The Fighting Game With More Spam Than Spam® - Rise And Fall Of Injustice -

The Fighting Game With More Spam Than Spam® – Rise And Fall Of Injustice

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Ever wanted to see a fighting game where Batman could beat up on Superman? Where Lex Luthor could fight Zod?

Where the Joker, somehow, could go toe to toe with Darkseid? You’re not alone. This is why today, we’re going to be looking at a fighting game series that pitted some of the most iconic superheroes and villains against each other. A game that featured some of the biggest prize pools in the history of fighting games. And a franchise that ended up being destroyed by its own development cycle.

This is the DC Comics fighting game: This, is Injustice

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  1. The game is fun with friends but the zoning ruined it for me. Zoners are just not fun the vast majority of the time.

  2. Is nobody gonna talk about the horrendously over designed costumes in these games?

  3. When did you discuss the fall of injustice??? Very misleading

  4. 100% facts from start to finish. But to be honest, I'm actually worried for Injustice 3 if it get announced.

  5. The game didnt dall , there are still 2m active players in mobile version

  6. Netherelm games just always felt stiff for me. Especially injustice. I only played them for fun. Just couldn’t get into them on a competitive level.

  7. fighting against Death stroke on very hard. He ACTUALLY does spam that gun often like all the time

  8. I'm not sure if Injustice 3 will ever come out. Since story already finished with Injustice vs Masters of the Universe comic book. I don't see the incentive of DC giving the green light for this. Would be cool though playing as He-Man.

  9. They receive complaints about zoning in the first game and decided to make a SHIT TON of full zoning characters in the next one, in which movement was basically nonexistent

  10. I had one guy, I was playing Sub-Zero and he was playing Atom and he could not beat me. So what this dickhead decides to do is switch to Dr. Fate and spam orbs.

  11. I hope for the announcement of Injustice 3.

  12. I play robin/nightwing (I have the staff of grayson and legendary sword) and I hate playing deadshot and darkseid the zoning is just infuriating🤬🤬 it's so annoying

  13. way before i even start this video imma just say that i'm pissed that darkseid was a zod clone >:(

  14. I loved playing this game back then. There’s also Vman, a silent but funny YouTuber that plays a lot of fighting games

  15. I used to zone spam with deathstroke. Now I zone spam with Dr Fate.

  16. devs should make this games f2p and give long lasting support instead of developing new games

  17. Injustice has good net code. This video was garbage

  18. The game with more spam than a Weird Al song.

  19. You wanna know sonething funny, I have seen so many streamers and youtubers talk shit about zoning then when they start to loose they Zone hard and also have no problem doing it the whole match. Also there is ways around it but people are lazy and stupid at fighting games and just want everything to be easy and built around them.

  20. Yo Injustice did not have good netcode, barely a minute in and I'm hearing nonsense 🤣

  21. Don't like getting zoned, play the offline modes. I'm sure there's a mode for the non competitive bunch

  22. The Injustice series was my proper introduction to fighting games after playing MK vs DC prior. MK vs DC was… not very good.

    As someone who doesn't care about e-sports much, is bad at fighting games and loves DC and Superheroes in general, I love both Injustice games and they're my favourite fighters. I prefer the slower pace of NRS games to the high speed style of say Street Fighter.

    Both games have their flaws, (spamming being an obvious example). But the general gameplay is fun and fluid, the characters are all so unique and fun to play, they have great story modes, overall it feels like the Injustice games tried to appeal more to the casual market, and they definitely succeeded.

    I just hope Injustice 3 (if and when it comes out) will fix the issues the prior two games had, (notably spamming) or at least reduce their prevalence. I think if Injustice 3 fixed these issues and was given the same lifespan as MK11, it could have some serious staying power.

  23. It would be cool if there WAS a cooldown for doing a certain character move. Then it would decrease spamming

  24. Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam spammy spam~ lovely spam~!

  25. A minute in and you said it had good netcode. Are you fucking kidding? It was dogshit.

  26. Honestly as someone who plays this game at a pretty competitive level. The whole spamming zoner thing is just scrubs talking. The rushdown in these games is stupid but casuals can’t tell bc they think bc you’re right next to each other that it’s any different than when someone’s full screen zoning. Yeah it sucks when fate has you locked down w orbs and he’s chipping you to death lmao atleast you can block and if you’re good walk them down. Literally Batgirl would touch you twice and it was over and it was a coinflip guess. What sonic was doing was way more fucked up than any zoning lol.

  27. HYPEEE LOVE THIS GAME❤❤ maybe a bit less OP zoning like dont give zoners asafe wake up etc

  28. I was expecting something like poor work conditions or controversial mechanics. But no it seems the game has just run its course and we wait for the cycle to continue with another sequel

  29. Why do people always use "they" for SonicFox when he's ok with both they and he. It's not like you would be misgendering him since he is a part of his accepted pronouns.

  30. To be honest we simp either power girl or super girl because of hair

  31. Injustice 1 is probably the least fun i've had in a fighting game, looks bad, feels bad and don't make start on the terrible NRS animations, you would think that after so many years they would learn to animate but no and at this point i doubt they ever will

  32. thank you for respecting sonicfox’s pronouns

  33. i absolute loved injustice 2 , the ONLY game i havnt stopped playing even after all these years and as a Darkseid main i love they put him in injustice 2

  34. ANYTHING by Nether Realms is a no go with me. Always too much zone cheese, frequent resets, near 100 percent combos and no or poor damage scaling. 👎🏾

  35. I watched the video and your title did not match what the video was about. 👎🏻

  36. What do you mean rise and fall there’s only 2 games 😂

  37. injustice 2 is miles better then mk11 imo

  38. wow that title has nothing to do with the video, how toxic

  39. I like how he says that Injustice was "very polished" but doesn't talk about the animations.

  40. I remeber i had enough money for 1 game when this dropped lol i dont really likr fighting games but my friends were hyped so i picked it up…. Best Gaming night we ever had… Taking turns we played for like 2 or 3 days.

  41. So Injustice rose but never fell. Misleading title for clicks smh

  42. Makes me laugh people's view of this game. They don't understand what is going on half the time and simply call everything "spam". Zoning is strong yes, but can other character types compete? Certainly. Would rather watch and play this game which has more variety than other more recent fighting games. Bring on the hate.

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