The Fighting Game That Never Got A Chance - Granblue Fantasy Versus -

The Fighting Game That Never Got A Chance – Granblue Fantasy Versus

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Thank you to Chay Benji and ZomBmu for talking to us:

Granblue Fantasy Versus was released in February of 2020 in Japan and made its way to North America by March. The game received largely positive reviews from both fighting game fans and critics, and once again you had everyone from Sonicfox to Leffen streaming a new, unique fighter.

There were some critiques, but the game was developing a community and fans eagerly awaited the start of its tournament season. Granblue was even selected as a main game at EVO, and had a slot in Arc System Works’ international circuit, the Arc World Tour.

The stage was set for Granblue to become a household name. But there was one thing that no one had accounted for.

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  1. Gran Blue failed due to greed. The DLC was predatory

  2. Arc System / Guilty Gear fans ( yes you here) are extremely disloyal to their games. Once a new arc systems game comes out, all the competition leaves and the old game is left to die. This isn't true for Capcom as people still play street fighter IV and even 3rd strike. You compare 3rd strike to GGX2 or #reload which came out even later, is laughable. Nobody played GGX2 after #reload was released, and what the hell happened to calamity trigger and blazblu, that's DEAD. The trend continues. Now they're doing the same thing with DNF Duel, once that comes out GG Strive will probably die. People STILL play 3rd strike and SF4 today. Which says a lot about the difference in fanbase. It wasn't Covid that killed Grandblu, it was GG Strive.

  3. This fighting game blew me away when I bought it. I had to eventually sell ps4 pro to gamestop for a switch since it was already giving me hard drive and crash issues on multiple games just about 3 years into me having it. Planning on getting a new ps4 slim to come back to this game and hopefully it gets roll back. Ideally, it should be ported to xbox series x/s since thats what I got now!!

  4. Honestly, would probably play tf out of this if it was free, but can't justify spending more than like $10 for it.

    – Roster is tiny af
    – No rollback netcode
    – Small active player base
    – No one else I know actually plays it

  5. Life is crazy or our devices are reading our minds, because I was literally just randomly thinking how Grandblue was killed by Covid-19, because it didn’t get its time in the spotlight. And then boom I randomly stumbled across this video.

  6. Well, the target market is nailed to "Guild Wars/Old Battlefield/Unite and Fight" every two or so months, so that could be something.

  7. they still releasing new characters, so there's still chance of a comeback

  8. GranBlue was way to expensive. I really wanted to play it but I can't justify paying £50 + DLC (pass1: £25 + pass2: £30) for a fighting game when other titles, very similar, made by the same developer are available at half price with regular deals up to 75% off.

    Also the all time lowest sale for GBFV was 50% off main game and 30% DLC.

    This game has been around for almost 2 years and still costs over £60 to buy full game with all characters whilst on sale.

    Compare that to their competition that's Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, MK11 or 10. Or even ArcSys titles like Guilty Gear, FighterZ or BlazBlue.

  9. And the new game they are releasing gonna be the same, no fighting game fan cares about such weird franchises, they need to do another anime fighting game like they did with Fighterz, maybe a Demon Slayer fighting game or One Piece.

  10. ded gaem
    rollback might bring it back for a short while like blazblu centralfiction but that will probably be fleeting

  11. Incredible how people never get tired of the loli art style… It's like living in ped0land.

  12. theres a whole list of games that can fall under “games that never got a chance”

  13. I think one of the way out is that they should think of reducing the overpriced stuffs that they have been selling since the start due to the codes that comes with the game/dlcs that could be used for the main browser game.

    They could just let ppl buy the game/dlcs without the redeemable codes, or simply removing any connection with rewarding to the main game, and I think it would reduce the price quite nicely since the value of the item that we could get from this game to the main game is quite high I think.

    Although the value of the reward has been dropped since Cagliostro, so there's simply no reason for having the price being so high atm other than just for the reason of money.

    I'm still hoping for this game to be much cheaper too since my broke ass wallet couldn't let me touch this even though I really like the main game so much.

  14. I really wanted to try this game… But it (was) is still too expensive!

  15. SFV's online was so abysmal that it couldn't handle my IPv6 address. I would get disconnected every 5 minutes, if I managed to connect at all. After trying for 20+ minutes to get a single match against a friend who lives less than 10km away from me, we managed to get a terrible 3 bar connection. It took me a while to figure out why SFV's online just didn't work, and in the end, that issue was never fixed. I had to phone my ISP and ask them to change my IP from a 6 digit to a 4 digit address just so that one video game I had would work. By the time I was finally able to play it, I frankly didn't care much anymore. SFV is still the worst online I've ever experienced.

