The Fighting Game That Just Can't Catch A Break - Skullgirls -

The Fighting Game That Just Can’t Catch A Break – Skullgirls

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Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game initially developed by Reverge Labs and published by Autumn Games in 2012 for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Featuring tag team-based combat and a unique art style, the game quickly developed a passionate community with grassroots efforts building up its esports scene. However, as a competitive title, Skullgirls has seen its fair share of ups and downs, never quite having the big break its player base had hoped for.

Join us in today’s video as we take a deep dive into the world of competitive Skullgirls.

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Special thanks to keninblack and the Lab Zero Games team for speaking with us and help make this video possible.

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  1. Skullgirls in my opinion is one of the best fighting games in the world

  2. Thanks for introducing me to one of my favorite games, and reintroducing me to the fighting genre, although its dying im enjoying myself alot in this game

  3. I dont play skullgirls as much as I used to, mainly because none of my friends play it. But it IS my favorite fighting game. I SUCK at it, im much better at others, but god damn do I love the animations, dialogue, and aesthetic.
    I've genuinely never felt more into a fighting game than SG and I genuinely need more friends to play it with.

  4. I love the Darkstalkers or Looney Toons style artwork

  5. Smash bros stepped on another fighting game, that’s surprising.

  6. Another reason to hate on Konami

  7. They should actually bring back to consoles as ngl.
    Its controls are made for it

  8. Is Skullgirls still alive on pc or alive at all

  9. This game was a masterpiece cursed with so many issues, working for free for a couple months is already a death sentence, but a couple years!? Lab zero are the heroes of fighting games

  10. Well of course it cant catch a break how can you be calm near big bands blazing hot looks

  11. I am a simple gamer….. I see skullgirls, I click on it

  12. Well clearly it must be doing well now since they do plan on releasing 4 dlc characters to/for the game.

  13. konami fucking things over as usual

  14. I've always heard of the game through the years but I never actually played it and I started playing it a little while ago and well, it's amazing

  15. Legends say the release party is still going.

  16. And here I am playing Skullgirls mobile in 2021.. I don't have a console.. and I know the console version is a lot different from mobile.. what can I do though.. I'm still having fun with it anyways

  17. this is painful to look at… the game is like 10fps animation…

  18. If there's one thing i highly like about the game, it's the desing of characters along the animations of them

  19. I hate this depraved degeneracy (⁦⌐■-■) it's just too insulting to me as a male to play

  20. Why people dislike Skullgirls visual? It's beautiful.

  21. I searched for the game because of the constant ads. Nice game but not for me tbh. Everything from the art to the voice acting actually looks amazing, the animation was smooth, like way smoother than I had expected.

  22. I really like the character design, and in my opinion that's the big hook.
    Also I love that they worked a year unpaid to finish their project, I would never have that heart.
    Melee fans are so damn sweaty, the game isn't even that great anymore.

  23. 3:51** Collaborative effort**

    my mind: Thank you dyslexia, caramelldansen

  24. Didn't even new this game existed until a week ago. And I just downloaded it today can't get enough, love it

  25. I bought Skullgirls years ago by accident on my ps3 days. Despite not wanting to get it originally, I decided to play it (or let money be waisted) and as soon as the game started, I fell in love with it. The music is just so good, the animation is pleasant to look at, and it’s just a fun game overall. I remember spending nights trying to get better, performing long combos. I used to main Valentine, she was the funnest. I wished this game had a bigger fan base than it has.

  26. I only know Skullgirls from a certain animator.

  27. a year WORK WITHOUT getting PAID!
    what an insane dedicated team they have there :')
    sound very NOT murrican enough.
    we don't have that POOR mindset here in PROSPER PROFIT DREAMLAND.

  28. As a Melee player, I've only ever looked at the Evo 2013 as a success story, I've never looked at it from this perspective, it's sad to see that defeat but I'm glad they kept pushing forward

  29. Love the graphics, but its just not as good as the other games I play like SFV, MK11. But I still pop onto it sometimes. It really does have a loyal fan base.

  30. Good game exists.
    Konami: I took that personally…

  31. Hey guys, we hope you liked this piece on Skullgirls! What other games/esports scenes do you want to see us cover in future videos?

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