The Fighting Game That Never Got A Chance - Granblue Fantasy Versus -

The Fighting Game That Never Got A Chance – Granblue Fantasy Versus

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Thank you to Chay Benji and ZomBmu for talking to us:

Granblue Fantasy Versus was released in February of 2020 in Japan and made its way to North America by March. The game received largely positive reviews from both fighting game fans and critics, and once again you had everyone from Sonicfox to Leffen streaming a new, unique fighter.

There were some critiques, but the game was developing a community and fans eagerly awaited the start of its tournament season. Granblue was even selected as a main game at EVO, and had a slot in Arc System Works’ international circuit, the Arc World Tour.

The stage was set for Granblue to become a household name. But there was one thing that no one had accounted for.

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  1. A real shame about this game release timing. It such a beautiful game with deep but easy to understand system.

  2. DNF Duel is about to get the life that GBVS deserved.

  3. It's all about price. This game is monumentally expensive.

  4. Well ever since vira came out i cant stop getting recommendeds from gran blue and i dont even play fighting game i figured i was popular

  5. If they just do the BBCF Strategy and just add Rollback and put it on Offer it will probably revive.

  6. Honestly, I would have bought this if it wasn't $60; that's just too much for a fighting game in my opinion.

  7. We've reached a point where if your fighting games doesn't have rollback its dead on arrival. Devs need to up their game.

  8. Honestly I like GBVS and I wish they can get some spotlight before DNF Duel releases, cuz that game will definitely attract a lot of attention

  9. since the price cut and complete edition the games average player count is now 10x what it was before on Steam.

  10. A fighting game is considered dead when that new shiny thing comes out. Dungeon Fighter Duel is literally Granblue Fantasy Versus (GBVS) 2.0. It's the last nail in the coffin for GBVS. Even with the heavy price discount on Dec. 13, 2021, it only raised the peak player count. The Twitch directory is dead. GBVS Legendary Edition is a slap in the face of those who bought the original and can't a discount for the downloadable content. There is no rollback netcode, no crossplay, and no plans to implement either one in the future. It's pretty much a "dead" game. Thank you Cygames for destroying a fighting game franchise that had so much potential overseas. They don't care though, their gacha makes them money hand-over-fist.

  11. 6:56 Wasn't this also a thing with Guilty Gear Strive before it started getting more characters through DLC?

  12. oh it got a chance, but they completely ruined the game with the updates, even the constant and active playerbase got bored from it

  13. shit netcode + shit balance = thanks for stealing my money

  14. You can blame timing, but this game just isn't fun online. Poor net code is one major aspect, and no one wants to play with less than perfect netcode. People are used great online experiences with other genres, there's only so many excuses you can throw for the game before people just stop playing.

    The other major aspect is the absolute lack of a meaningful online experience. So many other genres are doing so many great things with cosmetics, ranks, points, clout and all sorts of things to appeal to literally any audience willing to bite. Games with successful online experiences exists and the people developing those games play them. But they rarely exist in FGC games even though they are the perfect candidate for it. Strive has a Fish-loot box system and the rewards are absolute garbage. This is the best they can do? People are lining up to pimp out their favorite character in any FGC game but you literally have to beg for awesome skins. What about cool weapon effects without changing the character? Different weapons? Aura effects? Voice overs? What about a compendium like Dota 2 for people to grind for cosmetics? Seasonal event mini games? None of this exists in any FGC game. But I would love to play some Xmas event vs some Boss with a friend, in a 2v1 situation that has some insane HP number, just to win a Santa hat for our characters.

    Having said all of this, I'm pretty sure that FGC game by Riot is gonna do all this nonsense I'm taking about, because FG devs have been sleeping on gold mines.