  16. Lol, I quit this game because its "Gran blue versus" in 1st 2 months.

  17. Waiting for Rollback and gonna play this game with BlazBlue together

  18. Great game. God i wish its netcode was better. I think covid-19 laid its biggest issues several other games issues bare. So id say the game died as a martyr.

  19. As mainly a fighting game spectator (I just don't have the time anymore to grindout and keep up), I honestly hate the cooldown mechanic in a fighting game. It just promotes non action in a game all about 1v1 interaction.

  20. I do believe once Riot games releases their fighting game, online gameplay is going to be one of the biggest emphasis that they're going to improve throughout its game's lifecycle. And a big company like Riot games, who mainly focuses their games using the network, I won't be surprised

  21. i hope this game survives. it seems too high quality to let it end up faltering

  22. It is just too expensive, and include the DLCs…. but looks great.

  23. i was hyped, but when i read this will be censored in global,i only said NOUP

  24. Check out Granblue twitter announcements, great things are happening

  25. I really wish this game got some more love. This was my first fighting game ever and I loved playing it for the few months it was alive upon release. I really wish they revive the online part of game.

  26. It didn't got a chance cuz it expensive AF!!!

  27. Maybe rito should check this video while developing their fighting game…

  28. I wanted to get Granblue and then Strive came out, I hope this game can succeed as well it looks really cool, but bad online is a dealbreaker since I have no events I can go to in person

  29. Cygames saw your video and gave the base game a permanent price cut to 20 dollars and a complete edition with all DLC characters for 50 bucks

  30. a HERO that doesn’t know what protect means says:

    Right yeah. This game needed a super strong start. A mediocre or even “pretty good” start wouldn’t cut it and unfortunately…

  31. Found the roster/gameplay boring hope dnf duel is closer to strive

  32. it was too damn expensive !!! with a limited character rooster

  33. Well the made the base game 20 dollars now they just need to add rollback 😃

  34. What happen was the net code because the game is amazing, but net code means everything now and rightfully so. We should have Roll back net code with no problem by now, but companies like to be lazy and keep selling us a game that is unplayable online.

  35. I definitely had no interest in this game at first. I never really played fighters all that heavily. Most experience I got was Soul Calibur 4 and 5 (and some of the old DBZ Budokai game if you count those). I got into FighterZ later once I saw more content creators playing it and had fun with it, but like most games, didn't stick and only play it on occasion. Then one day (I think during the ArcRevo Tour) I watched the GBVS tournament and I fell in love almost instantly after the finals. Made sure I picked up the game as quickly as I could. Then I discovered why the game was at a low point. It didn't really stop me from wanting to get it and play it, but I definitely see it's flaws. It really needs a good update and rollback and I think it can get to the point where it can be. Hopefully this update and Vira makes that possible because I don't think I've ever been this invested in a fighting game ever and I really want to see it thrive.

  36. The game looks amazing, but most people (at least that I know of) aren't familiar with the source material, and that by itself tends to turn off many potential buyers.

  37. I’ve had GBV since it’s release and to me it’s a fun game. I do enjoy it and I had to get use to how simple it was compare to games like DBFZ or MVC for example. It was a shame what happened to it during 2020 because I think it is worth playing and taking it seriously as other fighting games.

  38. I hope they put out a BGVS sequel with the netcode improvements and it can get the recognition and playerbase it deserves.
    Maybe not even a sequel, but a remaster or 'reborn' relaunch, with the improved netcode. Some kind of big marketing splash with the netcode, you know?

  39. The steam version has a roll back beta out maybe that can save it. I really liked this game.

  40. id LOVE to play this game especially now that its finally getting a complete edition and its now reasonably priced, there are so many characters that i’d want to play, but the netcode is the only thing thats holding me back

  41. It has a playerbase unlike UNIST or Melty blood🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. I don't see many people getting this game anymore.
    For FGC: it doesn't have rollback, the mechanics are a bit too simple and the one button specials can be a bit unbalanced at times.
    For non-fgc: it costs way too fucking much in some regions ($100 AUD base edition for example), not to mention its gacha origins. Given the gacha games can be divisive outside of Asia, it wouldn't be farfetched for people to turn down the game because bad previous experiences.

  43. I love GBVS. It's slowed pace was good for me and it helped with footies and reads better. Covid definitely screwed it over. Also I hope you do one on the impact of the Blazblue series, since their implementing rollback

  44. I was not expecting to see TFH in here, that was a nice surprise.

  45. you guys keep defending these games when in reality they are just shit

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