The fighting games we weren't ALLOWED to play -

The fighting games we weren’t ALLOWED to play

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0:00 – Intro
2:27 – Dark Awake
19:39 – Heaven’s Gate
35:37 – Sengoku Basara X
54:22 – D-Xhird


  1. First video I've seen of yours and immediately subscribed! Great content. Love the commentary. Keep it up! 🤗

  2. I think Cursehead is a nod to Frazetta’s Death Dealer character and the comics books he inspired.

  3. Cover fist of the North Star by arc systems. It was a beautiful fighting game we'll maybe never get.

  4. Plz share this channel to IG, would be nice to see him come Up.

  5. Just went and grabbed Dark Awake. It's definitely a trip.

  6. no, Sengoku Basara X is not the most obscure Capcom fighting game, that would be that PS2 Kenichi game that's essentially the closest thing to a Rival Schools 3 that Capcom ever got

    also plenty of people know about Cyberbots, but just how many know about Tech Romancer?

  7. i thought this video was going to be about the games matt's parents wouldn't let him play 🤣🤣🤣

  8. “The King Has No Name”, is this another Ed Leslie gimmick?!

  9. The four fighting games that we cant play that come to mind for me are:
    1. Battle Tryst
    2. Buriki One
    3. Fighting Bujitsu
    4. Samurai Shodown 64

    SamSho 64 can barely play on emulation and Buriko One and Battle Tryst you can only play buy actually buying the arcade board. Fighting Bujutsu by Konami is even more rare due to never being dumped and never really came out in arcades aside from some super rare beta test versions.

    Also if Matt makes an indie fighting game, he needs to call it Deadly Serious

    or else I will

    I'm deadly serious btw


  10. The magical girl Kurara from the fighting game series Power Instinct is playable in Heaven's Gate as an unlock.
    Once you unlock her she is selected under Nanase. Also the two bosses are unlockable (well thats expected)
    There's also another secret character some glasses wearing guy but he's only playable in training mode (wtf)

    Also Verny is cool but I only pick her 2P outfit. That looks great it shoulda been her default look imo.

    Kurara also got her own arcade game which was an isometric action shooter in which you can have a second player join in who plays as her twin sister and it got a Sega Saturn port.
    In Power Instinct 3: Groove on Fight for Arcade / Saturn, you could play as Kurara's daughter, since canonically the third game took place 20 years later after the first two games. That game was pretty cool for its 2 person team tag system and also darker art style and main villain design was done by the Shin Megami Tensei artist, while main art was done by series staple artist Renge Murata.
    But then after that, the series just went back to the original timeline for some reason.

    The other two Atlus 3D fighters Racydym made in that era that were mentioned: Shadow Struggle and Critical Blow: the latter is actually a sequel to Shadow Struggle.

  11. I'm pretty sure it's high fantasy low fantasy would be more king Arthur monte python low fantasy usually has very light magical influence very basic races unlocked mostly ones you could bone without getting dirty looks from the homies in the tavern and are usually based on good ole terra firma high fantasy tons of magic usually one if not multiple different worlds and realms and you can use a goblin as a marital aid to mate with dragons and nobody bats an eye

  12. I can see the Heaven's Gate game having problems in the US because people would be thinking of the Heaven's Gate cult stuff.

  13. Snowboard Kids was the best! Thank you for reminding me it exists 🙂

  14. Yes please do unreleased games, sounds interesting!

  15. Dxird I played it back in the day, it was my first import games with Shin No Ken on Saturn, and it was odd to play them on 50Hz European Saturn. (Yes I m old)

    edit : yes Matt, you can save your character from a ring out, if I remember, it was with a side step like the wall bouncing move.
    URA was odd.

