The Fighting Game With More Spam Than Spam® - Rise And Fall Of Injustice -

The Fighting Game With More Spam Than Spam® – Rise And Fall Of Injustice

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Ever wanted to see a fighting game where Batman could beat up on Superman? Where Lex Luthor could fight Zod?

Where the Joker, somehow, could go toe to toe with Darkseid? You’re not alone. This is why today, we’re going to be looking at a fighting game series that pitted some of the most iconic superheroes and villains against each other. A game that featured some of the biggest prize pools in the history of fighting games. And a franchise that ended up being destroyed by its own development cycle.

This is the DC Comics fighting game: This, is Injustice

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  1. Fighting games should never have rpg-like mechanics. The gear system is a horrible idea for a competitive fighting game. It’s absolutely silly to lock a character’s move set behind loot crates. The first game was much better in this regard.

  2. Sheikashii OLD CHANNEL no more uploads says:

    Okay so I watched the whole video and what’s the spam?

  3. Hate the game and video but gave you a like cause it's not your fault

  4. Injustice 1 didn't have good netcode. Injustice 2 did.

  5. i am still suprised that the server of injustice 1 mobile are still up

  6. So this is how I find out there won't be an Injustice 3? Jeez what a bummer. I actually preferred it over MK.

  7. Injustice 2 customization is what brings me back tbh

  8. injustice mobile still has a decent player base (small but not too dead) it’s really fun and u should try it!!! (it’s more of a strategy game though)

  9. Thought he was gonna crap on injustice, because I really like those games.
    As far as the release cycle is concerned, they’re other factors at play here.
    NRS is licensed to make Injustice, other gaming companies also have DC license, like the new Suicide Squad game, and the Gotham Knights game, the last thing these companies want to do is compete against each other with the same product.
    It’s best to let each have their own spotlight for more profits, or it defeats the purpose of making these games.

  10. AYO gods among us gods are sus Jesus 😳

  11. I feel like Injustice can target a larger audience. Mortal Kombat may be too gory for some people to watch. Injustice has iconic well known characters and blood is used more sparingly. I feel like Injustice can target a larger audience. I know people who like action and fighting but are turned off by excessive gore. Instead of being a Mortal Kombat filler, Injustice should try to find its own fanbase.

  12. “Fighting game” I think you meant to type “3rd person shooter” here

  13. As much as I appreciate WB pouring that much cash into the competitive scene, why not use at least some of that money to make the game better? like there’s so many baaaaaaad animations in even Inj 2 (check out SugarPunch’s videos if you want to know more), and despite the countless hours I put into that game, I still think it could be so much better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of the game, and a 150,000 dollar prize pool is cool and all, but why not just give it 100k and toss the 50k on over to the developers and maybe come out with a better game? Imagine if all that support went into actual characters like Red Hood and made him the awesome character everyone wanted him to be or actually gave Starfire some sick hair instead of the glued together mess she currently has?

  14. "Injustice was a pretty good game. People stopped playing it because the next Mortal Kombat came out. Mortal Kombat X was pretty good, but then Injustice 2 came out so people played that instead. Injustice 2 was a pretty good game. People hoped we would play it longer, but then Mortal Kombat 11 came out."

  15. Honestly I enjoyed the story, and the rosters as well as combos. It's just the gameplay kinda suffered because of 2 bar spammers and nonestop projectiles. Hopefully they fix it in the 3rd game but the way nrs is going now I doubt it will get fixed. They are probably more concerned about censoring Wonder Woman than making a good gameplay experience

  16. NRS need to support thier games Longer, 2 years is too short, at least 4 years, there is no reason why Injustice 2 and MK 11 could not have coexsisted together, getting new DLC till they launched thier next game, look at SFV look at Tekken 7 still being supported for up to 5years.NRS need to support thier games longer.

  17. That last line of "Until Injustice make its inevitable return" gave me goosebumps. Your writer really deserves a raise

  18. Injustice is amazing and many people love it. Whenever Injustice 3 comes hopefully zoning gets tweaked but people will still be hyped.

  19. There’s still a pretty large community of necros playing injustice 2.

  20. Too bad MK11 wasn't that good and a both MKX and Injustice 2 still retain a large playerbase to this day. Hopefully their next game fixes the mistake NetherRealm made with MK11. Whether it's MK12, Injustice 3, or maybe even that rumored Marvel game.

  21. The netcode in the first game was trash what

  22. Make one about sd gundam online capsule fighter pleaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeee

  23. to bad injustice 1 had horrible netcode just like MK9, its online life would've lasted longer like IJ2

  24. The fighting system and characters in Injustice is crazy good, it's just that zoning exists.

    Playing this game with friends is an absolute blast.

  25. Harley Quinn Main here: Personally, I loved the game for quite a long time, and it has such a great campaign and a good multiplayer experience. Played it with a few friends and we all enjoyed it for a while. Tbh I miss it now haha

  26. IJ2 didn't fell, you just slander the game for no legit reason.

  27. I wanted to get into these games, but Mortal Kombat X and both the Injustice games taught me that I was not meant to play Nether Realm style fighting games. I am happy they have such a large fanbase though!

  28. Sorry, what was the original Injustice called? Injustice: Gods…

  29. its funny injustice was spammy but mk11 is soooo slow it feels spammy.

  30. "A franchise destroyed by its on development cycle". tf are you talking about, game is awesome and there's a third one on the way

  31. Ed Boon: We're working on MK12.
    Me: Didn't MK 11 just come out?
    Injustice 3 will come. I believe.

  32. hate to see what entitled people trying to feel unique are doing to the grammar of languages. Fucking sick of this shit

  33. The guy falling off his chair at 8:36 just got me fkd up 🤣🤣😅

  34. It really sucks because the game also has amazing grapplers and rushdown characters, but the zoning is so overwhelming

  35. I keep getting shot by deadshot everytime I try to combo him up close. Especially because my main is all about combos.

  36. So are we not getting an injustice 3?

  37. Injustice 2 has a much more smooth gameplay than Injustice 1.
    Injustice 2 is not exactly dead. I can easily still find ranked matches, even on Xbox.

  38. I think yall just need to adapt or play a better character

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