  15. I would like to thank the globalists for 2020

  16. >Garner more attention for their franchise overseas


    Throws chair crys in corner

  17. 12 roster and foking joke characters like lowain is a deal breaker for me, you have a 100 chars and star with a small roster and add 50 dlc characters is a non go…

  18. It's a shame, because GBVS is the first fighting game where I finally understood the genre. I always found fighting game controls to be really clunky until I started playing this game. I had played GBF since 2016, so I was already invested in the characters, so I figured this was the perfect game to give the genre my best attempt. I was able to learn Zeta and pulling off some of her more advanced moves consistently (in practice anyway, pvp is a bit too hectic for me still. I have won a few rounds, but no full victories, iirc). I have now bought GGStrive, and planning on giving that a try soon™ Honestly idk where I was going with this comment, I kinda forgot. It makes sense well enough, so I'll leave it at that, lol.

  19. All this game needs is roll back netcode to save the game come on this game is amazing

  20. super expensive game, trash connection, no marketing, covid incident = Granblue Fantasy Versus

  21. GBVS got a price cut and a new version with all DLC. game averages like 400 players now instead of 50

  22. So they dropped the price which made me pick up the game and I love it. I never experienced these patches but I like the game as it is and haven't even had online issues with it being delay based.

  23. Crying in a corner with Samsho and its crappy netcode.

  24. Monodimentional meter management, both in getting it and using it
    Delay based netcode
    Characters which although are recognised in the regions where the original ip is popular, are all the same to outsiders
    Nothing new to say except for the cool down system, but 1- that's a controversial issue 2- Cooldowns are the most monodimentional way to do it, could have been its own meter

  25. cygames simply doesn't care about oversea market, no rollback is not acceptable since ggst already implemented great netcode

  26. Because arc's never go multiplat for their fighting games. People actually own a Xbox too

  27. The price for Gbfvs is really cheap as of now…..I'm just up set it never got the attention it deserved…many have already quit and the game lost it's golden opportunity.

  28. I wish it was alive and well, the art style is freaking pretty.

  29. If they would add rollback I would 100% buy the game

  30. Never really knew that game developers back then never considered a proper rollback netcode to give more way into tournaments. I guess that's one good thing COVID did. They finally started bringing a proper rollback netcode to the new fighting games. Its really annoying how I'm getting into more matches in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 yet on Tekken 7 it takes at least 10 minutes or longer to get into a match.

  31. As someone who's fallen off of fighting games for years now it is nice that GBF is something that I can easily just play and understand. The combos aren't too deep, but the fact that the Cooldown system makes it more interact. Plus GBF is still one of the few games I play regularly so it helped that it was a recognizable IP for me.

  32. If we could switch Strive and Granblue's positions I'd do so readily.

  33. These videos about what happened to Granblue keep coming lol. Granblue seems to just be a documentary now

  34. This game has always looked great to me, never tried it, never will XD

  35. I’m glad I saw this, I had no reference for Granblue and had been avoiding it but it looks like a fun game so now I’m thinking I’ll grab it if it’s on sale

  36. The scene around my continent is so small that Rollback is mandatory for anything but kof lmao

  37. This game was just too expensive, like DBZ fighters on launch, and since it's like…50% DLC, I needed to wait for a sale. A lot of people probably did the same.

  38. The game cost $190.75 for all the downloadable content. That's too expensive. Why is it so expensive?!

  39. Lucie’s Guard [8th Apostle of the Twelve] says:

    Gbvs has the appeal of street fighter’s mind games with more exciting anime fighter wildness and speed. And beautiful art
    The devs has essentially said that gbvs won’t get rollback. In a different environment it definitely had that chances to shine.
    The unfortunate part is that because gbvs is owned by cygames who have historically not given two shits about what happens outside of japan and the online problem is not that big of a deal in japan, it means grand blue might never get the same kind of opportunity +r and blazblue have gotten. Since arcsys can’t just say “sick rollback patch! Wanna make it official” and patch rollback into it. Not to mention it might not even have anyone dedicated enough to do so

  40. Don't talk to me about fighting games that never got a chance until you talk to me about Primal Rage. That's a fighting game deserves a reboot.

  41. Wait this game got updated new characters in 17 dec 2021. Like 10 days after you made this video.
    I got it this year, but I dont think its a dead game.

  42. arcsys is hella overrated. the only big hit theyve ever had was dbfz and thts mostly cuz of how popular the dragonball ip is.

  43. Not on SALE and hella expensive DLC.
    No clue if I own it but i won't play it because of Net

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