  16. The graphics on that first game were dope

  17. Is that is wife and son?
    Nearly, Matt. Nearly. That's his wife and boyfriend!

  18. See I knew I wasn't buggin out. Sasuke is from THIS game and not Naruto 🤦‍♀️

    Every time you try to find art of Sasuke (Sarutobi's Dad) a pick of this Sasuke pops up lol

  19. I’ve played tons of heavens gate! My home boy Wayne is a huge tech nerd so he modded his video game consoles back in the 90’s to play over sea’s games to play over here in the states! It was crazy to be a black kid in America playing video games and watching & reading anime not very many people can say they’ve done that.

  20. 20:50 Shadow Struggle and Critical Blow are FANTASTIC. Just letting you know in advance.

  21. I think Sengoku was also based on some part of Japanese history too? (similar to Dynasty Warriors)

  22. Lol Guts is in Chaosbreaker, and the opening narration sounds like it was written by Charlie Kelly. Also I would say it’s sword and sorcery, as opposed to High fantasy 😊

  23. "The King Has No Name?! Why didn't they call him the nameless king?!"
    They DID, they just fucked up translating it. This is the reason why you hire a pro instead of asking whoever in the office got the best English grades in high school (although to be fair, sometimes Japanese companies knowingly choose weird or incorrect English because it sounds cooler to Japanese audiences).

    The PS3 version of Dark Awake suffers a lot from poor QOL. For example, winner can't change characters after a versus match (because it's just replicating the arcade experience), which makes it a pain to get going with a group.

  24. 48:50 – I don't know anything about Sengoku Basara, but I'd take the guess that it's his wife and his boyfriend?

    Edit: I just looked it up, because I was like "Eh, maybe not. Ranmaru isn't usually portrayed like an excitable little kid" BUT I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT. Capcpom is just made up of cowards who won't acknowledge shudo (as far as I can tell).

  25. Dark Awake is badass, thank you for making me aware of it! It's really something special.

  26. Did they ask Rhapsody Of Fire to write the intro?

    If so then cool.

  27. I actually got to play these games. They were alot of fun. These games are hidden gems among tons of fighting games. Great job on the video.

  28. The reason why Sengoku Basara X was ported to ps2 is because the arcade machine it was developed for is by all means just a ps2.

    While the game was developed by ASW for arcades, the port was made by Capcom, which amounted to basically just dump the game and add menus and the 2 extra chars.

    It is also why the sound is so compressed on the port.

  29. Cursehead reminds me of Astaroth from Soul Calibur.

  30. Daisuke Ono is in the voice credits so you certainly did hear ora ora!

  31. This game reminds me of my favourite classic arcade fighter: hippodrome.

  32. I would love to see his reaction to Sengoku Basara 3.

  33. "who the fuck be the king"… I'm dead🤣🤣🤣 consider me slain good sir. Fatality ☠️

  34. I feel like the term, "Lightning Legs," sounds like the polar opposite of the phrase, "Thunder Thighs." Is it just me? 😛

  35. Nobunaga's portrayal of using a gun is matchlock rifle sometimes called an arquebus given that Nobunaga was well-known for being quick to embrace them as frequently used weapons in his army. There is often a misconception that other Samurai and Daimyo were slow to embrace the usage of such weaponry, but that's actually not true. Nobunaga however was one of the quickest and also made it a key weapon so you could argue his use of the weapon in his forces explains why he is specifically associated with it in various portrayals of him in different media.

  36. I wish Capcom Remasters Sengoku Basara even without a English Dub like Sega did with Yaku….I mean Like a Dragon under the Kiwami subtitle.

  37. Saotome kinda looks like the preacher from Twisted Metal Black

  38. Hey, Matt McMuscles. In a future video, you should definitely check out a fighting game called Daemon Bride: Additional Gain from Arc System Works. It is only released for the arcade in Japan. Definitely check it out yourself.

  39. I might be crazy, but that Dark Awake story sounds suspiciously similar to Nameless King's from Dark Souls III.

  40. I remember playing Sengoku Basara X with a buddy who somehow got a hold of it (we couldnt read any of the Japanese, but we tried the game out).

  41. i'd love a second Sengoku Basara fighting game.

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