guide, I need to brush up on the lingo. Its good to frame the game in how a human opponent fights and reacts to you.

  33. dawg i got so fucking lost during this video lmao
    this fg thing is fun but wow is there a LOT of info to take in

  34. Thank you for actually understanding what people want from an absolute beginner guide. Too many videos you search for beginner advice, and it's focused on what games to play based on player count rather than literally explaining fighting game basics.

  35. The last time I played a fighting game was mortalcombat armageddon so this was very helpful

  36. Best tutorial I've yet seen on the fundamentals

  37. First fighting game ever. Started playing specifically because of Bridget and I'm in the dojo just figuring out buttons before practicing against ai first.

  38. Roman cancel sounds like advancing guard in other games, is that right?

  39. good video but if i could suggest something, lower the GBM. very loud and somewhat hard to hear you over it

  40. I like how the video is based on Guilty Gear but the music is like 90% Tekken 7 🙂

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